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How to make money online with newsletter

Newsletter: you make money by placing advertising in the emails of the newsletter
The concept of the newsletter is very similar to that of the FEED even if it is easier to intuition.
You agree to subscribe to a site's newsletter by entering your email and at this time any updates or important news will be sent to you by an e-mail.
Therefore, it is not necessary to install or use extra services such as feed readers.
If users of a site can be a great comfort and utility, even for the webmasters they want to earn is very useful.
In order to monetize a newsletter, you will inevitably receive promotional emails from time to time by placing banner ads (PAY PER CLICK or PAY PER IMPRESSION).
You will ask, but do you agree?
GetMyRefs responds by making a new question: "According to you, why then would there be so many sites that ask you to enter the email to view the content of the site?"
Evidently the mechanism works.
Let's give an example:
"A webmaster has a thousand emails from subscribers to send updates or information.
Each member sends 4 mails a week with a Pay Per Impression banner (on which he earns € 2.00 per thousand views).
Having 1000 receivers that open the email every time they send an update has a $ 2.00 gain.
We said he sent him four times a week, so he earns € 8.00 a week.
In a month there are 4 to 5 weeks so the webmaster (only with a newsletter and with only one banner in each mail!) Can monetize about 40.00 €. "

Tips and suggestion to make money online with newsletter

Expert's suggestion about how to make money online with newsletter
As you have noticed, we did not include the usual list of sites with reviews, payments and reservations.
This choice is due to the fact that the sites we are going to list that allow you to create newsletters are not real revenue sites (pay is given to us through various affiliate programs like Google Adsense, Pay Per Impression or Pay banner Per Click) but are just in support.
Here is a small table below with the names, links and main features of these opportunities (by clicking on the name you will be directed to the site immediately):

In English (get at least 500 emails and 1 post per day)
In English (no requirements)
In Italian (no requirements)
In italian (no requrements)
In English (have 500 emails and 3,000 monthly submissions)
In English (no requirements)
In Italian (have 1,000 emails and 6,000 monthly submissions)
In English (have 1,000 emails and 6,000 monthly submissions)

In addition to these sites in the list, it is also worth pointing out how best online service to create and manage a FREE newsletter is GOOGLE FRIEND CONNECT.
Do you want to create a newsletter but do not know how to do it? The answer is GOOGLE.
Well, as often happens, the most popular search engine in the world is here again.
The service in question is called GOOGLE FRIEND CONNECT (click on the name to open the link) and besides creating and managing a newsletter it also allows a wide range of other utilities.
IMPORTANT: You must first subscribe to GMail, the free Google Mail service.
- Once you have access, you should see such an overview and click on "newsletter" on the left or "send newsletter" to the center.
- You will open a page of this type and if you are not yet holders of any newsletter click on "gadget newsletter" to create your own personalized.
- Now customize the fields as you like and eventually click the "generate code" button. It will open an underlying space with the html code (look nice, you do not even need to know the language) and paste it in the place where you want it to appear.
- There is nothing but waiting for someone to sign up for your newsletter.
- Awaiting the first subscribers you can send the first updates. Just click on the "write newsletter" button (immediately you will see a check box asking if you want every time a visitor access your portal to be asked to subscribe to the newsletter; guadagnolandia advice: avoid too much pressure one who visits the site for the first time!).
- Now is the time to create mail to send to all members:
1) Select the subject of the Mail;
2) The sender (the name of your site);
3) Enter the text of the message (guadagnolandia advice: create a header, upper space, with the site logo and a link that will send you a message, a central space where you want to send the message, a footer, lower space, where to insert notes and any banner ads). The earning of a newsletter is here, know how to create an informative message by entering Pay Per Click or Pay Per Impression advertising. Better put them in the footer so writing a song is not disturbed in reading and is wondering how to stay in your newsletter;
4) You can also fill out the message in HTML (recommended for inserting banners or advertising links).
- Well now the more is done, just select the users to send the mail (the correct check is already selected) and press the "Preview and Send" button.

The guide is over, I hope to be useful to you.
Good earnings,
See you soon...

Pros e cons about making money online with newsletter

Check now if it's convenient to use newsletter to make money online
- the advertisement reaches the user directly;
- sites that allow customization;
- everyone has a mail.
- you have to know a bit of html;
- many are paying programs;
- requires a large number of subscribers.
2 su 5.00 stelle
The use this earning method is relatively complicated and not suitable for everyone
4 su 5.00 stelle
This earning method allows you to make a relative high amount of money online
4 su 5.00 stelle
This online earning method requires a high time and money to spend

List of the best websites to make money online with newsletter

Filter the various sites according to your wishes to be able to earn online with newsletter

There are no sites with these features