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Make Money Online With Profit Sharing

Profit sharing is an initial investment gain method that is gaining ground in recent years where network marketing is literally exploding.
Profit sharing is therefore the category of all those sites that share some of their earnings with the users who helped them achieve these results.
The mechanism is simple and almost homologous for all portals in the industry:
1. Purchase a Paid Pack that allows you to participate in the Profit Division;
2. Do simple tasks such as display ads;
3. Depending on the number of packs (or often of units) you own, you receive the remuneration of the money involved;
4. The site calculates the money you need to share (often 50% of the total profit), subdivides it by the total available quotes and multiplies it for the ones we own.

Example clarifier
An "ACCA" site offers its users the opportunity to earn by participating in the division of profits (70% of the ACCA gains are subdivided among the members).
The necessary condition for users to participate in the subdivision is the purchase of a $ 50.00 pack that will turn it into $ 70.00 (at the end of the investment) by simply displaying 10 daily advertisements.
In practice ACCA then calculates its daily earnings (for example $ 3,000.00) and takes the share to be allocated to its users (70% of $ 3,000.00 is $ 2,100.00).
At this point, ACCA calculates the number of users who have the requirements to participate in the division, all those who have purchased an unpaid pack (not yet $ 70.00) that clicked the 10 daily ads.
Provided that there are 1,700 members with the necessary requirements, ACCA calculates the money to be assigned to each pack (in this case $ 1.23) and assigns them to their respective users.
How do you notice the mechanism is as simple as genius!

Il nostro consiglio è sempre quello di evitare di investire cifre folli in business di questo tipo perchè, anche se considerati sicuri da tutti, nel mondo di internet nulla è mai per sempre e c'è il rischio di vedere persi tutti i risparmi.
Vale sempre la regola: investire ciò che siete disposti a perdere!

- necessita di un investimento;
- siti quasi tutti in inglese;
- poca informazione a riguardo.
- metodo in forte espansione;
- guadagni relativamente alti;
- facilità di utilizzo;
- possibilità di riferire altre persone.

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