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T.O.S. of MoneyMakerLand

Read the terms of use (user's conditions) of our platform


By using this site, you should explicitly adhere to the following Terms and Conditions, which MoneyMakerLand may change at any time as provided in the same Terms. We recommend that you periodically review these Terms to verify any changes. If you do not agree with the terms of these Terms you are not authorized to use the Site.

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MoneyMakerLand' position
MoneyMakerLand has nothing to do with businesses in the database that are suggested by the users who are participating in the community.
In addition, MoneyMakerLand does not strongly recommend the use of exposed businesses that, if used, is merely a voluntary and personal choice by the individual user to open a position with those business.
The user therefore declares that enrollment to the various businesses is solely for personal decision, thus also taking all the responsibility of the case, responsibilities that, in any way, can not be attributed to MoneyMakerLand as it has no collaborations with the business shown.

Ownership and Copyright
Save as otherwise indicated in the Terms and Conditions, this Site and all texts, images, trademarks, logos and content on the MoneyMakerLand site are under private law. Nothing contained in the Site may be construed as a warranty, implied or otherwise, of a license or right to use the Trademarks without the prior written permission of MoneyMakerLand or any other party that is part of the staff.

User Responsibility
1. Each message reflects the view and views of the user who entered it.
2. By completing the enrollment, the user assumes full legal, legal, direct and personal responsibility, both civil and criminal, of the contents of the messages.
3. No liability can under any circumstances be attributed to MoneyMakerLand.it and its staff, which are in no way responsible for what has been written by users.
4. Any message in the Forum that violates this Policy may be subject to modification, cancellation or termination by the Administrator of the Site and Moderators.
5. The author of the message that does not comply with the regulation may be subject to various actions by the staff, until reaching the forum exclusion.
6. With the nature and dynamics of the Forum, the Staff can not ensure continuous monitoring of the contents of the Forum. For this reason, a user who is deemed offended by a message from another user or who is aware of a violation of any kind is invited to not respond to the Forum but to immediately report the message and its author to the Staff, who , verified the case, reserves the right to take the appropriate measures.

Using the Service
In order to obtain authorization to use the Portal, the User warrants (i) the truthfulness, accuracy, timeliness and completeness of all information provided through the portal; (ii) when registering an account on MoneyMakerLand, protect your account data, supervise and accept the full responsibility of any use made by third parties; (iii) have a 16-year-old age, age limit for registering an account and contributing to the portal; (iv) be legally authorized to sign this Agreement and to use the Portal in accordance with all terms and conditions contained therein.
MoneyMakerLand reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to deny access to the portal and the services offered to any User at any time and for any reason, including, but not limited to, any breach of this Agreement.
MoneyMakerLand authorizes you to view, download and print the Content of the Site at the following conditions: (i) you may only do so for personal and non-commercial purposes; (ii) you will not be able to change the content; (iii) any video or printed image of the Site Content must contain the "MoneyMakerLand" indication; (iv) you will not be able to delete or modify any copyright notice or intellectual property rights contained in the Site Content by MoneyMakerLand; (v) You may not reproduce, distribute or render the Site Content or its extracts, except as provided in these Terms. Unless otherwise provided, the reproduction, transmission, printing, publication and distribution of the Site Content or any part of it is strictly prohibited if it is made without the prior permission of MoneyMakerLand. The authorization must be requested directly to the MoneyMakerLand staff.
You agree explicitly and warrant that your use of the Site will be in full compliance with this authorization and will not violate the rights of any other party, which will not constitute a breach of a contractual obligation or a legal obligation vis-à-vis a third party. applicable laws. You should explicitly raise MoneyMakerLand from any liability to any subject arising from your use of the Site that does not comply with these Terms. You declare that you have reached the age of eighteen and are legally able to enter into this Agreement and use this Site in full compliance with all of the Terms herein.
Users are allowed to upload images or descriptions in MoneyMakerLand, but every subscriber who is about to upload assumes all responsibility for his / her action (copyright infringement, nudity, and all that goes against common sense).

Exclusion of Warranty and Limitation of Liability
MoneyMakerLand makes no warranty as to the suitability of the site's content, or any part of it, for any purpose. The full content of the site is provided as is, and MoneyMakerLand, within the limits provided by the applicable law, does not assume any guarantee of commercial quality or suitability for particular uses, including tacit guarantees. Moreover, MoneyMakerLand makes no warranty as to the accuracy or the exclusive nature of the site's content. Nothing in this site may exclude or limit the liability of MoneyMakerLand for (i) death or personal injury caused by negligence; (II) dolo; (III) maladministration or serious negligence. Except as explained above, you use the site under YOUR RESPONSABILITY and MoneyMakerLand, or those who provide information and material to be published on the site will be liable for contractual or non-contractual loss or damages resulting from your use of the site, including, without limitation, any damage (direct, indirect, punitive or consequential) and any loss (of income, profits, start-ups, data, contracts, use of money) , as well as losses or damages resulting from business interruption caused by use or inaccessibility of use or the results of the use of this site. Since some states or systems do not allow exclusions or limitations of liability for intentional or consequential or incidental damages, the aforementioned limitations may not apply to you.

The User agrees to indemnify and dispose of MoneyMakerLand and their affiliates, as well as all executives, directors, employees and agents from any claims, actions, claims, reinstatements, losses, damages, fines, penalties or other costs and expenses of any kind, including, by way of example, any legal and accounting fees, advanced by third parties and resulting from:
(i) violation of this Agreement or of the documents referred to there by the User;
(ii) violation of third party laws or rights by the User;
(iii) Use of the Portal by the User.

