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How to make money online with ipal

Ipal: you gain by using the email address of the site
Do you use the email, job, study or pastime department very often?
Have you ever dreamed that you could receive a payout for every e-mail sent or received? Who knows how much money you can do!
I bet that this idea has never even passed through the head, too unworkable.
Instead you are wrong! This opportunity not only exists but is also widespread among foreign users.
The service is offered by iPal, a site that allows free e-mail account creation as well as the most famous Google, Yahoo or Hotmail, with the difference that will be earned for every received email.
When registering on the site you have to choose the desired username that not only allows you to access the site but will appear in your mail address (for example, by choosing Guadagnolandia as a username, the address will be as follows guadagnolandia@ipal.com) .
IPal also allows you to earn by referring to the site other membranes.

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The use of this earning method is very complicated and suitable only for experts
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This earning method allows you to make a really low amount of money online
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This online earning method requires almost zero time and money to spend

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