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How to make money online in 2024

The best guide to know how to make money with internet
How to make money online in 2024

"How to make money online" is one of the most searched sentences on Google's history, but only the 0,4% of the people has been really satisfied from the results obtained: in practice, none!
The problem is that around the world of "making money online" there is a lot of wanted ignorance because who really knows how to make money online just shows a part of the potential, hiding (for convenience) a lot of important informations about the mechanisms at the base of this method.
But believe us, making money with internet is really possible, you just need to know how the system it works and you'll see how easy it will be!

Tricks, secrets and shortcuts? Yes, but don't forget commitment

There are thousands of opportunities to make money with the web, but we want to warn you that to really earn online it takes commitment and passion like a "normal real job": beware of those who promise you high earnings with little work, nobody gives you anything for free!
In this section we'll show the best methods to make money online in 2024, but before reviewing all these opportunities we wanted to pause a bit to mention a very important figure that is the basis of online earnings: the referral!

The importance of referrals in online earnings

The importance of referrals in online earnings

The referral is the person who signs up for a particular site behind our sponsorship (also called "affiliate").
As anticipated in the previous paragraph, most online businesses are based on a reference system that is the real fulcrum of internet earning: you get an extra percentage depending on the activity of your referrals.
The message that I will pass is rather hard, but exemplary: without a good network of referrals it's difficult to make money online with sites that are normally advertised through forums, blogs and social networks!
The reference system is therefore a system widely used by the various online revenue sites as an advertising form (about 80% of the methods use this technique) and for us it is the real fulcrum of gain for these opportunities: more referrals is equivalent to saying more gains.

Let's try to make an example practical with ySense to understand the meaning of what was said:
ySense is a business that allows you to make money online by filling out surveys: a single survey of 15 minutes is paid about 60 cents of dollars.
Based on this, to accumulate a good profit with ySense (around $ 60 per month) you need to complete 100 surveys a month for a total of 1.500 minutes.
This goal, however, is very difficult to achieve because some months it can happen that there are not even 100 surveys in a month.

This is the moment that the referrals come into play.
ySense presents a reference system in which, for each person who subscribes to the site at our invitation, you receive an extra 20% commission on each survey completed by them.

Purely theoretical calculation: admitting to having 80 referrals registered below us in ySense, we will earn a percentage of 20% of the commissions they generate. If each of them does 3 surveys a day (around $ 1.50), our daily earnings would be $ 24.00 (80 people x 20% x 1,50 $) which in a month is $ 720,00: much more than our isolated work!

Best starting free sites to make money online in 2024

Once you understood the mechanism behind the web money's opportunities, it's time to chose the best method to start making money online.
As always it happens even in real life, when you learn something new, mistakes are often made, so we suggest to start your networker "career" using the free methods avaiable in the web.
The choice of using simple free methods is simply due to begin moving the first steps in this complicated world, but being sure not to lose your money during your learning.

Here you can find the 10 best sites to make online for free chosen by our internal algorithm.

Best ways to make money online in 2024

During your practice with the free sites previously showed, you will have done all the right experience to be able to skillfully manage and understand how to move yourself througt the forest of money online: finding referrals, media marketing, withdrawals, running away from a site that mentions becoming SCAM, and more...

Now you are officially ready to really make money online!

At this point you could be much more experienced than us and you will be giving advice to other networkers, but before to explain which will be for us the best ways to make money online in 2024, we would like to recommend you to only invest what you are avaiable to lose.
When you start to work online seriously it happens that you have to invest some money to start your business (buying a domain for your blog, social media advertising, buying courses or ebooks, ...), but just remember that everything can stop in a while and than don't risk to invest more money than you honestly can do.

Now stop speaking and we're going to see the best 10 methods to make money online for free in 2024.

1. Make money creating your own blog
How to make money with blog

Making a personal blog or website is still one of the best ways to make money online.
In this period there are a lot (maybe even too much) blogs and sites on internet, but we believe that this is still the best renumerative opportunity to really make money with internet in 2024.
Creating a blog is relatively difficult and requires some programming skills, however there are many online services that make this operation available to everyone: we mention Wordpress above all, but let's not forget about historical services like Blogger, Altervista, Wix and ForumFree.
Thanks to these platforms, those difficult programming operations are limited to simple drag and drop that, with a little practice, make it possible for everyone to create their own blog / personal site.

But now you're wondering: How to monetize a blog?
Earning with a blog is very simple and intuitive. There are many opportunities to monetize your website that we will see in detail in few moments, but it is worth pointing out that it is necessary to have a good amount of traffic (views) in order to obtain significant results in economic terms: turning into figures, we can say that to reach a profit of around $ 1,000 a month, you need a minimum of 300,000 monthly visits.

