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Make Money Online With Feed Rss

Not everyone knows what a FEED RSS is, so first to deploy how to monetize this opportunity, it is good to start with a brief description.
A FEED RSS is a computing principle that allows you to receive important information or updates from websites.
If you first saved the pages in the bookmarks and we were having to access a site and scroll through the pages looking for some interesting news, by subscribing to this service the latest news comes directly to the affectionate user without having to constantly access the site .
Feeds RSS Feeds are completely free but you need to get a feed reader (virtually a sort of email box where the news of the sites / blogs you come into) comes.
Many mail programs such as Outlook Express or Windows Live Mail have it already integrated, otherwise there's always Google coming to us, offering the free Google Reader service (HERE).
To subscribe to a FEED RSS service, access the site in question and look for the FEED image
Click on us and you can use this free service.

Now let's go back to us and explain how to monetize this opportunity.
Lately, thanks (or by blame) for the enormous success that these FEED RSSs are having, web site creators were a bit intimidated by the fact that the visitor, being directly informed via FEED of the novelties, was no longer visiting their site.
This results in less display of advertisements, less monetization traffic, etc. etc ...
That's why web sites have been created that allow you to include FEED through the same banners (or even others, perch no?) That are present on the site (from PPI banners, to Google Adsense links, etc.). .).
In this way, publishers are not likely to see their advertising "empire" that they were able to emerge.
GetMRefs will show in the tips below what these sites are for creating Ad Feed.

This gain method is only available to those who have a large number of Feed readers.
As you have noticed, we did not include the usual list of sites with reviews, payments and reservations.
This choice is due to the fact that the sites we are going to list that allow you to place ads in the Feed are not real revenue sites (pay is awarded to us through various affiliate programs like Google Adsense, Pay Per Impression or Pay Per Click) but are just in support.
Here is a small table below with the names, links and main features of these opportunities (by clicking on the name you will be directed to the site immediately):
Banner or link Pay Per Impression (no requirements)
Banner Pay Per Click (no requirements)
Link Pay Per Click (WordPress 2.0 or higher)
Link Pay Per Click (no requirements)
Choose one of the sites listed above, place your ads in your Feed and start earning!
See you soon.

- rarely a visitor knows the usefulness of a FEED;
- you have to know a bit of html;
- requires a large number of subscribers.
- useful to exploit a strong service;
- the advertisement reaches the user directly;
- sites that allow customization.