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How to make money with Sixthcontinent: complete review

23 Jul 2018
Earning online with Sixthcontinent: full review. What is Sixthcontinent? How does Sixthcontinent work? How much can you earn? In this article you will find all the information about how to make money with Sixthcontinent.
Obsolete description older than 30 days and may not be up-to-date
SixthContinent is a website that allows its users to earn through an economic social network that redistributes a percentage of the value of purchases made by subscribers.
It is an all-Italian project created by entrepreneur Fabrizio Politi and officially presented on Saturday, October 12, 2013 to Confcommercio and up to this point has moved 279,994,628 Euros. It is possible to be so precise in the figures thanks to a large counter at the top, which shows us the total of the amount of transactions made.

The site graphic isnice and intuitive. The site is translated into more than 200 languages ??including Italian and English.
It looks like a social network, with the difference that it's a platform through which we can not only write, show photos or create groups, but we can have economic benefits from various sources, first of all the so-called income of citizenship that is a daily income that is given to all users and will then be used as a discount for purchases.

Other income comes from the purchases themselves, which allow you to get back some of the money spent, in the form of cashback.
It is also possible to earn more money from friends' shopping, inviting new people to enroll or with special offers (the last offer made a few days ago would allow you to buy a digital voucher of 100 euros at 60 euros, a good save) and at the end of the month for those who have bought at least € 300 in good there is also a redistribution of income that is a further source of earnings.

The good thing about this business is that you save and earn even without ref and above all on everyday shopping.
Hundreds of important companies have been included: just to name some Amazon, Grupon, Bennet, Iper, Q8, TotalEg, Ip, footloker, Trenitalia, Zalando etc. which can cover a vast assortment of primary goods, from spending to gasoline and clothing and so on.
I would say it's a project of complete respect.
At the moment it's booked
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1. Statistics of Sixthcontinent

Sixthcontinent is an online earning site included in the category "Social Shopping".
Date of input
Sixthcontinent has been added on 05/08/2014 and updated by Bigsimo18 on 23/07/2018
Tested by MoneyMakerLand
We have not personally tested Sixthcontinent
Grank points
Actually Sixthcontinent has a rank of 7.03 Grank and it's:
at the 9° place in the complete ranking of sites
at the 1° place in the ranking of sites "Social Shopping"

2. How to make money with Sixthcontinent

But let's look at some important aspects in more detail.

First, when you sign up you will have 5 euros free to use as a discount in your purchases of the month, money that will remain until the 31st of the month.

If you make at least one purchase during the month, you are ACTIVE citizens.

If during the month you make at least one purchase, you are INACTIVE citizens and, the credit accumulated in the month will be removed, to be distributed to those who are VERY ACTIVE, ie users who spent at least 300 euros during the month.

IMPORTANT: when you register at the time you try to make your first purchase, you will be asked to send a code, which will be a pin sent to you at home.
Make the request only once (if you do it twice the second and 'paid) and you will be delivered to your home address the pin within 5 working days.
When it arrives you can proceed with your purchase by entering it. This procedure is used to verify that it is not a fake account and to verify that the address entered is yours.
For this reason I advise you not to register the last days of the month, in order to have time to calmly complete the procedure.

Given that we are talking about purchases before proceeding further with the description, it seems to me a duty to list the accepted payment processors, which are:
- Visa
- Mastercard
- Master
- myBank
- Amazonpay
- Sofort
- Mistralpay

Apart from the credit, the MOMOSY points were then added recently.
Unlike the credit, these are not reset in case you arrive at the end of the month without making purchases.
Points are earned in various ways.