Now let's see how you can monetize your blog through the various online earning opportunities:

  • Third-party advertising
    It is probably the method that everyone knows and perhaps the easiest to start with. Do you know the various banners that are scattered throughout most of the websites? Third-party advertising is 90% of that. In practice there are online services that offer the possibility to advertisers to sponsor their platforms and to publishers (who in this case you would be) who receive a fee to show advertisers' advertisements on their site.
    The reference site for this opportunity is Google Adsense, but there are other competitive sites that are slowly trying to support the American giant and its very restrictive policy:
    This monetization opportunity does not allow a direct management by the user and the evaluation of a possible gain is only avaiable through a statistical analysis: cost per click (the advertisements of topics such as insurance are paid much more than others, as well as some countries have a higher value than others); percentage that a user clicks on our banner (CTR); number of views that get the pages of our blog (views). This set of numbers allows us to calculate the RPM (revenue per thousand), which is a data that allows us to understand how much we earn every 1,000 visits and is a good parameter during the evaluation of a website. As mentioned above it is a purely statistical number, however it can be said that an optimized blog allows an average gain that varies from a minimum of $ 1.00 to a maximum of $ 3.50 every thousand visits.
    To increase easily the number of visits, our advice is to start by previously creating an account on the main social networks of the moment (Facebook, Instagram and Twitter) and redirect the interested public to your blog article: if you have a Facebook page with 100,000 fans you can guess how much revenue you can get from this opportunity.

  • Videos advertising
    A modern evolution of the previous method, video advertising consists of showing within its portal a frame containing an advertising spot. Slightly more invasive and heavier to load than the classic banner, the strength of this method is that the videos start automatically and allow us to earn larger amounts without the need to get any clicks: you earn from a minimum of $ 0.03 to a maximum of $ 0.08 each reproduction. Unlike banners, most of the methods that allow us to monetize our blog with promotional videos have an IP block, so only the number of users and not the pages viewed will be counted.
    The industry leader at the moment is Teads , but our advice is to try different platforms because most of these sites require very high quality standards to be accepted:

  • Affiliations
    One of the monetization methods with our blog (or social pages) are affiliate sites that offer a reward based on the sales we can generate through our work. The mechanism is very simple: you subscribe to the various portals that offer this opportunity, you require participation with your own blog (be careful because the access requirements are very restrictive sometimes) and you request for a specific product to be advertised. In case of acceptance, a personal code is provided through which each sale generated by us guarantees us an economic return which can be a percentage of the sale price or a fixed amount.
    At this point we must point out that there are 2 different types of affiliations: sites that contain different external services that we must advertise or sites that require the advertising of products sold by them directly. The latter is the case of Amazon Affiliate, the most famous service of this kind that allows you to get up to 10% of the cost of the product that we can sell through our site.
    Affiliations are currently one of the most popular methods of earning online thanks to a very smart mechanism that, up until a few years ago, allowed several users to make thousands of euros a month with Facebook creating targeted Facebook ads.

    Trick/Tip: Choose a niche product like a book on macrobiotic that costs for example of $ 20.00. With the Amazon Affiliate program we receive a fee of $ 2.00 each book we can sell (10%). By creating a Facebook Ads targeted only to macrobiotic lovers, we spend $ 100.00 for example and we reach 20,000 people where 1% buy the book (200 people). At a cost of $ 100.00 we can earn $ 400.00.

    But Amazon Affiliate is not the only affiliate service, we see a complete list to have a wider choice:

  • Selling spaces directly
    Very popular sites usually have higher earnings by selling spaces (banners) directly to interested advertisers without going through third-party services: the blog owner manages the advertising spaces himself deciding on the banner formats and the income he wants to have for the occupation of that particular business. Do you know those roadside advertisments that say "Your advertising here for just 99 euros a month"? Here, the principle is the same.
    Depending on the number of visits and the topic of the blog, you can decide on a tariff (daily or monthly) and all those who want to buy that space must pay as requested.
    Surely it is the most fruitful method of those seen previously, but to have a good profit your site must have a certain notoriety for the companies to be interested in advertising with you.

  • Guest Posting
    The guest posting is an advertising system that has always existed, but in this last period has been exploded and every day social groups born to meet the demands and offers of bloggers.
    What is this guest posting? Very simple, we receive money to publish a post about a product/service/company that pays for this advertisement. Let's take an example to clarify everything: "We have a very popular animal blog and a company that produces dog feed contact us for a guest post on our blog. Based on the number of visits and the conversion rate, we consider a request for $ 100.00 to be suitable. The feed manufacturer accepts the offer and pays $ 100.00 for us to write an article about its products".
    Earnings with this method can also be very high (I have heard of popular blogs that have come to ask for figures around $ 1,800 for a single article), but there must be a balance between writing interesting articles and guest post articles so that the end user does not notice a qualitative drop in the service.

