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How to make money online with graduate thesis

Graduate Thesis: you make money by uploading your graduate thesis online
If you are one of those few students who after having received the degree have not burned books and theses, then make sure that you have all the rules in order to take advantage of this opportunity to make money.
Do not leave your files containing your thesis on a dusty CD or in a forgotten folder on your computer, but do a different end to your efforts!
There is a site called TesiOnline that allows uploading and publishing of your guaduate's thesis (must be submitted in paper format or in one of the approved electronic formats like .txt - .html - .pdf) and earn for each download of it.
This is one of the most popular revenue-generating methods of thousands of Italian users (which is why the site is designed and built by Italian webmasters), which even has 700,000 subscribers and more than 5 million pages per month!

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The use of this earning method is very complicated and suitable only for experts
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This earning method allows you to make a really low amount of money online
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This online earning method requires almost zero time and money to spend

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