Paid Services
MoneyMakerLand is an online service whose use is totally free. The Site also contains payment services available to those who wish to speed up the use of the various services. Paid services are handled through the paypal processor. Once the payment is made, the services purchased will automatically be activated. It is not possible in any way and in any way to demand the return of the money invested unless there are objective problems in promoting the service.

Links to Other Sites
The Site contains links to third-party sites. Linked sites are not under the control of MoneyMakerLand, and MoneyMakerLand assumes no responsibility for the content of such sites. MoneyMakerLand provides such links for convenience and a link does not in any way imply endorsement, sponsorship or affiliation with the linked site. The linked sites are owned by vendors or independent service providers who manage them and therefore MoneyMakerLand can not ensure that you are satisfied with their products or services or business mode. Therefore, you should perform all the investigations you will need before starting any transaction with these subjects.

Use comments, description and images
The Site may allow its users to enter or submit material, as well as the publication of comments or other kinds of communications. If MoneyMakerLand provides this type of service, you explicitly agree to use them exclusively to send Messages related to the topic MoneyMakerLand does not control nor care for the issue of Messages of Users posted or distributed on this Site, including those present in all chat rooms, news bulletins or other communication forums, and shall in no case be liable for such User Messages. MoneyMakerLand reserves the right to cancel, at its sole discretion, without notice, User Messages and / or Site Content.
Below is a list, intended as an exemplification and not exhaustive, of the User Messages types to be considered illegal or otherwise prohibited by the Site. MoneyMakerLand reserves the right to change the contents of that list at any time to its as well as to carry out investigations and to take appropriate legal action against those who violate such provisions, including, for example, the removal of an offensive expression and the interdiction of those responsible for such violations of the use of the Site. The list includes User Messages that:
- They are clearly offensive to the community, for example, communications that promote racism, fanaticism, hatred or even physical violence against any group or individuals;
- molest or exhort you to harass any person;
- involve the broadcast of advertising correspondence, cd. Chain of St. Anthony, unsolicited mail or "spamming";
- I am of contentious or defamatory content;
- contain information that the user knows to be false, misleading, or promote illegal activities or conduct abusive, threatening or obscene;
- promote or contain an illegal and unauthorized copy of work by other people protected by copyright, such as providing pirated computer programs, or links to them, providing information on how to circumvent computer security systems, or They provide pirated music or links to pirated music files;
- Include pages whose access is restricted or possible only through the use of passwords, that is, they contain hidden pages or images (unconnected or accessible from other pages);
- provide instructions on illicit activities such as the illicit manufacture or marketing of weapons, violation of the right to privacy of other subjects, or the creation of computer viruses;
- constitute or encourage conduct that may be classified as criminal offense, or which results in civil liability, or otherwise in violation of the law, or which violates the rights of any other person in any country in the world; or
- Exercise business and / or sales without our prior written consent such as racing, lotteries, exchanges, advertising, and pyramid sales.
By publishing and distributing information on the Site, you explicitly attribute without revocation to MoneyMakerLand and its affiliates the right to make such information usable, which can be read, copied, published, translated and distributed free of charge by any means and in any form , including third party advertising and promotional activities without your permission. You agree not to publish or distribute any content or materials covered by the Copyright without the express consent of the rightholder, and you agree to getMyRefs from any legal action arising out of or related to any breach of this provision.

Reporting and Removal Procedure (Report Abuse) of Allegedly Illegal Content
MoneyMakerLand adopts a signaling and removal procedure and you have an objection or complaint about the material or the content of this Site, including the information posted by the subscribers, or you believe that the material and content posted on this Site is liable to your right author, we kindly invite you to contact us without delay through the special reporting process ( ABUSE REPORT ).

Any personal information you submit on this Site will be used in accordance with our Privacy . Click to view our Privacy Statement.
Personal data are processed in full compliance with the new European Law GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) UE 2016/679. Once you register as a user you express your consent to the collection and processing of the data for the purpose of the operational and administrative management of the service and the publication of all the data voluntarily entered in your 'Profile'. At any time and for any reason, your registration may be canceled and your consensus may be upload in every time and conditions: please read the full Privacy Policies.

MoneyMakerLand may change, supplement or delete these Terms and Conditions at any time and with the utmost discretion if it deems it necessary for legal or technical reasons, or as a result of changes in the services offered and in the layout of the Site. MoneyMakerLand it will communicate those changes with a special notice. Upon such communication, you expressly agree to be bound by such Terms as amended.
MoneyMakerLand may change, suspend or terminate any service offered at any time, compresses the availability of any content, data bank or article. MoneyMakerLand may also impose restrictions on certain services or interrupt your access to the Site or parts of it, or to any other MoneyMakerLand site, without notice, for technical or security reasons, to prevent access authorized to the Site, loss or destruction of data, or, if we feel, at our sole discretion, that you have violated any of these Terms of Use or any law or regulation, or simply when MoneyMakerLand decides to terminate a service.

General Clauses
Should a part of these Terms be declared invalid or ineffective under applicable law, including, as a mere example, the exclusion of liability and the above limitation of liability, then the invalid or ineffective clause will be considered replaced by another valid and effective clause that appears to conform to the will of the parties as expressed in the original clause, and the remaining Conditions will still be considered effective
- MoneyMakerLand may assign, transfer, assign rights and obligations under these Terms of Use; such a faculty is excluded for the user.
- You agree that no employment relationship, agency contract, or joint venture or partnership exists between you and MoneyMakerLand as a result of these Terms.
- These Terms are available in the language of the Site. The Terms accepted by each user are not retained individually.
- The Site is not updated regularly and regularly and should not be registered as a publishing product according to the law.