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Validate Items

Our idea is to create a community capable of self-management where more virtuous users can help the staff in validating some elements sent by other community users.

For each validation operation, 10 extra GP are assigned and, to ensure a certain level of quality supervision, only this class of users can use this service:
- ELITE level users: validate everything;
- Experienced users with PE greater than 200 in individual business: just that particular business;
- ADMIN of various businesses: just that particular business.


Help us validate the various MoneyMakerLand uploads sent by community users and earn 10 GP for each confirmation.
You can validate at this time:
- payments
- reviews
- chat messages
- blog messages
If an element is reported as uneven and should be confirmed, it will be removed 150 GP.


Choose an item to validate

Follow all the steps to validate correctly the element

You will be assigned the element for 5 minutes

Confirm or deny the elemen (if in trouble, report to the staff)

You will receive 10 GP for each validation

You can only validate one item at a time!

In order to validate the items you must have completed the login