2. Make money with paid surveys online
How to make money with surveys

Online surveys are currently the most widespread and popular method to make online by web users because it does not require any specific skills to start earning: just an internet connection and time are enough to complete the paid surveys. There are portals that, after a quick registration, will offer you a series of surveys to which you will completely receive a fee (we will see the complete list at the end of the paragraph).
Why are we paid to respond to surveys? The mechanism is very simple, much more than you can expect!
Knowing people's habits is essential to be able to launch a product targeted to customer requests: why create a red car with automatic transmission if 80% of people would only buy black cars with manual transmission?
For this reason companies directly or paying the various consulting services wants to receive feedback from potential customers and this sum is shared between all those who participate and complete the survey.
The remuneration for each completed survey is variable and changes first from the duration of the questionnaire and from many other factors (topic, paying company, personalization), but in general we can say that a survey of about 10 minutes is paid from a minimum of $ 1.00 up to a maximum of $ 4.00.
Given that market research is aimed at a very specific public, surveys often present in the initial questions of filters that determine suitability for participation: please, reply always true because these sites have good filters that almost always correctly detect an untrue answer.
The whole world around us outlines us without our realizing it (profiling cookies, supermarket loyalty cards, phone cells, ...), why not offer us the data we want to share and receive a profit directly extra for this operation? So let's see a list of the best polling sites that allow you to make money online in 2024:

3. Make money with translations
How to make money with translations

Very similar to a real job, for those who know some foreign language this is a great opportunity. With the strong globalization taking place in recent years, more and more companies require the translation of their own web pages or simply of some texts of their blog in different languages. The profit with translations is very high and we talk about an average amount of around $ 40.00 for a text of about 300 words.
Obviously, translation services must be sure that we have the necessary skills to take care of such a delicate task, so immediately after enrollment a quiz will be offered that certifies our real abilities to translation. In case of a positive outcome, we will start to find in our backoffice some texts to be translated which will then be checked by more experienced users and, based on our experience, more and more tasks will be proposed to perform and to "career advanced "we will also be offered tasks as supervisors of projects already translated by other users.
Very valid and fairly profitable method, but a real knowledge of the foreign language is required and therefore this method is not suitable for everyone.
Here is a list of the best translation sites that allow you to make money online 2024:

4. Make money ith online video courses
How to make money with online video courses

One of the phenomena of the moment is the online video courses, ie video tutorials that explain a specific topic in several lessons. They are normally presented through the funnels which allow the display of a couple of videos and, in the case of further interest, it allows the purchase of subsequent lessons which normally are not less than 12/16.
Today there are online video courses about everything you can imagine (even video courses on how to create video courses) and this is because the creation of online video courses is relatively simple: just a video camera (even simply that of the cell phone), an expert in the subject of the course with a good talking and put your face in it.
The gain with this method is very high if you think in fact that the most popular video courses can reach a cost of $ 500.00. If you are an expert in marketing and in making the famous funnels you can aspire to those earnings for each course downloaded, otherwise there are services (one above all Udemy) where experts from all over the world create video tutorials about the topic of their competence and receive compensation for each video course that is purchased from the platform where the course is advertised.
Do not be afraid, just put your face and you will see that the results will not be long in coming. Here is a short list of the best sites that allow the creation of video courses:

5. Make money as a beta tester
How to make money with being a beta tester

Are you a lover of perfection and curious in the meantime? Well, then this could be your way to make money online. The beta tester is that user who uses a service before the official launch, browses through the portal pages to search for any bugs, broken links or simply to give your impression on the usability of the site.
Often the smaller projects carry out the beta versions asking their users for an evaluation, however the larger companies rely on external consulting services for the realization of this task and the latter share part of this investment in the required staffing required for the test.
Although some services may need requirements to access a specific project (language, computer skills, ..), most beta test sites are open to everyone and only need to be chosen among the various profiles who apply for that job.
Never before in this case your opinion will be appreciated: visit now the list of the main beta testing services in the 2024.

