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Dubli is a shopping portal with cashback (money back), or offers the opportunity to buy on thousands of affiliated e-commerce, and from the most famous brands, such as Booking, Groupon, Expedia, Eprice , Unieuro, Carrefour, Feltrinel...
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Make Money Online With Affiliations

On the web there are sites that allow affiliation with them and pay a percentage for each subscribed promotion (whether it is the sale of products, subscription, etc.) through your portal. It is currently one of the most used method to monetize a website.
The mechanism is very simple: you receive a fee for each person who, by clicking on the ad on our site, makes a certain action.
There are 2 different types of sites:
- PAY FOR LEAD (The user, coming from your published banner, registers on the site, purchases a product, fills out a form, etc... Depending on what was set up at the affiliate site);
- PAY FOR SALE (the user purchases a sponsored product from the affiliate site to which we are linked, by clicking on our published banner).
Let's make an example clarifying:
"On our site we've included a banner of an online music store. The site we're affiliated to, which is a PAY FOR LEAD (so we're paid for the visitor to make a certain action), pays us if the user clicks on our banner downloads at least one song from the music site. "
In a nutshell it is not enough to expose the banner or hope that the visitor clicks on it, but it has to do long and complicated operations (which often do not go well).
Affiliate sites have also noticed this, so they have joined the PAY PER LEAD and PAY PER SALE services, including PAY PER CLICK and PAY PER IMPRESSION services.

If you have a website you have to register and use these methods of earnings that we have shown because they are the hub of online earnings.

- almost never a visitor enters an external service;
- almost never a visitor buys products from banners;
- strong selection on the admitted sites.
- the gain could be high;
- different opportunities for gain;
- a lot of sites available on the web.

2.79 GR
Not personally testedNot bookedAdvdoctor
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2.77 GR
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Webmaster businesses » Affiliations
2.76 GR
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Webmaster businesses » Affiliations
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Webmaster businesses » Affiliations
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2.74 GR
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2.72 GR
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2.69 GR
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2.26 GR
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1.36 GR
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0.95 GR
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