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Make Money Online With Captcha codes

Among the many methods to make money online for free, we must to signal a new opportunity: solving captcha codes.
Do you know those annoying codes that are always asked during the recordings to see if we are humans and not robotic systems?
Here, there are sites that allow you to earn a few euros solely by solving these codes and for the accuracy the fee is around 5.00 € for every 1,000 resolved codes.
This method is very similar to the machinic and automatic functioning of PaidToClick sites because the subscription is totally free.

But what do these sites earn to do this?
Often we asked ourself why they pay us to solve captcha (in the sense: "why would they have to pay for resolving captcha?") and after many searches around the web we may have found the meaning of their existence.
In addition to the usual advertising gain, in practice these portals are directly or indirectly linked to programmers who realize captcha code resolvers automatically and the more data they own, the more they achieve the optimization of these plugins.

Being a method very similar to the various PaidToClick, the use of this site is particularly long and tedious so arm yourself with patience before you start (otherwise avoid doing!).
We personally recommend using it only if you have at least a dozen active referrals that are subscribed to below you, otherwise the final earning is not worth the whole time!

- very boring;
- low earnings (0,005€ for each code);
- few sites available.
- free method;
- little known and easy referrals;
- very simple work to do;
- payments on PayPal.

6.51 GR
Not personally testedNot booked2captcha
Free businesses » Captcha codes
2.77 GR
Not personally testedNot bookedProtypers
Free businesses » Captcha codes
2.62 GR
Not personally testedNot bookedKolotibablo
Free businesses » Captcha codes