6. Make money writing articles
How to make money with writing post

If you like to write and have time to devote to your passion, you should know that there are websites that allow you to make money online by writing articles.
Recently, Paid To Write (PTW) is losing popularity, but we can confirm that even in this 2019you can get up to $ 50.00 for each article written, revised and published.
Unlike the other sites Get Paid To the gain is much higher, even if it derives mostly from a meritocratic factor because the more a review is appreciated and read, the more your earnings will be.
The phrase "writing articles" hides a lot of nuances like writing for your blog or writing on direct commission, but in this space we will only see a list of the best Paid To Write that allow you to make money online by writing articles required by third party services:

7. Make money with network marketing
How to make money with network marketing

Network marketing (also called multi-level marketing - MLM) is a mechanism that allows you to make money online by selling products of a company as if we were agents representing it.
Established in the 1990s with the American company Amway, network marketing saw its rise through the giant Herbalife that made word of MLM its strong point: yes, because it has a good network under its sponsorship (the affiliates of which we have spoken at the beginning of the page) guarantees a financial return of great importance!
Network marketing is a real job where you have to put your face and you have to try to convince people to buy products sold by the company or simply let friends/parents participate in this project. This method of earning is very fruitful and virtuous if carried out in serious and paying companies, unfortunately in this sector SCAM companies were born over the years hiding pyramid schemes (ponzi's scheme) which have undermined its credibility and scared off any potential users.
However, fear not, network marketing is a very valuable method of earning money and if you have good persuasive skills (both in selling and inviting people to participate) the gains will not be long in coming.
Here are the main methods of making money through network marketing in the 2024:

8. Make money with matched betting
How to make money with matched betting

Matched betting, often mistakenly known as sports trading, is a very popular online earning method in this 2019 because it is very popular among young fans of sports.
But what is matched betting and how does it work? Perhaps it is a bit complicated to explain theoretically, but in practice you will see that it is simpler than expected. Matched betting is about taking advantage of the bonuses (welcome and recurring) that the various betting sites make available to their customers. In a nutshell we study the bonuses offered, choose the largest associated fee and withdraw the earnings.

But let's look at an example to clarify the concept: "The William Hill site offers a recurring bonus of $ 5.00 on the Chelsea-Liverpool game and in particular the bonus includes a refund of $ 5.00 in case of loss of the bet Then we bet $ 5.00 on Chelsea's win (listed 1.95) for a potential payout of $ 9.75. Now that Chelsea's victory is covered, we must make a bet on Liverpool's win or a possible draw (X2). Browsing through the various betting sites, we discover that BetFair has the best odds to play X2 and is quoted at 1.45. To cover the bets, we bet $ 3.00 on the X-2 with a potential payout of $ 4.35. At this point we will always be in positive because if Chelsea wins (first bet) we will earn a net $ 1.75 ($ 9.75 in potential winnings - $ 5.00 bet 1 - $ 3.00 $ bet 2), while in the case of Chelsea's loss we will have a net book of $ 1.35 ($ 4.35 of potential winnings - $ 5.00 bet 1 + $ 5.00 for the bet reimbursement 1 - $ 3.00 bet 2)".

Matched betting cannot be considered gambling because at the base there are mathematical algorithms that cancel the risk of losing guaranteeing a certain and 100% secure profit.
Given that finding these bonuses could be a long and difficult operation, in recent years services have been born that help us in the discovery of bonuses and, above all, they also suggest us where and how much to bet to always be certain of winning and earn; here is a list of the best matched betting sites in operation in the 2024:

9. Make money with your photography
How to make money with photography

If you think you are able to use a camera well or you know video, graphics, retouching and digital images, you can make money online by selling your photographs or offering your skills.
Still in the 2024 Is one of the most profitable ways to make money online, even if the salary depends on personal skills.
If you are professional photographers you will surely have your own blog/site where you can sell your photos directly, but if you are not popular in the sector in which you operate, you will hardly have enough traffic to be able to hope for sell enough photos. For photography lovers, sites have been created where photo galleries are created in which users can buy, save or view the images on display: a sort of online photo exhibition where people download images and the author of the shot receives a commission on the generated transaction.
There are different types of opportunities to make money online with photography, below is a short list of the best sites in this 2024:

10. Make money working as freelancer
How to make money like a freelancer

The last opportunity that we see in this list of the top 10 methods to make money online is perhaps the most interesting in terms of remuneration and personal ambition.
Freelancer (deriving from the union of the 2 terms: freelance and worker) is an English term to indicate a subject that operates as a freelancer for different companies or organizations, without having any contractual relationship of dependency with them. In short, the freelancer decides when and for whom to work based on his free time and his skills.
There are several portals in which freelancers from all over the world come together and make their skills available to other users. Are you capable of editing videos? Do you like programming in PHP, Java or Python? Are you a master in using Photoshop or in making backing tracks? All this and much more is required in the various freelancers portals.
The industry leading site is perhaps Fiverr, but there are hundreds of other opportunities where you can make your skills available to the community and receive compensation based on the services offered.
Here is an updated list to 2024:

Do you need more about "How to make money online"?
This is a simple list of the 10 best ways to make money online in 2024, some suggestion to explain to everyone the best methods to get an extra income directly from home.
However, there are plenty of other opportunities to make money with the internet that are correctly reviewed in MoneyMakerLand.
If you are interested in having more information about, please visit our:
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