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Make Money Online With Pay Per Click

Pay Per Click is one of the webmaster's earning methods that allows even significant remuneration.
In order to take advantage of this opportunity, you just have to put some banner ads on your website and the gain comes from the clicks that visitors make on these ads.
It's an interesting and easy-to-use method, though not always a user visiting a web page is attracted to external banners (unlike other possibilities where a person has to volunteer, he can also earn it only if one also randomly clicks on an advertisement).
However, the gain is not very high, generally it is paid 0.12 $ per click (then the payout varies from program to program).
As often happens, sites born as PPC have realized that it was no longer convenient to continue promoting only this kind of opportunity and many of them have also joined this gain through the clicks as well as numerous other earning opportunities.

Our advice is to sign up for a site that also allows other earning opportunities and not just PayPerClick, then be careful to choose the most appropriate campaign to use (do some calculations if it's cheaper to use banners that you earn for clicks or banner in which you earn in other ways, such as just to be displayed).
Try to subscribe to a few PayPerClick sites, but only the most convenient.

- users are hardly likely to visit external banners;
- 1 cent a click is a payback too low;
- advertising does not concern the site's arguments.
- just click from the user (no other operations are needed);
- there are many sites that allow this method;
- increasing the number of visitors increases the chance of clicking.

2.78 GR
Not personally testedNot bookedJuiceadv
Webmaster businesses » Pay Per Click
2.77 GR
Not personally testedNot bookedPopads
Webmaster businesses » Pay Per Click
2.72 GR
Not personally testedNot bookedPubly
Webmaster businesses » Pay Per Click
2.69 GR
Not personally testedNot bookedYllix
Webmaster businesses » Pay Per Click
2.64 GR
Not personally testedNot bookedExoclick
Webmaster businesses » Pay Per Click
0.98 GR
Not personally testedNot bookedAdNow
Webmaster businesses » Pay Per Click