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We collect the various businesses suggested by users and we have nothing to do with the latter (including Goaltycoon), therefore it is not responsible for any possible wrongdoing.
We also don't force and not invite anyone to sign up, so using the various businesses presented (including Goaltycoon) should be considered as an autonomous and conscious choice of the individual who, assuming all the responsibilities, decides to open a position with this business.

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How to make money with Goaltycoon: full review

Created by Kerp39pq Calendar 27 october 2020

With Goaltycoon you make money by playing free games, but how does it work Goaltycoon? How to get direct referrals for free in Goaltycoon? Reading this article you'll understand how to make money with Goaltycoon.

How to make money online e how to get free referrals with Goaltycoon
You can alert the community, but before you need to login in MoneyMakerLand.

oalTycoon is a website that allows you to earn online just by playing a browser game that converts the currency of the game into real money.

GoalTycoon was officially launched on 15 December 15 2013 and was born from the idea of ??the same staff who first created the very popular game of MarketGlory.

In addition to the graphics that looks very professional and accurate, GoalTycoon has the advantage of being the first football management game that allows you to make real money, so I do not think it will put a lot of sprouting into a country of calciophiles like ours!

How does it work?
Starting to play with GoalTycoon is quite complicated (for the first time you lose all of the site's options in English), however, once you learn the basic mechanisms, you will only have to build your own soccer team and manage it to be able to become the strongest team of the game.

But be careful! In GoalTycoon you will not only have to manage team tactics or transfers, but to get the most out of your gain you will not have to underestimate any revenue opportunities: t-shirts, stadium tickets, restaurants, hotels, etc ...

Although the game is quite fun and relatively high earnings, GoalTycoon also offers an interesting referral system that allows you to accumulate money by inviting people to join the game.
In the last year the Italian Championship, in terms of members, has increased tenfold. The shares have gone from € 0.42 per share to the current € 0.82 per share, so it is an excellent game in which, having fun, you earn real money. Currently the Italian language is not supported, but just open the game with the browsers in use as a translation function and everything magically becomes Italian.

How to make money online with Goaltycoon

How to make money online with Goaltycoon

Technical informations to optimize the revenue website of Goaltycoon

Guide on the use of GoalTycoon (this tutorial is also on the site itself, we only reported because is realle complete and useful to all those who wanted to start playing).

Popularity is one of the most important aspects in GoalTycoon and when your popularity grows, consequently, your earnings will become even greater.
In fact, a great popularity increases the number of spectators that come to the stadium to assist the match with a strong gain on ticket sales.
Keep in mind, however, that the audience number also depends on the popularity of the opposing team, the more it will be popular, the more spectators there will be.
The popularity of a team increases according to several factors:
- the league where the team plays (logically that a Serie A team will have more spectators and fans of one of the Excellencies);
- the general conditions of the stadium (car parks, comfort, lights, roof, number of seats, etc ...);
- infrastructures and advertising.
If all this is not up to the supporters, obviously the level of popularity will decrease!

Each trainer will receive a team consisting of 11 players, 9 reservists and 2 coaches.
From the "MARKET"> "BID PLAYERS / YOUTH / TRAINERS" menu you will have the opportunity to buy new players, new talents or new coaches.
You can choose players to buy according to their different characteristics: position, age, talent, favorite foot, nation, price, salary, speed, resistance, goalkeeper skills, defense, passage, cross control, cross , header striker and shot.
To buy players, a sort of auction with a specific expiration date is made, and for each bid that is made the auction's validity time increases by another 3 minutes.

Each trainer has the ability to create and save a team that, in the absence of changes, will be the game that will automatically deploy in the various meetings.
The first team (so called in GoalTycoon) can be created by dragging the players in the position where they want to get into the field and this will allow them to better manage team tactics.

Tactics can be set before each game or saved to last throughout the season as is the case for the type specified above.
That being said, GoalTycoon offers a variety of tactics to choose from:
- the game module (4-4-2, 3-4-3, 3-5-1, etc ...);
- style of play (offensive, normal, defensive);
- mentality (aggressive, normal, attendant);
- type of passages (long passages or short passages).

