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Make Money Online With Sell advertising spaces

Selling your own portal space to be able to offer a banner to customers is definitely one of the most popular and convenient revenue methods for a webmaster.
This method we will see is one of the simplest to understand and implement.
Virtually the concept is to let another user have a space on our site where they can place their banner to be able to advertise. We can pretty much affirm this is a sort of PAY PER IMPRESSION with a pre-established monthly pay between two natural persons.
The more a site is visited and the more value the space obviously increases.
Let's take a concrete example by considering the site
"BiciBG is the leader in cycling in Bergamo and as such has good daily traffic. In addition to this constant traffic, BiciBG has a great advantage as it has a highly targeted audience: cycling enthusiasts in the Bergamo or neighboring areas. In question offers its visitors the opportunity to place an advertising banner in the side menu (right image), indicating also how many visits they receive to give an idea of ??how many views can receive any advertising that will be inserted.
All interested parties will be able to click on this invitation to purchase the space and send an email to the webmaster. Once the agreement is reached, the banner will be inserted for the longest time and the agreed price (for BiciBG we do not know, but normally you will also pay 120.00 / 150.00 € for the monthly purchase of a space very popular site adverts) ".
This sale of space is a useful and productive method for both the webmaster and the one who wants to buy space.
The webmaster always receives money in advance and is therefore safe to pay (which for example Google Adsense does not happen because it depends on whether a user clicks on it).
At the same time, the space buyer knows where his money is investing and more or less how much his bid may be of interest (taking the example of BiciBG, they will only shop cycling objects to buy space because for a plumber of Cosenza would not want to be advertised here).

Il consiglio è quello di offrire spazi più o meno piccoli ma che vi permettano di raccogliere i vari banner in affitto in modo da dare una grafica anche carina al sito (fate ad esempio una lunga fila di quadrati di pubblicità sotto il menù o banner rettangoli nel menu laterale che scorrono).
Mettete in evidenza con scritte voluminose che mettete in vendita questi spazi perchè potrebbe sembrare che siano soltanto dei normali banner pubblicitari Adsense o simili.

- pochi utenti pagano per farsi pubblicità;
- contrattare il costo fino ad arrivare ad abbassare il prezzo come un PPI qualunque;
- dopo un periodo stabilito scade l'accordo.
- vendita diretta al prezzo da voi deciso;
- introiti fissi mensili;
- guadagni elevati se il sito è visitato;
- sicurezza del pagamento.

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