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Booking a link means inserting your own referral link in the description of the business. You can sponsorize the reservations for more advantages:
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MoneyMakerLand is one of the best online platforms to get free direct referral. We offer an advanced service that allows you to insert the ref-link in the "Visit now" green button of our official description of Stiforp.
  • Reserved: there is a ref-link of a member that used our referral reservation service
  • Sponsored: there is a ref-link of a member that shared his sponsored link
  • Not reserved: there isn't a ref-link of a member even if Stiforp has a reference system
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We collect the various businesses suggested by users and we have nothing to do with the latter (including Stiforp), therefore it is not responsible for any possible wrongdoing.
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Usage informations

We collect the various businesses suggested by users and we have nothing to do with the latter (including Stiforp), therefore it is not responsible for any possible wrongdoing.
We also don't force and not invite anyone to sign up, so using the various businesses presented (including Stiforp) should be considered as an autonomous and conscious choice of the individual who, assuming all the responsibilities, decides to open a position with this business.

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If you've noticed any errors or need to delete Stiforp from MoneyMakerLand, you can contact us directly by email at moneymakerland@gmail.com

How to make money with Stiforp: full review

The publication of Stiforp in MoneyMakerLand has been temporarily or permanently suspended.
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Stiforp is a system that allows you to earn online through a closed 2x14 matrix and only requires an initial $ 40.00 investment (payable only once) and a monthly $ 9.95.
Stiforp and an American company selling digital products. The program was officially launched on July 20, 2011 and after a few days it has recorded a record of 50,000 paying users who have received the beauty of nearly $ 500,000 commissions!

The system can generate very attractive earnings even in relatively short time, as revenue is directly proportional to the size of the affiliate network (those who can close the matrix 2x14 will earn $ 2,047.00 a month!).

How do you earn?
To join the system and start earning, you have to invest the initial $ 40.00 (plus a monthly $ 9.95) cost that would be the quota to become an active member (and keep the activation status).
Once this is done, technically the game is done!
In fact, in our downline, forcefully, other users who are going to fill our matrix levels are forced into our downline (remember that there are 14 levels and that, to be completed, each user must have 2 affiliates beneath it): for each matrix level completed we will receive 2.50% of monthly installments paid by users of the same level.

In addition to this 2x14 matrix system, it also allows passive users to earn more than $ 2,000.00 per month (passive users as people who do not advertise, but, remember, they must be active with $ 9.95 monthly spend) there are other opportunities that promise much higher earnings for people who are interested in this business and practice it as if it were almost a job!
We know that Stiforp's mechanism is really complicated to be understood especially for newcomers, so we will always try to explain it as if we were to learn how to use the program without knowing anything about it (we will divide the description into different sub-arguments, including some practical examples).

That said, I would start the extra considerations by saying that to join Stiforp you have to pay an entry fee of $ 40.00 (just over £ 30.00) to become a member and a $ 9.95 spend to become an active member (this $ 9.95 investment is to be done every month and serves to keep the status of our active account!).
Before doing this, a free pre-registration must be made to allow users to see extra information on the site's operation and its statistics (think about 250 people every day and 2,000 are pre-registered!).
IMPORTANT: As an MLM (MultiLevelMarketing) business you have to subscribe under somebody's sponsorship. By doing the pre-registration note how inscriptions on the site are incredibly high and in just 2 hours you will have about 30/40 pre-enrollers (pre-recorded) that you could hypothetically be placed below you in the matrix.

If you think business is your case, now is the time to make real registration to become an active member and start earning.
In this regard, click on "JOIN" from the top menu (orange button on the right) or "Join now" from the left menu.
This will open the classic registration form where you will have to complete all the "Personal info" fields (STEP 1), choose the type of account you want to open (STEP 2) and payment information (STEP 3).
For the first step, news is easy to enter (name, surname, address, ...); Step 2 requires the type of account to be selected.
Then we'll explain all the different types of accounts that exist in Stiforp, but we recommend that everyone open the YEARLY MEMBERSHIP (option 2) that costs pretty much the $ 50.00 $ $ opening account + 99.95 $ for the expense account activation (not only, this account allows you to earn more than the base, but paradoxically costs less and saves you $ 19.00 than your base account).
Also highly recommended is Option 3, YEARLY PLUS MEMBERSHIP, which multiplies the benefits of YEARLY MEMBERSHIP for 2 years at a total cost of $ 199.95 (payable every 2 years!).
Now enter your payment details and click on "SUBMIT" to sign up for Stiforp.

