With this opportunity, users in these Social Network not only save 50% of..."/> With this opportunity, users in these Social Network not only save 50% of..." />
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Make Money Online With Social Shopping

In this method called Social Shopping (also known as "Social Network Economics"), users are able to save thanks to discounts reserved to all members of the various sites.
With this opportunity, users in these Social Network not only save 50% of the list price of all products offered by companies participating in the project, but they can get discounts (sometimes real money) simply inviting other friends to use the service or when a person makes a purchase.
Considering, for example, SixthContinent, in addition to the simple discounted products of 40% on the list price of partner companies, subscribers benefit from additional bonuses, such as 1%, on all purchases made by the people they are invited to (if you have 20 people invited and each spend 100.00 €, you will receive 20,00 € simply as a sponsor) and an income of citizenship taken from companies and individuals for each commission they generated.
In Italy, this type of online shopping business is stalling, however, many sites are interested that if properly exploited, they can save some really great figures.

Our advice is to subscribe to all the sites in the industry and compare the prices of each portal in search of the best offer.
But not only!
Online shopping in Italy is still very backward compared to other European countries and therefore, waiting for a definite boom, signing up now means being able to take advantage of all the benefits deriving from sponsorship and word-of-mouth.

- few people enrolled;
- buy only in affiliate stores;
- people is not used to buy online.
- free method;
- still not known;
- real savings potentia.

7.03 GR
Not personally testedBookedSixthcontinent
Saving businesses » Social Shopping
3.70 GR
Personally testedNot bookedMyg21
Saving businesses » Social Shopping
2.83 GR
Not personally testedNot bookedLyoness
Saving businesses » Social Shopping
2.77 GR
Not personally testedNot bookedPaypershopping
Saving businesses » Social Shopping
2.73 GR
Not personally testedNot bookedIpernetwork
Saving businesses » Social Shopping
1.78 GR
Not personally testedNot bookedPricerus
Saving businesses » Social Shopping