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How to make money online with paid to promote

Paid To Promote: you earn money by promoting links
Paid To Promote sites are losing some popularity in this recent period, though it remains one of the most important earnings methods.
The reasons why PTP sites go for the largest are many:
- no daily commitment is required;
- the registration is free;
- there are no initial investments.
In addition, the mechanism is simple: you earn a certain amount by promoting the links that are offered to you (in a few words it is paid according to the number of views that you can guarantee on the page we are advertising).
But if the procedure is simple, it is not the same about the gain.
Or rather, not at the beginning.
The gain is roughly 1-2 $ per thousand views, so you can understand how easy it is (unless you have a very popular blog / site) to get paid quickly to payouts.
But do not worry, you will learn to exploit this opportunity by optimizing it to the fullest.
If you are wondering if you need to have a website to take advantage of this opportunity, the answer is NO!
There are two different types of PTP:
- those who pay to promote banners (and this is only possible with a site);
- those who pay to promote links (so you can understand that you just post it on other forums, blogs, Facebook, etc...).
Having said this, if it is a method that ticks you, continue reading.

Tips and suggestion to make money online with paid to promote

Expert's suggestion about how to make money online with paid to promote
I advise you to join a few PTPs and only those who really pay (also why it's useless to sign up for many PTPs and fill your banner website, which is annoying).
I advise NOT to invest any money at all.
For the rest, referring to the guide.

Pros e cons about making money online with paid to promote

Check now if it's convenient to use paid to promote to make money online
- is a totally free method;
- does not need a daily commitment;
- once the mechanism has begun, the gains are automatic;
- immediate payments;
- low payouts.
- for non-experts may be complex;
- sites often have only one link;
- there is not much information about it;
- To optimize your earnings, it's best to use a few PTPs.
4 su 5.00 stelle
The use this earning method is relatively easy and it can be used by most of users
2 su 5.00 stelle
This earning method allows you to make a relatively low amount of money online
2 su 5.00 stelle
This online earning method requires a really low time and money to spend

List of the best websites to make money online with paid to promote

Filter the various sites according to your wishes to be able to earn online with paid to promote