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Clarified the situation of the business with investment

Created by MoneyMakerLand Calendar September 25, 2018 How to make money online in 2020
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Reading timeReading time: 2 mins
oodmorning moneymakers, it is a long time that I do not hear anymore writing in this blog and I apologize for this.
But today I wanted to inform you that I clarified the situation regarding the business with investment, whose section was therefore reintroduced in MoneyMakerLand.

After the recall by the Consob for the advertising of business not legal completions in Italy (MoneyMakerLand is based in Italy and it needs to follow italian's law), I wanted to suspend and hide the ”investment” section until the resolution of the thing.
Now, however, the time has come to insert it again in full compliance with the Italian legislation that I have examined and studied, in particular referring to Article 101 of the TUF which regulates provisions on the matter: ”Before the publication of the prospectus, it is forbidden the dissemination of any advertisement concerning offers to the public of financial products other than Community financial instruments.

Based on what is stated in this article, in Italy the publication of only investment businesses is officially permitted:
- or with a registered office in Italy (base or offices);
- or members of the Avedisco association that regulates direct sales services.
From today, therefore, paid business will be re-admitted as long as they comply with at least one of the two conditions set out above.

Some of you will say that it may be a limiting choice, but Consob works to ensure investor security and we, too, want to give credibility to the world of online earnings ... and I would say never like this time we can not say the opposite: at the time of retesting the various investment businesses already reviewed, 352 out of 371 businesses were offline; more than 90% of investment sites have disappeared with the money of citizens ... I would say that to prefer security over speculation is the best solution!

Thank you for always following us.


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ITA Simona_martelli
• 25 september 18, 10:46
Grazie a te!
ITA Andnyk67
• 25 september 18, 11:06
Grazie Piero... personalmente investo in altro modo ;-)
molte persone piace l'azzardo! Tra investire e azzardo... c'è un oceano di differenza! :-D
ITA Asial
• 25 september 18, 11:55
Grazie Piero.
ITA MarcoSaglionis
• 25 september 18, 12:08
Ottimo Piero. Non sono tra quelli che investe in questi siti, ma ben venga che una persona che si vuole avvicinare ad essi possa avere delle opinioni dagli altri utenti qui su moneymakerland. Una cosa è iniziare ad investire in un sito perchè uno sconosciuto su facebook ce ne parla un'altra è se ci si confronta qui in modo più trasparente magari nella chat del business in questione che è "pubblica".
Adesso studi anche legge...seconda laurea in arrivo? XD
ITA Soniafe
• 25 september 18, 12:58
Grazie, ovvio viaggiare sul sicuro, ma per cortesia, quando puoi vedi di darci indicazioni il più precise possibile sulle approvazioni nei pagamenti, magari con gli screen, perché ho visto parecchie prove di pagamento che mi hanno messo in difficoltà, non penso solo io.
ITA Dory19
• 25 september 18, 13:34
Ottimo Piero! Grazie.
ITA Manuel D
• 25 september 18, 21:24
Come sempre esegui un lavoro stupendo, preciso e maniacale! Ma soprattutto a tutela della community.
Sei un grande Piero!
ITA Vitadigitale
• 25 september 18, 23:07
ITA Lalix
• 25 september 18, 23:42
Grazie a te come sempre preciso al 100%
ITA Merchantdie
• 26 september 18, 17:13
Un Mod coi Baffi