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How to get free direct referrals for your business in 2024

The best guide to know how to get free direct referrals online
How to get free direct referrals for your business in 2024

Are you trying to earn an extra money online but the results don't come? If you are a neophyte you will be starting to take the first steps by using sites like PTC or GPT sites, all businesses where the real gain is based on a reference system that offers extra compensation based on the activities of your referrals.

But what exactly is a referral?
As already written in the guide on "How to make money online", the referral is the person who signs up for a particular site (PTC, GPT or other) behind our invitation using our sponsorship code: they can be parents, real friends or simply people found on the internet who are interested in the business we advertise.
Also called affiliates, referrals are the real treasure and are those who guarantee real earnings in business starters like PTC, GPT or network marketing.

How does the referral system work and why are referrals really so important?
Almost all PTC and GPT sites offer a percentage of earnings that depends on the activities of their own referrals, an extra income that is added to our isolated job.
The message that I will pass is rather hard, but exemplary: without a good network of referrals it is difficult to make money online with sites that are normally advertised through forums, blogs and social networks.
The reference system is therefore a system widely used by these various revenue opportunities: more referrals is equivalent to saying more gains.
To understand the meaning of what has just been said and understand the true importance of having so many referrals, let's take an example:

ySense is a business that allows you to make money online with surveys: a single poll completed is paid around 0,15 $ each one.
Based on this, to accumulate a good profit with ySense (around $ 50 per month) you need to complete at least at least 333 surveys a month for a total of 3.050 minutes.

This is the moment that the referrals come into play.
ySense presents a reference system in which, for each person who subscribes to the site at our invitation, you receive an extra 20% commission on each surveys completed by them.

Purely theoretical calculation: admitting to have 120 referrals registered below us in ySense, we will earn an extra percentage of 20% of the commissions they generate. If each of them complete 10 surveys a day (around $ 1.50), our daily earnings would be $ 18.00 (120 people x 20% x 1,50 $) which in a month is $ 540,00: much more than our isolated work!

How to get free direct referrals?

Wow, it's all very simple you will be thinking now and you just need so many referrals to earn so much online! Technically it's true, but now comes the difficult time because getting free direct referrals for PTCs or GPT sites is very difficult.
Unfortunately, online earnings are still seen as a taboo subject for people that still have many doubts about: how can they pay me? Are they legal opportunities? I don't trust these sites!
Only those who have really tried to look for referrals for their PTCs can understand what has just been said.
For this reason we wanted to create a guide with the best techniques suggested by our users on how to get free direct referrals in 2024.

Best 10 methods to get free direct referrals in 2024

MoneyMakerLand is thought as a service to help users find free direct referrals in their PTC or GPT sites and optimize their online earnings.
Since its inception, MoneyMakerLand has managed to find 10.079 direct referrals regularly confirmed by its members.
Are you interested in using our service? Click here to find out how to find free direct referrals with us.

1. Invite friends and parents
How to find free direct referrals: invite friends

One of the best techniques that has a very high conversion rate is to invite friends and relatives to use the business we are promoting. Overcoming the unbelief barrier is very difficult, but once you succeed in proving the quality of a project (whether it's a PTC, a GPT site or any other network) your friend/acquaintance will trust you forever and will be a valuable referral for the growth of your project.
The power of direct advertising is often underestimated, so meeting a person face to face is a highly productive technique because people tend to decline invitations more difficult than via telematics and, in case of doubt, it is very quick to confront and resolve any uncertainty.
As already mentioned, the greatest difficulty of this method is to guarantee the trust of the friend and therefore it is good to propose it only after you have a certain proof of the goodness of the business bringing to the vision some proof of payment from us directly received: when the eye sees, the mind believes on it!

2. Build a blog or a website
How to find free direct referrals: blog

Creating a blog or an internet website is certainly not an easy task and not suitable for everyone, but it is certainly one of the most used and most profitable techniques even in this 2024.
Being able to place a blog dedicated to a particular business in the first Google results related to that business, the work is almost done and the gains will not be long in coming, certainly the difficulty is precisely to achieve this result because reach the very famous Google "First Page" is a very difficult goal to achieve.
But let's go in order and see how we can create a blog to find free direct referrals for your PTC, GPT or similar sites.