Training is very important in order to develop the skills and talents of their players. To train a player you just have to select the chosen pawn and move it to the desired training position (tackle, pressing, cross, shot, header, etc.).
Similarly, select the coaches and move them to the training they will have to play.
All operations will be saved automatically and every day we will receive a report in which we will be informed of the progress of the training.
Note: The effectiveness of a workout generally depends on 4 different factors:
- field conditions;
- player talent;
- talent of the coach;
- the player's energy.

Coaches can choose to buy youngsters aged between 13 and 15 according to two different criteria: talent or field position (goalkeeper, defender, midfielder or striker).
Young people train separately from the rest of the team and at the age of 16 can join the first team.


Live-match starts at 19:00 every day. However, the guest side leaves an hour before the start of the match to reach the stage of the event, so during this time it will be impossible for the two coaches to change the tactics or composition of their team.
The team playing out of the house will have to pay a cost of ITL 100 for the travel trip and will spend 15% of its energy before and 15% after the game for the same trip (to replenish this energy you need to buy some energy drinks) .

National League
The National League is basically what we call championship in Italy.
In GoalTycoon a championship lasts 30 days and there are 16 participating teams for each series, for a total of 30 league games (virtually one game a day).
For each national league there are several series: the more we will be in the highest series, the more earnings and popularity will be!

Continental championship
The Continental Championship can be compared to the Champions League where they face the best teams in every nation.
In the Continental Championship there are three phases:
- playoff (the best teams of all nations meet to find the 32 teams that will compete);
- groups (8 groups of 4 teams in which the first two of each group pass);
- Direct elimination (the 16 teams that passed the group face up to the trophy win).

As we said at the beginning of this long guide, there are elements that allow a team to increase popularity and earnings.
By upgrading and offering efficient support fans, our team's crates will not benefit from it.
To keep up with a long description, we only see briefly all the opportunities offered by GoalTycoon to increase the popularity of their team:
- stage (can reach a maximum capacity of 100,000 people with level 5 upgrades);
- supporters (they are the scales needle and if the team wins our popularity will splash the stars);
- Administration offices (more offices are more efficient and our popularity increases: Upgrade at Level 5 allows 1 point popularity increase);
- Restaurant (more than popularity, this element serves to increase the energy of a team with food and energy drinks production. At level 5, the energy supply comes up to 100% of the need!);
- Hospital (element for coaches to recover their players faster from injuries. A hospital at level 5 allows a injured player to recover 100% more quickly);
- hotel (offers the team the chance to recover energy faster and a hotel at level 5 allows an increase of energy of 15 points each day);
- Parkings (having a space for the cars that satisfy the fans increases incredibly the popularity of our club so that for a 5th level parking lot we will get 3 points popularity).

GoalTycoon also offers a referral system that allows you to accumulate 10% of the commissions generated by the users we invited you to use the game.

Payments are then made when you reach $ 20.00 through PayPal.

Referral system in Goaltycoon

Referral system in Goaltycoon

Reference system of Goaltycoon, can you make extra money inviting your friends?

In Goaltycoon the referrals system is fundamental. The more friends you register with your reflink that you find at home, the more money you earn. Remember that you get 10% of the earnings generated by your referrals. Referrals are permanent and can be searched through advertising or bought in the in-game referrals market.

Are you searching for free direct referrals in Goaltycoon?
Our members got 10.042 referrals thanks to our "Reservation service"
Get free direct referrals now

How to withdraw in Goaltycoon
How to withdraw in Goaltycoon
Detailed informations about the payments in Goaltycoon

Once you have exceeded the € 10 gain - which you can see on the Managers fund - you can safely withdraw. But remember that you always have to adjust all the elements of the stadium before transferring money. Payments are made by bank transfer, Skrill, Ethereum, Paypal, Neteller, Bitcoin. By clicking on "withdraw" at the top of the homepage, you enter the section where you can request a payment, which takes a few hours to reach the cashiers of the user who requested it.

Info specifics Goaltycoon Goaltycoon: info specifics
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