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MoneyMakerLand is ready to give you a special gift

Created by MoneyMakerLand Calendar December 22, 2019 How to make money online in 2024
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Reading timeReading time: 2 mins
ood evening MoneyMakers,
Christmas is now really close and this year we want to surprise you with a gift that you will surely appreciate: the launch of the version of MoneyMakerLand 2.0.
At 14:00 (Rome time) on Monday 23 December, the new version of MoneyMakerLand will be put online after 6 months of work, but we are sure that it will revolutionize and simplify the use of the community.
The graphics and layout are much more professional and dynamic, MoneyMakerLand 2.0 is designed to be more user friendly especially with new users who too often leave the community after signing up.

During this working period, we asked people outside the community to access and try to use the service and, observing their doubts and difficulties in using it, we tried to make learning more guided and simple because having multiple active users is equivalent to having multiple referrals for everyone.
In fact, by analyzing some statistical data and feedbacks from new members, we realized that about 30/40 registrations take place every day at MoneyMakerLand (respectable number), but then only 2 users out of 100 remain truly active and the feedback received is significant the site is too complicated and I don't understand what I have to do!

Here then came the idea of ??a MoneyMakerLand 2.0 whose main purpose is to convert interest towards the real activity inside the community.

Many innovations will be launched starting from the reservations that will completely change the system, but perhaps the point is precisely the simplicity of use where each operation is guided and the user will be able to move within the various options without, we hope, too many difficulties.
We also created totally new services such as internal referrals rental and the removal of some more complex services such as the PREMIUM version.
In short, great news will wait you!

So tune on Monday to unpack our Christmas present: MoneyMakerLand 2.0 is waiting for you!
Thank you all for the passion and interest you put in the community,


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ITA Tutorialgt
• 24 december 19, 14:36
Ottimo lavoro Piero come mi avevi detto per email che stavi lavorando nel rifare il portale, direi spettacolo ora e molto più chiaro e facile il suo utilizzo complimenti e buone feste auguri
ITA Asial
• 24 december 19, 18:43
Grazie mille Piero per la nuova versione.
Ottimo lavoro come sempre..