1. The choice of the domain
The first thing necessary to do in creating a blog is the choice of the name, but, above all, the choice of a domain that facilitates indexing on Google. Knowing the goal to be achieved (in this case, looking for referrals in a certain business) makes it easier because one of the SEO aspects that most influence visibility is to find a domain name that resume the keywords.
For example if you are looking for getting referrals for MySurvey and you want to create a blog to help you achieve this goal, you could buy a domain like www.howtogetreferralsinmysurvey.com.
If your purpose is only to get free direct referrals without wanting to create a long-term project, you can use the free (or low-cost) services to register your domain.
MoneyMakerLand started with the italian service of Aruba from the cost of $ 24.99 a year, but there are also many other services very much interesting and cheap at the same time:

2. Creating a relevant content
Google loves quality and original content, so what you should do is write detailed guides to explain how the various services offered by the business work. Our advice is to open a "simple blog" at the beginning in order to practice, both with services such as Wordpress, Blogger, Altervista or Wix that make the life easier.
Once the graphic layout is ready, your aim will be to make your blog known to Google so that it will recommend your blog to its customers. There are so many aspects to consider in the improve the positioning of a site, but with quality articles in a short time you will be able to climb positions within Google's searches for the business of your interest.
Always taking MySurvey as an example, our advice is to write complete guides with graphical screens on various aspects of the business ("How to start and complete surveys with MySurvey?", "How to go in the referrals section of MySurvey?" or again "How to withdraw the profits obtained with MySurvey?") by entering your invitation code in all outgoing links to the MySurvey website.

3. Be active in the Q/A services: Quora, Ask, Yahoo Answer!
How to find free direct referrals: Quora

The method that is perhaps the most underestimated and least used, but that brings very satisfying results is to actively participate in the various Q/A services on the internet: from the testimonials released by MoneyMakerLand users, this technique guarantees the acquisition of about 3 referrals for each answer that is evaluated in a positive way.
For those who do not know it, the Q/A services (literally Question&Answer) are those platforms where users can ask questions about any topic (sports, cinema, music and more) and other people can help them answering their questions.
The "trick" to get free direct referrals with these Q/A services is very simple: just search through the various questions in the list for those that require information about "Making money online" and answer constructively by entering your referral link.
However, this technique must be refined and studied very well because it has to convince the user who asked the question that ours is a sincere help and not aimed only at the search for a possible referral, so avoid making a simple copy and paste of predefined texts (try to adapt your answer to the question that was asked) and avoid simply posting your referral link without providing any other indication.

What are the best Q/A services?
Until a few years ago the best service to use this technique was Yahoo Answer!, but they have recently changed their policy and they no longer accept questions related to online earnings. You can still find questions to answer proposing the businesses you follow, but at the moment there are services where advertising your business is much easier.
So let's see a list of the best Q/A services that allow you to get free direct referrals for your PTC in 2024:

4. Social media activity
How to find free direct referrals: social media

All those who have created their own project or community have surely noticed that without a constant activity on social networks platforms it is almost impossible to get good results: having at least one Facebook page, Twiitter and Instagram seems to have become a mandatory requirement for success. But it's true? To be honest the answer lies in the middle because it is true that it is a very important aspect, but not really indispensable.
As for our purpose of getting free direct referrals, the use of social networks is very useful and, if exploited well, they help us in this search for referrals.
At the moment Instagram is the elite social network that allows users to quickly acquire popularity even if, from the point of view of the direct acquisition of customers (referrals in our case) it is limited because it does not allow to insert link within the comments.
For this reason, our advice is still to create a profile on Instagram to give authority to our brand, but to associate it with one or at most two accounts from other social platforms. Even if it's criticized, Facebook is still very useful for our purpose even if it has considerably lowered the reach (involvement of people on our posts).
So create a Facebook page to give your referrals search job an official place where find the latest about the business promoted and, at the same time, create a closed group where people can be involved, stimulated and feel part of the project you are following.
Our advice is to focus on the use of up to 2 or 3 social platforms because it is better to manage a few activities that many more superficially: make your own evaluations, but our experience suggests to us definitely recommend Instagram, Facebook and probably a third one.
Very useful in finding referrals is participation in Facebook groups speaking about online earnings. The groups still have a good reach compared to the other modes in Facebook and in the groups there is still a strong identity that allow us to show trust and transparency within the group itself: if useful and constructive information is commented or posted every day, the members of the group (which can even reach tens of thousands of units) see us as a valuable and competent person to follow and therefore when we suggest something they will trust us and will be more likely to follow us.
It seems obvious to say that if on the contrary we sign up for 100 groups and as a first post we post a simple referral link, our credibility within the group will drop to zero and everyone will take a distance from what we propose.

