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Clixsense has been for years one of the best ptc on the web. But due to changes to Paypal agreements and other difficulties, it has evolved into a Gpt where you earn online especially with surveys. Clixsense is a site that p...
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Make Money Online With Faucet

The faucets are special sites that allow you to earn BitCoin or other criptocurrencies (the convertible virtual currency in euros) through completely free operations.
Faucet is derived from the English and this appellation indicates a free and continuous source of Bitcoin.
Some users who are interested in undermining and spreading BitCoin have decided to create these special sites to spread the interest and use of electronic money and thus increase popularity and therefore value.
In practice, faucets are very simple sites where you can enter your bitcoin address and receive small amounts of electronic money completely FREE.
Normally, the system is controlled by a timer, which tells each user when they can apply for their prize at predefined intervals, so that some users do not tap the faucet and get all the Bitcoins made generously available by the webmaster (ranges from minimum ranges from 5 minutes up to 24 hours from one pick to the other).
Lastly, in order to avoid cheerful users developing software that can make automated requests (so without really visiting the Faucet), a CAPTCHA is usually entered to be solved to make the request.

Given the immediacy and ease of use, we recommend using the largest number of faucets you can handle. Gains are not really huge, but if we multiply these small profits for 10/20 sites, the figures could also be significant.
To get BitCoin you have to open an account in BlockChain (a kind of PayPal for BitCoin) ---> BLOCKCHAIN ADDRESS

- low gains;
- little information about BitCoin;
- website with a lot of advertisings;
- Limited daily use.
- many sites allow this;
- free method;
- easy to use;
- strength in BitCoin / dollar exchange.

9.12 GR
Personally testedNot bookedMoon Bitcoin
Free businesses » Faucet
9.09 GR
Personally testedBookedFreebitcoin
Free businesses » Faucet
7.97 GR
Personally testedNot booked Moon Litecoin
Free businesses » Faucet
7.30 GR
Personally testedNot bookedBonus Bitcoin
Free businesses » Faucet
6.57 GR
Personally testedNot bookedBitFun
Free businesses » Faucet
6.02 GR
Personally testedNot bookedMoon Dogecoin
Free businesses » Faucet
5.77 GR
Personally testedBookedMoon Dashcoin
Free businesses » Faucet
4.98 GR
Not personally testedNot bookedMoon Bitcoin Cash
Free businesses » Faucet
4.87 GR
Not personally testedNot bookedFaucetHub
Free businesses » Faucet
4.87 GR
Not personally testedNot bookedFree Dogecoin
Free businesses » Faucet
4.87 GR
Not personally testedBookedCointiply
Free businesses » Faucet
4.72 GR
Not personally testedBookedFebbit
Free businesses » Faucet