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The community reaches 30,000 members

Created by MoneyMakerLand Calendar May 02, 2020 How to make money online in 2024
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Reading timeReading time: 1 mins
ood evening everyone,
with great pride I wanted to celebrate with each of you a fantastic milestone reached today: 30,000 members of MoneyMakerLand!

It is an incredible result that we never thought we could achieve when in 2013 we started planning what is now the project that we are all using.
Many things have changed since the site is called Guadagnolandia and many more will change, but I promise you that as long as the time and the greeting will allow me I will support you with all my strength in optimizing the business of all you 30,000 users.

Speaking about this support, today I also made an important change that makes the community more attractive also to external visitors who come to MoneyMakerLand to look for a way to make money. Someone of you will have noticed that the ”Hot categories” suddenly appeared under the top menu.
I wanted to organize and enhance the classification of the various earning methods in order to make the difference and evaluation clearer. Going in fact in the section of the ”SITES LIST”, you will notice that I have inserted a table for each category and, above all, for each method of gain I have taken up a detailed description that can make us understand how this method works.

I don't want to go further, but I wanted to thank again for reaching the 30,000 subscribers!
Thanks for everything and good money.


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ITA Merchantdie
• 03 may 20, 01:39
Auguri Piero!