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Suspended the monthly ranking service

Created by MoneyMakerLand Calendar November 24, 2023 How to make money online in 2024
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Reading timeReading time: 1 mins
e would like to announce that from November the monthly rankings service will be suspended. This decision, taken after careful evaluation, was determined by the lack of efficiency of the service and its inability to correctly reflect the commitment of users.
The monthly rankings were introduced with the aim of stimulating user interest and encouraging active use of the platform, however, despite the aim of rewarding the most active users, there was a misalignment between reality and the results of the rankings themselves.

Criticalities of the Service
One of the main aspects that led to the suspension of the service was its unreliability. The leaderboards were unable to accurately identify and reward the most deserving users. In many cases, the winners were always the same users who had been active on the platform for a long time, not adequately reflecting the commitment or successes achieved during the month by new users.
Additionally, technical issues arose regarding awarding credit to winners that I was unable to resolve, and these scoring errors further undermined the credibility of the ranking system.

Suspension Decision
The decision to discontinue the monthly leaderboard service was made after a thorough evaluation of its inefficiencies and negative impact on the MoneyMakerLand community. The platform is committed to ensuring fair and transparent competition, correctly rewarding users based on their commitment and actual contribution.

Thank you for your understanding


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