As anticipated in Stiforp there are several types of memberships that indicate the degree we are covering in our career and popularity in Stiforp.
Every step guarantees ever greater benefits and subsequent blocks are unlockable according to our work / publicity.
Let's now see all the existing degrees, their cost and how it can be unlocked.
- DISTRIBUTOR ($ 40.00 + $ 9.95 per month);
- 1 STAR (unlocks by inviting 2 friends / distributors to subscribe);
- 2 STARS (unlocks by directly inviting 12 friends / distributors or having 2 affiliates of which one is directed);
- 3 STARS (Unlocks the subscription by paying $ 149.95 ... It may look as much as $ 49.95 of the DISTRIBUTOR, however, as well as providing more earnings than the DISTRIBUTOR degree, starting as 3 STARS saves you money to the minimum grade because the account is validated for a full year without having to pay $ 9.95 a month. Grade 3 STARS also unlocks with 2 affiliates to 2 STARS or personally inserting 30 distributors);
- 4 STARS (unlocks with 2 affiliates to 3 STARS or inviting 100 distributors directly);
- 5 STARS (unlocks having 2 affiliates to 4 STARS or inviting 200 distributors directly).
Remember that you can start our Stiforp career by opening an account from DISTRIBUTOR or directly from 3 STARS (what we recommend).
Of course, we will more scatter the membership rates and more benefits / gains we will get.

Now that we have explained everything we need to register, it's time to figure out how to earn with Stiforp.
The default form of this business is a 2x14 matrix that allows everyone to earn a lot of money (the goal to earn is to earn $ 2,047.00 per month with the DISTRIBUTOR grade).
This is because Stiforp's beautiful thing is that in order to participate and complete the matrices there is no need for a personal activity (it is not recommended to suggest the site to friends), in fact the site itself inserts new users in the first free space which is found, probably below us in 2x14 matrix.
Saying and Specifying this, let's see how it works and how much you can earn with this matrix (remembering that 2x14 matrix means that to complete it you need to fill 14 reference levels: 1st level is completed with 2 people; 2nd is completed with 4 people the 3rd with 8, the 4th with 16, so up to 14 where 16384 people are needed).
Stiforp allows you to earn 2.50% of monthly investment ($ 9.95) for each closed matrix level.
For details, see how much you earn for each completed matrix level:
- 1st level: $ 0.50;
- 2nd level: $ 1.50 ($ 1.00 of this level + $ 0.50 for the previous);
- 3rd level: $ 3.50 ($ 2.00 for this level + $ 1.50 for the previous);
- 4th level: $ 7.50 ($ 4.00 for this level + $ 3.50 for the previous ones);
- 5th level: $ 15.50 ($ 8.00 of this level + $ 7.50 for the previous ones);
- 6th level: $ 31.50 ($ 16.00 for this level + $ 15.50 for the previous ones);
- 7th level: $ 63.50 ($ 32.00 for this level + $ 31.50 for the previous ones);
- 8th level: $ 127.50 ($ 64.00 for this level + $ 63.50 for the previous ones);
- 9th level: $ 255.50 ($ 128.00 for this level + $ 127.50 for the previous ones);
- 10th level: $ 511.50 ($ 256.00 for this level + $ 255.50 for the previous ones);
- 11th level: $ 1,023.50 ($ 512.00 for this level + $ 511.50 for the previous ones);
- 12th level: $ 2,047.50 ($ 1,024.00 of this level + $ 1,023.50 for the previous ones);
- 13th level: $ 4,095.50 ($ 2,048.00 of this level + $ 2,047.50 for the previous ones);
- 14th level: $ 8,191.50 ($ 4,096.00 of this level + $ 4,095.50 for the previous ones);
Let's remember that for DISTRIBUTORS and 1 STAR members there are only "12" matrix levels (for a maximum monthly gain of $ 2,047.50), for users with a 2 STARS membership you can get up to 13 levels (for one monthly maximum gain of $ 4,095.50) and for all other members you can complete the 2x14 full matrix (for a total monthly gain of $ 8,191.50).

As we have already said, with the matrix shown above, they can earn all active users (with active being that user who bought the annual pack or monthly pays $ 9.95) even without them engage in promoting the service.
However, Stiforp does not limit itself to this, but offers many other opportunities to earn to all those who commit themselves to using the service:
You earn money every time a user we invited you sign up to Stiforp. For accuracy, you get $ 25.00 for each direct invite we sign up for $ 2.00 for all those who sign up to the second level (ie invited by our direct guests) and a further dollar for each record of a third level user.
A percentage of 50% of all earnings that get our first level referrals is accumulated. If we then belong to Grade 2 STARS we also add a 20% gain on the second level commissions; 3 STARS also adds up to 10% on third level commissions; 4 STARS accumulates 5% on the fourth level; 5 STARS also accumulates 3% on the fifth level.

Stiforp introduced PayPal as a new payment method.
Your earnings will be credited directly to your PayPal account. Just enter your PayPal email into the field and Stiforp will automatically send the commissions to the minimum payout of $ 25.00.
Stiforp pays weekly commissions (on Wednesday) and monthly (every 1st Wednesday of the month).

To complete the matrix 2x12 DISTRIBUTOR (remember that 2x14 matrix only applies from 3 STARS onwards) it takes about 15/18 months.
That said, note how it takes about 1 and a half years before earning those $ 2,047.00 monthly.
However, the site has been online for 6 years now, and even though it does not seem to earn much from this system, then you are still confident in investing your money in this business because we are sure it will hardly become S ** M!