5. Partecipate to the forums with a personal signature
How to find free direct referrals: forum

A very clever technique for getting free direct referrals on your PTCs is to actively participate in online earnings forums in a constructive and sincere way.
We often forget about the importance of communities, but the forums, although they are losing popularity in recent years, remain one of the most important forms of association of ideas and people.
The mechanism for getting free direct referrals with forums is very simple: a maximum of 2 or 3 forums can be identified in which to actively participate in the various threads. It is important to use just a few to give quality to our content and show us to the community (and especially moderators) as an added value to the forum. After a few weeks we offer valid advice, our authority will grow in that forum and we will be able to suggest in our answers some of the business we use. We must be good at understanding when it is time to expose ourselves (posting a possible ref link) and above all to do it honestly and without giving the impression of wanting to do simple SPAM.
The technique is very simple, but as you can see it requires a strong commitment to building the solid foundations for high quality sharing.
Furthermore, our advice is to take advantage of the signature that is placed at the end of each message. In the forums it is possible to insert a text of a few letters which will be shown at the end of each of our posted messages: enter the business for which you are looking for free direct referrals and enter your related referral link.
This is an often forgotten option, but if we participate in various discussions in the forum with people who are always different, potentially our referral link reaches a very large number of people.
After this clarification, our suggestion is to participate mainly in the forums related to the topic "How to make money online" because there will be more interested people, but do not underestimate even general forums where you will find people who will not be experts on online earnings and therefore it will be more likely that none of them will be enrolled in the business for which you want to get free direct referrals.
In any case, in this section we want to show a list of the best forums about "How to make money online" that allow you to get free direct referrals for PTCs in 2024:

6. Create video tutorials on YouTube
How to find free direct referrals: video tutorial

If you are trying to get free direct referrals for your PTC or GPT sites, the creation of video tutorials is a very interesting method to consider.
Creating videos has become a relatively simple operation thanks to the many services that were born in the recent past, so if you have some free time, open a YouTube channel on the topic of "How to make money online" could be a successful solution.
Although many influencers are abandoning the YouTube video platform due to the sharp drop in monetary conversion (general RPM), YouTube remains a channel with a very high reach that creates a strong link between the video channel and the viewer: 10,000 subscribers on YouTube are worth 20 times more than 10,000 subscribers to a Facebook page.
In fact, many YouTube channels related to the world of online earnings have been created that have quickly reached crazy numbers of both channel subscribers and free direct referrals converted in various online businesses (PTC, GPT, Network Marketing and other).
The technique is relatively simple, even if it requires a strong commitment and investment of time.
In practice the idea is to create video tutorials lasting about 3-4 minutes which explains the operation of various businesses according to a predefined lineup: "What does this business do?" - "How do you make money with this business?" - "How can you withdraw with this business?" - "Where is the referral link?" - etc ...
In practice, your YouTube channel would become a sort of videographic encyclopedia of all the opportunities to earn online and users are interested in following ours to keep up to date on the various online earnings opportunities: in a short time you will see your channel being followed by tens of thousands of people interested in making money online who will trust you and follow your advice. And if even just 0.5% of your 25,000 subscribers to the YouTube channel sign up as referrals in the PTC you advertised? Well, you would have found 125 free direct referrals in your PTC very quickly.

