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PillowBux, EcBarre and many other obscured projects

Created by MoneyMakerLand Calendar March 13, 2020 How to make money online in 2021
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Reading timeReading time: 2 mins
ood evening MoneyMakers!
Thanks to the collaboration of some users of this fantastic community, tonight it has been done an important and conspicuous cleaning of no longer existing sites that were still present in the database.
Despite the great dynamism present in the world of online earning, MoneyMakerLand is trying to keep the list of the various online earning businesses as up to date as possible and the strength of the community can be seen in these cases: thanks to all those who participated in this operation of cleaning!

I don't want to go too far, so I will quickly list the businesses that have been obscured and a quick motivation.

1. PillowBux
PillowBux was a very popular site within MoneyMakerLand, but unfortunately it seems to have closed because the platform is unreachable and the classic 504 error page is shown.

2. EcBarre and PackBarre
They are two historic advertising bars that had even been reviewed in the first version of Guadagnolandia, that is in the very distant 2013. Unfortunately after many years of activity they have closed and are no longer reachable.

3. DollarsIncome
Visiting the URL of the project seems to have been put up for sale.

4. BilPix
Searching for the old BilPix domain you will notice the automatic re-address at a different Coupon site.

5. Pricerus
The site is still active, but given the many complaints received from users and the many negative feedbacks posted on the net, we preferred to exclude this project from our list.

6. Mingle Cash
Domain still active, but by visiting the home page you will only find links that refer to sites outside the project.

Thanks to everyone for the collaboration, I am truly proud of how this community has grown and is growing in respect and mutual collaboration.


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