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Make Money Online With Price Comparison

Welcome to everyone in this area of GetMyRefs that could be really useful to all those who have to choose to buy something online and not.
In this section will be presented the main sites that allow for a comparison of the cost of the items, indicating for example which brand is less expensive or in which store it is advisable to purchase the same article because it has a selling price lower than the others.
The Internet is something that has made life extremely easy: accurate information can be obtained with a simple click or friends away thousands of miles but close behind a screen ...
But few people know that these "price comparison" sites are able to compare in a few seconds billions and billions of product categories.
What good is it for saying? How can I be profitable in real life?
I can explain it briefly with an example.
Let's take the chance that we have to buy a plane ticket for 13/12 from Rome to Tokyo.
Without the help of these particular sites it is necessary to go to the site of each airline seeking flight by hand.
And here we start with the search:
- Alitalia no flights to Tokyio on 13/12;
- RyanAir does not break into Japan;
- Lufthansa offers one but at 600.00 €, too!
And that's how the hours pass, without ever coming to a conclusion.
With this "price comparison" site, everything is automated and customizable through numerous filters.
So let's set up our fields (Departure: Rome, Arrival: Tokio, Date: 13/12) and in a second out our results:
- Alitalia actually lets go to Tokyo on 13/12/11 but needs to get to Dubai;
- There is a Polish company that, by taking a flight to Warsaw, allows to go to Tokyio with only € 225.00;
- and other 25 possibilities ...
At this point with the results in hand the situation is much clearer and easier to define.
And the good thing is that you can buy any kind of categories: from aircraft to mobile, traveling for travel, video games, homes, ...
I do not want to go further because it is not a difficult mechanism to understand.
So if you are going to make an important expense, do not go for a try to find the best solution but rely on one of these most important sites.

As you have noticed, we did not include the usual list of sites with reviews, payments and reservations.
This choice is due to the fact that the sites we are going to list that allow to compare the costs of the various objects are not real gain / savings sites, but they are only in support of something (so much so that they do not even allow pay but show site links with the best deal).
Here is a small table below with the names, links and main features of these opportunities (by clicking on the name you will be directed to the site immediately):

Configures everything in 220 stores
Provide ADSL offers among 9 companies
Members the mortgages among 6 banks
Confronts everything in 1,000 stores
Cconfigure everything in 150 stores
Compare hotels among 100 agencies
Compare hotels from 17 sites
Compare everything in 500 stores
Compare all in 100 stores
Configure everything in 200 stores

Compare all in 150 shops
configure everything in 200 sites
Configures bills (gas, light, telephony, ...) among 100 companies
Compare hotels from 100 sites (500,000 hotels)
Simply across 500 stores
Highs across 120,000 stores

We hope to have been useful to you and that with the sites shown above you have been able to save something.

- none
- you can save more than 50%;
- multilanguage websites;
- quickness in research;
- free research.