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Twimee - Get free monthly cashback with Amazon Prime

Created by MoneyMakerLand Calendar November 24, 2022 How to make money online in 2024
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Reading timeReading time: 4 mins
ello guys, finally the project we were collaborating on has been officially launched and is ready to accept subscriptions from users from all over the world.

The site is called Twimee and it is a platform that wants to offer a free monthly cashback by taking advantage of additional services that Amazon Prime makes available to its subscribers.
Not everyone knows that Amazon has recently acquired the Twitch platform, a video sharing site that presents itself as the main alternative to YouTube in the streaming sector.
For this purpose, Amazon is putting into the field incredible economic efforts aimed at advertising the Twitch service, but often users do not even know they can use these incentives.
In fact, Amazon Prime, in addition to Prime Video or free shipping, also offers its subscribers the possibility of using a completely free service called Prime Gaming, a service that gives away additional packages in digital games, expansions and as well a free subscription to a Twitch channel of your choice worth $3.99.

Twimee therefore, in addition to simply showing all the advantages that an Amazon Prime user can benefit from, has created a system where users can also get a free monthly passive earning.
The system is very simple: Twimee has first created its own Twitch channel where aperitif music is played (TwimeeMusic) and all those who subscribe to the channel using the free €3.99 offered by Prime Gaming receive cashback for each subscription in a completely free and automatic system.
To ensure maximum transparency, Twimee would like to show how the breakdown of these €3.99 offered takes place:
- 50% is retained by Twitch;
- 25% is sent to users who subscribe;
- 22.5% is retained by Twimee;
- 2.5% is sent to the sponsor who invited the subscribed user.
As can be seen from the details above, a subscribing user receives €1 for each subscription made and, I would like to underline and remind you, how this subscription is completely free because it comes by the offer in the Prime Gaming package to all Amazon Prime users!
The earnings can then be converted upon reaching €10 through very useful coupons such as Amazon, Spotify and many others.

No problem because Twimee has also thought of this solution.
In fact, if you have paid attention to the division of earnings published previously, there is a reference system which also allows those who do not have an active Amazon Prime subscription to be able to use the service simply by inviting friends who can take advantage of Prime Gaming.
To be precise, 10% is offered for each invited user who signs up for the subscription (at the moment, therefore, we are talking about 10 cents), with no number or time limits.
To do the math quickly we can say that if a user were able to invite 40 people, he would receive 4 euros each month (40 x 0.10 €) and a total of 48 euros per year.

As I told you, I collaborated personally with the Twimee staff and immediately fought to guarantee an exclusive advantage to this fantastic community.
First of all, the first 2,500 subscribers are offered a registration bonus of up to €2.50 and being the first to be informed, I believe that each of you can benefit from it.
But the real advantage that belongs only to MoneyMakerLand is an extra 10% earnings for each subscription to the Twitch channel: in practice, by subscribing with the MML referral link, the 10% that would normally be due to the sponsor is redistributed to the user who makes the subscription.

What do you think?
The earnings are certainly not exaggerated also because, as I always say, no one ever gives anything for nothing or it is to be suspected.
However, it is certainly a system that is sustainable in terms of percentages and which allows users to almost entirely repay their Amazon Prime subscription if, in addition to their own business, they create a small reference network.

Below is the link to Twimee's website with MoneyMakerLand reference so you can get 10% extra income for every Twitch subscription you make.
Good earnings to all.


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