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Here we are: GetMyRefs

Created by MoneyMakerLand Calendar October 01, 2017 How to make money online in 2024
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Reading timeReading time: 6 mins
ood morning to all.
Finally, after over 5 months of work, I'm honored to welcome you in GetMyRefs.

Surprised True?
Unfortunately, old and beloved Guadagnolandia was having a lot of problems after launching the latest version (a real flop!) And I found myself forced to create a repairer in a hurry and fury. So I chose to apply the updates directly to a portal with a name and a domain that would allow a good success even outside of Italy.
In a country where 57 million people live, of which only 7/9% are interested in earning online, there would be a fast market saturation... how many visitors (and possible referrals) could have had the website if it arrives to every corners of the Earth?

Well, I've made this consideration on GetMyRefs to say it's not a completely new project, but it's the natural continuation of Guadagnolandia: access data are the same, the reviews are the same, the mechanisms are the same, etc... it's just ready for a possible international launch!

In addition to changing the name (you will have to get used to it, I know, I'm also trying to figure it out!), In this ”repair” version I went to make some changes that were needed in Guadagnolandia and some of you had asked me.
Let's see here under a quick list of the most interesting novelties.

1. I CREATED THE GRANK - One of the problems I had most in Guadagnolandia had been to give an objective assessment to businesses in order to advise the various businesses for not receiving complaints of defamation. The GRANK is a value from 0 to 10 that is calculated by a complex algorithm based on dozens of weighted mediated variables: user rating, last month payments, GMR attendance period, etc ... in short, businesses that tend to high values ??should be the most reliable!

2. BOOKING TO PEOPLE THAT SUGGEST A NEW BUSINESS AND PREVENTIVE CONTROL - People who suggest a business, in addition to the classic 1.500 GP, have the right to have 2 days of reservations.
Also, a very useful service, before losing 10 minutes writing a review that will eventually be denied later because that business is already present, an initial check will block you if the business is already present.

3. POSSIBILITY TO UPDATE BUSINESS - If a business has a review that has been published over 30 days ago and is no longer true, you can now update it! For each successful update you receive 800 GP.

4. DOUBLE DOUBTS SUBMIT - One of the main problems in Guadagnolandia was the double submit of chat messages, payment confirmations, ecc. In this version I have entered a script that, after clicking the button for the operation, it's disabled so you do not risk sending the same message twice!

5. BUSINESS SPONSORED LINKS - One of the most useful and interesting novelties for ”serial spammers” is the inclusion of a business sponsorsed link in GetMyRefs. In effect it is a personal link that allows you to have your own ref link within a business review even if at this time you do not have an active booking.
”I use ClixSense. I go to my ClixSense experience page and find this personal sponsorsed link to the official description of ClixSense in GetMyRefs. Anyone who clicks on this link will come to the ClixSense description in question, but in the” JOIN NOW” button will be my ClixSense ref link”.

6. PREMIUM MEMBERSHIP INCLUDED - The classic monthly membership presented in many projects that allows you to unlock advanced services for search referrals. At the cost of € 4.95 (or free if you are among the top 3 users of the month) you can unlock these opportunities:
> Enter a business in the internal PTC - I created an internal PTC at GetMyRefs where PREMIUM users can show a business they choose ... other users will receive 5 GP each ref link viewed!
> Send an Invitation Notification - Every day you can send a notification to a user to invite him to use a particular business;
> Possibility to sell their GPs - A PREMIUM user is able to earn money directly on PayPal by selling his GP to other users (the ”Buy Items” page will include PREMIUM's sales bids). No sales and earnings are guaranteed, all depends on the market demand, but interested users could buy GP instead of directly from GetMyRefs.
> Block ADS Frame - Let's just see below what it is.

7. ADS FRAME PAGE - To ensure greater prominence to sponsored bookings, I've placed an AD page where the user must be stationed for 6 seconds before completing the ongoing transaction. It is a publicity that appears una tantum like in Adf.ly style transactions. PREMIUM users, as indicated above, may block their display.

8. 6 HOURS OF BOOKINGS - One of the problems in Guadagnolandia had been the reduction of 3 hour time slots that pushed people to abandon the use of bookings: at the moment i brought them back to 6 hours waiting for the traffic boom. I'm still studying a solution to be able to provide daily time bands for those less popular businesses, though in this case, the sponsored link described above is helpful.

9. OTHER SMALL, BUT IMPORTANT NEWS - Deleted confirmation popups that made it difficult to use GL users; Monthly rankings of the most deserving users; a nice and professional graphics; Improved site speed; clickable promotional banners with the possibility for promoters to change the budget at any time; deleted the grid.

The job was huge and I'm still waiting for 2/3 months to work on the translaction... but you will see that it will be a turn!!!
Have patience, it will take time to set up and get acquainted with the new version, but I am the first to want to see your wishes to find referrals, so I'll work hard to help you in this business as a thank you to to have followed me all these years in Guadagnolandia.


I would like to thank all the users who made themselves available to perform the Beta Test, in particular I wanted to thank Luca_8 and Asial for the great commitment shown.


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ITA Asial
• 01 october 17, 18:13
Grazie a te Piero, alla grande,come sempre..
ITA Soniafe
• 01 october 17, 21.22
Grazie, bellissimo lavoro!!!
ITA Jalex85
• 01 october 17, 19:11
Complimenti Piero ottima piattaforma veloce ed intuitiva, grazie
ITA Ahasia
• 01 october 17, 20:07
Decisamente un ottimo sito. Ben fatto sia come velocità, sia come navigazione, e molto intuitivo. Complimenti!
ITA Riccardo
• 01 october 17, 20:21
Ottimo lavoro Piero, grazie a te e a tutto lo staff!
ITA Simona_martelli
• 01 october 17, 22:05
Grazie a te! Bellissima Novità!
ITA Sandy1979
• 02 october 17, 07:36
Io mi sono gia aggiornata!!! Bellissima
ITA EnricaB
• 02 october 17, 08:03
Ottima piattaforma!
Complimenti ????
ITA Kid916
• 02 october 17, 09:17
Tutto quasi perfetto...
Forse manca solo la possibilità di pagare la premium direttamente con i GP: per il resto è bellissima e speriamo anche funzionale.
Ottimo lavoro.
ITA Anna_4
• 02 october 17, 10:21
Complimenti !
ITA Magomerlino
• 02 october 17, 12:26
Complimenti, è semplice anche per una ”capra” come me.
ITA Sharak
• 02 october 17, 18:26
Belle novità, bel lavoro. complimenti
ITA Luca_131
• 02 october 17, 19:35
Grande Piero, grazie davvero !!
ITA ...
• 02 october 17, 20:52
Bel lavoro complimenti
ITA Ghebryel
• 02 october 17, 21:44
Complimenti per il rinnovamento e l'impegno. Adesso pian piano dovrò scoprirlo
ITA GiuseppeS
• 03 october 17, 05:47
Congratulazioni per l'impegno mostrato ed applicato. Ad Maiora!
ITA M3nt3
• 03 october 17, 09:44
Veramente ben fatto. molto veloce e semplice nell'utilizzo.
ITA Lalix
• 03 october 17, 11:32
E' davvero qualcosa di stupendo questa nuova grafica complimenti =)
ITA 6avita
• 03 october 17, 15:37
Grande Piero!
Sembra proprio tu abbia fatto un bel lavoro!!!
Complimenti anche da parte mia, bravo!