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F.A.Q. - Frequently Asked Questions

Read the FAQ and questions about our platform
1. What is MoneyMakerLand?
MoneyMakerLand is a social platform community about the money online. MoneyMakerLand shows over a thousand of business that allows you to make money online and, thanks to a really active community, for each business opportunity you can read updated reviews, control the last payments and use the support chat to solve your problems about the business.
But MoneyMakerLand offers also an advanced service to get free direct referrals in the various online businesses.

2. What is the philosophy of MoneyMakerLand?
MoneyMakerLand shows you all the possible ways you can earn online, free of charge and comfortably from your own home.

3. How much you can earn using the methods you are exposed?
It is not possible to give an objective answer to this question. All depends on your commitment, from the time you spend and from the typology of the site. For Paid To Write there are, for example, people who admit to earn nearly $ 700 a month.

4. I have to pay something to signup in MoneyMakerLand?
ABSOLUTELY NOT. MoneyMakerLand is just an information site and makes all of its knowledge available for FREE.

Reservation service

1. What does it mean to make a daily reservation?
Daily reservations allows our users to show their referral links in our official descriptions. You have to decide a business, choose the day you want to reserve and in that period your reflink will be used by our visitors to visit the business.

2. How can I reserve a daily link?
To reserve a link you must first have the necessary points to make the reservation, then go to the business where you want to accumulate referrals and click on "Reserve a daily link". At this point you will need to enter your referral link and the game is done!

3. If I want to reserve more days for the same business, is it possibile?
We allow our members to reserve all the days they want, but we have to give this possibility to everyone. For this reason we created a sort of auction where the member that offers the higher quote will get that daily reservation.
4. How many referrals can I get?
It can not be stated precisely because it depends on the number of people accessing MoneyMakerLand during the period of validity of your reservation.

Some users have also managed to get 15 referrals in a single day, others no one. Our advice is to publicize the MoneyMakerLand site with your ref link so there is a greater traffic that you could turn into a reference!
5. What does it happen if I declare a wrong ref link?
With the new update, in case of link error you just go to your profile and under the "Edit declaration" you can change the saved ref link and, consequently, that of all the bookings already made or to be made.

6. Costs and durations of daily reservations?
With the new version of MoneyMakerLand we don't have fixed prices, but we decided to fix the time of the reservation (1 day).
As explained before, we created a sort of auction starting from 400 points.
If none is interested, you can get a daily reservation for only 400 points (GP). If a business is more popular it should happen that the starting offer will be exceeded by other members: we remember that every raise has a value of 50 points (GP) more of the proviously one.

7. When the reservation's auction will be stopped?
The auction will end automatically 2 days later on the current date, but if the maximum offer reaches 3.000 points (GP), the auction will be stopped earlier. We remember that the users can stop one auction if they sponsor one daily reservation paying directly the maximum offer (3.000 GP).

Info about points (GP)

1. It is necessary to pay for points (GP)?
No, no it's absolutely not necessary. If you partecipate actively to the community, you'll get enough points (GP) to use all our service without any costs.

2. Can I convert points (GP) to real money?
No, at the moment you can just spend our points (GP) in our services.

Other services

1. How user levels are handled?
User levels are automatically calculated by the system based on activity and, above all, based on the merits obtained by users in MoneyMakerLand.
To fully show the algorithm used would be impossible because a number of operations are based on weighted averages, however it is important to know that the calculation is done on the number of merits obtained which, of course, have different implications.
To grow to level, then commit yourself to winning all the merits.
2. What are the bands of user levels?
The algorithm used gives a percentage result that you find alongside your level (in profile).
Depending on the percentage, the 5 levels are divided:
- Elite Level: percentage higher than 70%
- Expert level: percentage between 60% and 70%
- Level "Medium": percentage between 50% and 60%
- Level "Beginner": percentage between 35% and 50%
- New Entry Level: percentage less than 35%
3. How is the Monthly Ranking calculated??
Monthly rankings are calculated based on the activities performed by each user in the current month.
The algorithm that computes the final score is complex to explain in words (it's a code of more than 150 lines!), but is a weighted average:
- number of logins made by the user;
- payments uploaded by the user compared to the maximum value of the month;
- bookings made by the user compared to the maximum value of the month;
- chat messages left by users compared to the maximum month value;
- thanks in the public chat compared to the maximum value of the month;
- thanks in the private sponsoring / referral conversation compared to the maximum month value;
- friends invited to sign up at MoneyMakerLand compared to the maximum value of the month.

The value out of this weighted average (maximum achievable value is 7,000 points) are added extra points for:
- user level (1 to 5 points);
- b recommended and validated in the current month (250 points each business);
- validated reviews updates in the current month (150 points each business);
- microjobs performed in the current month (2 points for each microjob);
- PTC internal ads viewed in the current month (1 point for each AD).
4. Do you have other questions?
If you have other questions send us an email.