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Make Money Online With Translations

Are you familiar with other languages ??and are you looking to earn something online?
Perfect! This is then the page dedicated to you.
In this part of GetMyRefs we will show some websites that allow you to earn money by translating only texts.
This opportunity, however, is aimed exclusively at those who really know some foreign language and use it as if they were their mother tongue. These sites that we're going to submit will offer their clients professional translations and therefore only accept highly skilled translators who really know the language rules (and not users who know how to use Google Translator well!).
But let's see some questions that may arise spontaneously:

Why are there sites that pay to translate texts?
The answer is simple: greater professionalism and correctness in translations.
Important sites such as L'Oreal, ING Direct, ..., can not use normal traceable translators in the network to convert their articles into different languages, but they must be sure they have the best possible translations.
So here are the sites like Translactor that collect a number of experienced language-based users to assist translation in those sites that want to translate their texts.
You can guess why we initially anticipated that this method is aimed only at those who are really knowledgeable languages.

How much do you earn?
Gain is quite high. Usually, the client who asks for a translation comes to pay an average of up to 0.05 € per word, so admitting that most translations are about 1000 words, you can guess how much you can earn (50 euros per text!).

How do you get paid?
Through bank transfer, credit card or Paypal.

Not everyone can participate, but if you think you have the skills of translators do not get away with this opportunity!
I suggest to translate the shorter texts because it may happen that our translation is not chosen and it is best to have lost 3 hours instead of 3 days. To get the same earnings GetMyRefs recommends translating 3 short texts rather than one long!

- not everyone can use it;
- not always our translations are chosen;
- long and challenging work;
- high competition;
- few texts.
- free method;
- very similar to a job;
- really high earnings.

3.08 GR
Not personally testedNot bookedTranslated
Free businesses » Translations
2.86 GR
Not personally testedNot bookedOnehourtranslation
Free businesses » Translations