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The world of cashback: how to make money online

Created by MoneyMakerLand Calendar October 18, 2018 How to make money online in 2023
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Reading timeReading time: 5 mins
b>Cashback in English literally means ”Money back” and in recent years is becoming a term now fashionable in Italy so much not to be translated into this language.
Moreover, more and more often you hear of physical shops and hotels that offer a cashback on the purchased stay or on the goods paid.

But what are the cashback sites?
The cashback sites are special services in which, by making purchases online in affiliated shops through an affiliate link made available, you get back a percentage of the amount spent.
In practice you buy a service / merchandise at a price X and you get back a percentage usually around 5% of the price X paid.

How does a cashback work? Why do they work?
Cashback is an advertising method born around the beginning of the new millennium with the flourishing of e-commerce and online shopping.
Initially the cashback has struggled a lot to gain a foothold in a company like ours that is always very closed in the field of news and, above all, very wary about online earnings: why should there be someone who gives me back the money I spent?
In fact, the question arises, we will see in the next paragraph to give an answer.
Fact that after almost 20 years, the cashback is now something deeply current and of which people are now attracted.

The operation, which we have explained before, is very simple and we can explain it with a simple example.
There is a site that we call Project A within which there are 100 advertised businesses that each offer a different cashback. For simplicity we can call the sites in question as Business 1 (shop that sells shoes with a 4% cashback), Business 2 (store that sells cosmetic products with a cashback of 7%) and Business 3 (shop that sells sports goods with a 5% cashback).
We buy 1 pair of shoes worth € 60.00 from Business 1 and therefore we will be credited to our account of Project A a cashback gain of € 2.40 (the 4% of € 60.00). The same day we make an order of € 120.00 on Business 2 and then we will receive a cashback of € 8.20 (7% of € 120.00) that we will see accredited on our behalf of Project A.
After having made this expense, on our account of Project A we will have a total of € 10.60 that we can withdraw: usually the cashback sites allow a collection of their earnings through e-wallets such as PayPal, Skrill, Neteller, Payza and the like.

Why do some sites offer a cashback?
The answer is simple: publicity, but let's be more precise.
First of all, the final customer is darned attracted by the word earning and savings, therefore, for the same service offered, the one that will allow him to save money will always be chosen.
In addition, if we make two quick calculations, stores that sell online usually spend 10% to 20% of their earnings in advertising (Facebook Ads, Google Adwords and the like) without the security of converting spending in deal. By offering a cashback, however, the company pays its ”advertising” (understood as cashback) only when a service / object is actually purchased!

Finally, recent studies conducted in the United Kingdom state that about 1 purchase in 10 is now made online and it can be said with certainty that this figure will be destined to grow in the coming years.
How do you make your store known (small or big) in the ”jungle” of the web? If in reality shops tend to merge into more and more bigger shopping centers, online this is not yet possible and therefore appear in cashback sites like the Project A of the previous example can lead to greater visibility as users are taken to buy in affiliated shops in order to reach the amount necessary to be able to withdraw the gains.

What are the best cashback sites?
This question that seems obvious and obligatory is very difficult to answer.
In fact, there are cashback services on different products: Lyoness offers, for example, a cashback only on physical hotels, even offline; Beruby has become famous because, among its affiliated businesses, it also allows to receive a cashback from popular sites such as Booking, TripAdvisor or Groupon; SixthContinent saves money on petrol or physical stores like Decathlon and the like.
As you can see there are several cashback sites that offer a ”Money Back” for different opportunities.
For a quick consultation, we advise everyone to view the section on cashback here on MoneyMakerLand: the main cashback methods.


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