7. Use a traffic exchanger
How to find free direct referrals: traffic exchanger

When I asked to MoneyMakerLand's users which methods they used most to get free direct referrals for their PTC or GPT sites, they replied that they used traffic exchanges to receive visits to their referral links.
Honestly I find it a no constructive technique and that, personally tested before writing this article, has also proved to have no effectiveness, however given the great popularity among the networkers I have included it in this guide on "how to get free direct referrals".
Do you all know what a traffic exchanger is? In practice they are services where users sign up and then they can insert a link to publish (in this case the referral link of the business they want to advertise), but in order for your link to start to be visited it is first necessary to obtain points to assign to your campaign. Getting these points is however very simple because it will be enough to visit (in jargon surfing) between the various sites advertised and to each visualization corresponds the acquisition of certain points. At this point the game is done: based on the points you have, our advertised page will be shown to other users who will view it to also receive points for their future campaigns.
The idea behind this system is ingenious and it constantly feeds on itself, but I don't consider it one of the best methods to get free direct referrals mainly for 3 reasons:

  • People are not really interested in our link, but wait for the necessary 15 seconds and then visit another site
  • Most services have turned into an autosurf that runs automatically without the user necessarily having to be at the computer
  • Many users use the same method to find free direct referrals and you can find multiple referrals from the same business in the same browsing session

Surely one of the most famous Traffic Exchangers currently in circulation is Easyhits4u (read the review) which with its one and a half million users is the most used and popular service.
But Easyhits4u is not the only service that offers this opportunity, so let's see a list of the best traffic exchanger sites that allow you to get free direct referrals for your PTC in 2024:

8. Use a referral builder like MoneyMakerLand
How to find free direct referrals: ref builder

Before the creation of MoneyMakerLand, I myself used many referral builder services and from the union of our ideas with the best aspects of the various services we created our MoneyMakerLand referral builder service which now is used by many other sites: we are honored to have been the first to have created bookings, private messages, uploading payments and all the services you already know.
Anyway, for us honestly referral builder services are one of the best ways to get free direct referrals for your PTC or GPT sites, but this method has been only placed in 8th place in this guide because almost all the services that have made the history of all the networkers have been closed or abandoned: the reference is mainly aimed at the cornerstones of referral builder services such as DownlineRefs (inactive for 2 years) and GetRef (still online, but not updated since 2015), but also to other smaller services all closed such as SimpleRefs, ProgramRefs, PTCreferrals or MyDowlineBuilders.

At the moment our suggestion is to try our service to get free direct referrals , but to be honest the only one competitor that we feel to recommend is FoxyRating (ex NetBusinessRating) whose operation is currently very similar to ours.

9. Advertising in PTCs and GPT sites
How to find free direct referrals: adv

Another technique widely used to get free direct referrals is to advertise your referral link within other PTC or GPT sites.
It is a technique that can also be relatively fruitful especially for the promotion of still little-known businesses, but it requires a certain degree of knowledge and experience to be able to apply it for free.
The mechanism is in fact very simple: we want to get free direct referrals in a PTC called "Website A" for example and then we register and start using PTCs called "Website B" and "Website C". Our work on the "B" and "C" platforms is aimed at acquiring credit which, instead of withdrawing, is reinvested in advertising campaigns with our referral link for "Website A".  

 As we said it is a technique widely used by networkers all over the world, but as you can guess it is a very long technique to adopt and, above all, if your goal is to get free direct referrals for very popular sites (for example  ySense, NeoBux and similars) it will be practically almost impossible that the users who will view your advertisement will not be registered with the PTC you are advertising.
 Honestly we have never adopted this technique to get free direct referrals, but if many users have stated that they have applied it, then the results are somehow objective.
What are the best PTC or GPT sites you can use for this practice? We can see a list of the best PTC and GPT sites that allows you to advertise your ref link to get free direct referrals in 2024:

10. Other online and offline techniques
How to find free direct referrals: offline

All we have seen are the techniques of election to get free direct referrals online, but we must not forget that even a good offline promotional activity can lead to good results.
Certainly this method is more delicate and forces us to expose ourselves personally, but surely a good online networking activity should also be accompanied by a good practice in real life.
Let's see how with simple suggestions:

  • Books
  • Business Cards
  • Custom merchandisin (t-shirt, caps, keychain and similars)
  • Door to door marketing
  • Pamphlets and flyers
  • Seminairs

Do you need more about "How to get free direct referrals"?
This is a simple list of the 10 best ways to how to get free referrals in 2024, some suggestion to explain to everyone the best methods to find affiliates for your PTCs, GPT sites or simply a network marketing.
However, there are plenty of other opportunities to get free direct referrals even using the system of MoneyMakerLand.
If you are interested in having more information about, please visit our:
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