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How to make money online with online auctions

Online Auctions: you can make money by participating in special online auctions
Hello everyone, and welcome to the online auction area, a rapidly expanding phenomenon.
I'm sure most of you have already come across (or at least have heard about) online auctions.
But let's see in detail what they are, how they work and what they promise.
Meanwhile it is good to specify that there are 2 different tipindi online auctions:

As you can see from the name, a downward auction is a type of auction that works in reverse with respect to a traditional one, that is to say who wins who offers less and no one offers more.
That said, the most cynical will have thought: "But what a fool, if I offer a cent is logical I win!".
We were the first time we thought the same thing, but unfortunately (or luckily) is not that simple.
Read the question below to understand the operation.
How do lower auctions work?
As mentioned earlier, wins who offers less, but technically it is not.
In fact, the one who proposes a single lowest bid is actually winning the auction.
Explained in this way is not very understandable, so try to make an example using the explanation image of "AstaClick".
Let's say there is a Nokia N97 in the market with a market value of 399.00 €.
Taking the definition first exposed, the one who proposes the lowest single bid is awarded the auction.
In the picture shown we see how the bid wins the auction is 0.03 €.
Let's see why this victory:
- The lowest possible bid to be made (0,01 €) was proposed by 3 users, so invalid because it is not unique;
- The second offer of 0.02 € is not valid because it is proposed by 3 users and, as in the previous case, is not a single one;
- The bid of $ 0.03 is winning because it is the lowest one being proposed by a single user;
- The offer of 0.04 € is not valid because, although it is unique (it has only one bid) is higher than that of 0.03 €;
- All the bids higher than 0.03 € (which is the lowest single) are therefore losers.
How much does it cost to make a bet?
Making your bet generally costs from 0.10 € to 0.50 €.
Why should a site sell an object from hundreds of euros to a few cents?
In fact, behind these auctions is the same a strong gain for the site itself, try to think.
If they are participating in the auction 300 users and each of them makes 4 or 5 bets (so each spends 2,00 €), we see that at the end are paid more or less 600,00 €, which goes to the auctioneer auction boxes.
Let's make a practical clarification example:
"It is auctioned out of the usual Nokia N97 for a cost of € 399.00 This auction is attended by 250 people and on average each user offers 6 different bids (the cost of a bet is € 0.50 and as a result each user invests 3,00 €). The cell phone is sold at 10,00 €.
It may sound like a S**M because it's impossible for a cell phone of $ 400.00 to be sold at € 10.00, but in fact, doing 2 calculations, we see that everything is back and the law no one ever gives you is still respected!
In fact, in the face of a cost of 399.00 € of the cost of the mobile, the site earns a figure of almost 270,00 € higher (calculating the 3,00 € spent by each user x 250 users + 10,00 € the cellphone , we see that the site collects 760.00 €).
So more than a S**M you can call a bargain for the winner!

Conversely live auctions are the typical auctions in which an article is won by the one who offers the highest bid.
That being said, we are sure to cheer you up less than the previous ones, but I assure you that you can do just as well (if not better) business.
How do live auctions work?
As mentioned above, it wins the one who offers more and there is not much to explain why it is the action that is happening in any auction.
It starts at the cost of € 0.00 and after the first installment starts the auction.
Bets increase bid for a constant figure (usually $ 0.05).
There is also a timer that indicates the time that is missing at the end of the auction at the current price and this is increased by a tot of seconds each time a new bid is made.
If no one makes his bet and the timer arrives at the end, the auction ends immediately and the controversial object will be awarded to the last user to reload.
But let's see how the mechanism works from the example of "Pazzi Prices" (right image).
We note that in this case an "Nintendo DSi XL Console" was auctioned, whose real price is around 150.00 €.
The auction starts at € 0.00 and every time you click the "PUNTA" button the price increases by 0.01 €.
The Timer marks the time at 63.0 and that indicates the remaining time for a new bet (just over one minute remaining).
If there are no more offers, the last user to make the bet (in this case some good luck) will win the Nintendo at 28.71 €.
Otherwise, clicking again on "PUNTA", the timer will resume for 120 seconds with the last bid of € 28.72.
This will continue as long as the timer does not reach 0.0 and the last user to make the bet will win the item.
How much does it cost to make a bet?
Making your bet generally costs from 0.10 € to 0.50 € although many sites force you to use more chips (and therefore more money).
Why should a site sell an object from hundreds of euros to a few cents?
In fact, behind these auctions there is the same strong earnings from auction sites.
Let's try to take the first auction shown in the previous example (which, among other things, was not even finished).
Making a bet at "Pazzi Price" costs 0.50 € and bets increase by 0.01 €.
At the moment when the image was acquired, the price was 28.71 €, ie, making a quick calculation (2871 bets x 0.50 € per bet) had already spent more than 1400.00 € per a Nintendo from the real value of 150.00 €.
You will notice that these sites are not S**Ms, because the earnings have them there.
The only thing is to choose the right time and rationalize the bets.
So more than a S**M you can call a bargain for the winner!

Tips and suggestion to make money online with online auctions

Expert's suggestion about how to make money online with online auctions
Often, whoever uses these sites is because he wants to try to obtain products that are practically free (with 4 or 5 bets at most).
However, if you want an item at all costs, with these auction sites you can still get them at relatively low prices.
Often, after 10 bets (equivalent to most sites at € 5.00), you leave yourself and think of something else.
But try to think: an iPhone is bought for over 600.00 €, so even making 400 bets (equivalent to 200.00 €) the savings are still high (over € 400.00).
Our advice, if you want ardently an auction item (expensive items such as iPhone, TVs, iPad, Reflex) is to enter when its price fluctuates around 30.00 / 35.00 € (this is usually the price on which the auction closes) and continue to bet until everyone desists (200 bets allow you to bet for € 10.00, far above the average sale price).

Pros e cons about making money online with online auctions

Check now if it's convenient to use online auctions to make money online
- huge savings;
- branded items;
- it needs some logic and luck.
- it does not always win;
- you often lose money;
- method fortuitous.
3 su 5.00 stelle
The use this earning method is suggested to the users that are quite able to use a PC
5 su 5.00 stelle
This earning method allows you to make a really high amount of money online
5 su 5.00 stelle
This online earning method requires a maximum time and money to spend

List of the best websites to make money online with online auctions

Filter the various sites according to your wishes to be able to earn online with online auctions