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Change of name for the community: MoneyMakerLand

Created by MoneyMakerLand Calendar March 29, 2018 How to make money online in 2020
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Reading timeReading time: 2 mins
ood morning everyone: how are you? Everything good?
I disturb you with this article because this morning there was a small big change in the community!

Some of you will surely have noticed: the community has changed its name and from GetMyRefs we moved to MoneyMakerLand, literally ”The land of those who make money”.

Why this change?
More than legitimate question considering that within the community everything has remained the same: same graphics, same descriptions, same everything!
As many of you will remember, some time ago I pointed out in an article that the sharing of GetMyRefs links on Facebook was blocked and indicated as dangerous by the social platform.
For this reason, several users have declined invitations to register because the reporting of a domain as dangerous led them to be afraid... comprehensibly!
Despite all my efforts to report to Facebook the question and the goodness of this community, I just ended up spending days on days filling out only automatic forms without ever receiving a real answer!

In the meantime, the project is starting to take hold even outside Italy with numerous registrations by foreign users and, a higher wait without the security of a resolution, will become unsatisfactory in terms of credibility and traffic.
Speaking with some of more experienced users it was decided that it would be better while the international project is in its infancy so as not to see the indexation work behind it sacrificed.
Changing domains on the internet means starting from zero, so it's better to do it now that we're on the tenth page on Google rather than waiting when we're on the front page!

I'm really sorry for all these constant changes, but I hope you appreciate the effort!
See you soon with other interesting news,


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ITA Muttley
• 29 march 18, 11:46
Pienamente d'accordo :)
ITA Beruby2011
• 29 march 18, 11:48
Ma un email a tutti gli utenti non potevi farla? :P
Essere reindirizzata ad un nuovo dominio con due errori in prima pagina mi aveva fatto temere il peggio ^-^

hi hi hi ... bacioni e buon lavoro!
ITA Krix
• 29 march 18, 12:24
Ottimo tutto! Nuova grafica godibilissima! Piero sempre the best!
ITA Simona_martelli
• 29 march 18, 13:15
Tutta la tua dedizione è più che apprezzata! E poi il nuovo nome è bellissimo!
ITA Nixpix
• 29 march 18, 14:36
Come sempre ottimo lavoro Piero !!!
ITA Sandy1979
• 29 march 18, 15:07
Ottimo piero
ITA Maxeros
• 29 march 18, 16:03
Avete fatto super bene continuate così
ITA Bizzy
• 29 march 18, 22:12
Beh effettivamente per aver deciso di ripartire da zero vuol dire che la cosa è ponderata. Comunque non penso che la cosa danneggerà chi è già dentro.
In bocca a lupo. Che si vada sempre avanti :)
ITA Stefania41_2
• 30 march 18, 10:47
”La terra di coloro che fanno soldi” mi sembra di buon auspicio :P
ITA Loredana_9
• 30 march 18, 15:51
Ottimo , ma ...io nn trovo più il mio link , Sory ..so ke sono imbranata
ITA Loredana_9
• 30 march 18, 15:56
Per pubblicizzare su facebook usate https://urly.it/links - accorcia il tuo link ( fregando facebook )