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BuxMatrix was taken offline after 12 years

Created by MoneyMakerLand Calendar March 14, 2020 How to make money online in 2022
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Reading timeReading time: 1 mins
uxMatrix is one of the most known and used PTC in the world or perhaps it would be better to say it was one of the most famous PTC!
Yes, unfortunately, even the historic BuxMatrix has closed after 12 years of activity.

Visiting the domain that was BuxMatrix today, you notice how it was put up for sale for $ 599, so it seems that the closure of this service is a definitive decision and not a transitory moment.

Too bad because each of us started their career as a networker with the classic PTC and BuxMatrix was certainly the launching pad for many of you.

We are sorry for this, but we must take note of this and we are forced to officially exclude BuxMatrix from our portal.
Thanks to a very active community we always try to keep the list of online earning sites as up to date as possible, so thank you once more!
Thanks to all and good money to all.


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