Profile completion;
At the first Access I do every day on SXC;
If I log in every day of a week;
If I log in every day for a month;
If I log in every day for a year;
At my 1st purchase;
At my 5th purchase;
At my 10th purchase;
At my 20th purchase;
At my 35th purchase;
At my 60th purchase;
At my 100th purchase;
Every 100 Purchases;
At the 1st review I write at the end of a purchase;
At the 5th review I write at the end of a purchase;
At the 10th review I write at the end of a purchase;
Every 10 reviews I write at the end of each purchase;
After having invited 20 new Users who have made at least 1 purchase;
After having invited 50 new Users who have made at least 1 purchase;
After having invited 100 new Users who have made at least 1 purchase;
Every 100 new users invited who have made at least 1 purchase.

The platform is divided into 3 sections which are: social, shopping and wallet and you can get there from the top right side of the main page.

The first section, social will show you the topics published by your friends and will allow you to enter in turn, to vote on posts and more generally to do all the most common actions of social networks, in this section you often get valuable information on current offers thanks to word of mouth.
The second section, shopping instead and 'dedicated to shopping, and' the one that will allow you to choose shopping cards (virtual or physical based on the store) you want to buy or the links that you can follow to have additional savings (through bestshopping, which has been integrated into sixthcontinent).
The third section, wallet is the one that will show you the purchase history, the credits you received from the subscription and the one currently available for shopping, the digital coupons purchased, any invoices and receipts coming from bestshopping.

After giving a first general look at the platform, let's focus on things that I think are of greater interest to users in terms of savings and income.
First we talk about citizenship income:
the income of citizenship is generated by the purchases of all users in the world and is a redistribution of 6% of the total spent by all users and stores. This percentage returns based on the following division:

A part of the transactions made by citizens and affiliated shops is redistributed to all citizens:

a part is distributed among all registered citizens (this is why every day you will get about 20 cents without doing anything;
a part to the citizen who invited the Consumer;
a part to the Citizen who made the Purchase
a part at SixthContinent.

This income accumulates until the end of the month and you can use it to make purchases. the important thing is that in every purchase you can use the income at most for 50% of the value of the purchase.
example I take a card of 100 euros, I have 60 euros of credit, I pay 50 euros of my pocket, 50 euros I use the credit and 10 euros I remain as remaining credit to be used the next time I buy something.The income that is not consumed remains in your wallet until the end of the month and if no purchase is made it is removed. It is enough to make a single purchase to prevent it from being taken away. But why is it taken away if I do not shop? The answer is simple: all the credit of people who do not buy (and therefore have been inactive that month) is grouped and is divided between people who have made purchases for at least 300 euros. This brings another income to "" virtuous "people, that is to say those people who contribute to the creation of citizenship income by spending their money within the social network, thus increasing their income, so that they can have higher discounts for their purchases and at the same time avoiding that income is lost in inactive accounts. Another source of savings comes directly when you buy digital coupons. In fact, in the shopping section, below the graphical representation of the voucher you will find the cashback indicated in percentage. this value indicates how much money is returned to you (included in your portfolio within the platform) immediately after purchase. to give an example very fast: Amazon has a cashback of 2%. that is, I buy the voucher, I pay 100 euros and immediately in my virtual wallet 2 are back, so I actually pay 98 euros to get a voucher that will allow me to make 100 euros of spending in amazon.

3. The reference system of Sixthcontinent

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4. How to withdraw the gains of Sixthcontinent
Credits can not be withdrawn but used to make purchases, so in the end it is always money that can be used to buy everything. Every day there are important companies, multinationals that accept the SixthContinent credits.

5. Information about the conditions of use
MoneyMakerLand collects the various businesses suggested by the users and has nothing to do with the latter (Sixthcontinent included), therefore MoneyMakerLand is not responsible for any possible wrongdoing.
Moreover, MoneyMakerLand, does not oblige and does not invite anyone to enrollment, therefore the use of the various businesses is to be considered as an autonomous and conscious choice of the individual who, assuming all the responsibilities of the case (advantages and risks), decides to open a position with this business.
Are you a responsable of Sixthcontinent? If you found some errors or if you want that Sixthcontinent will be deleted by MoneyMakerLand, you can contact us directly to moneymakerland@gmail.com.

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