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Make Money Online With Photos

If you feel you know how to use a camera well or you mean video, graphics, retouch, and digital images, you can earn something by selling your photos or offering your support.
It is currently one of the most economically advantageous online gain methods, however, the pay depends on your personal abilities.
This gain method differs considerably from those in other areas, and we in Guadagnolandia try to make it as understandable as possible with single reviews of each site.

- What are pictures and graphics?
These are sites where photo galleries are created; users can buy, save, or view images that are exposed. It's a kind of online photo exhibition.

- How do you make money?
By actively participating in these galleries sending our photographs.
The gain then depends on the site (some sites only allow you to view, other to buy images) and image quality.
Let's make an example clarifying:
"We upload on our site two of our photos, the site in question sells the images to the public, we earn a sales percentage of the photo, if our photo is sold at $ 5.00 and the site offers a 50% pay, we will receive $ 2.50 ".

- How much do you earn?
An objective calculation is not possible.
As you can see, it depends first and foremost on site remuneration (if 50% of sales revenue, 80%, etc.), then the fact that the uploaded photos are of interest and also the actual cost of selling clicks.
People in the internet swear to get even more than $ 200.00 / $ 300.00 a month.

- Where are you paid?
Different collection routes are used, although the one that prefers (as it is used in all other forms of gain) is PAYPAL.
However, for reporting purposes, you must also list other forms of payment: check; Payoneer; MoneyCheck; MoneyBookers.

Il nostro consiglio è quello di valutare bene il sito che fa al caso vostro prima di iscrivervi a pubblicare le vostre foto. Se ad esempio fate foto principalmente a paesaggi scegliete un portale maggiormente improntato verso questa linea; se preferite mantenere il copyright sulle vostre immagini scegliete quel sito che vi offre questa possibilità; ...
Voi siete come dei liberi professionisti che vagliano le soluzioni offerte dal mercato per arrivare al miglior risultato possibile.
Consigliamo anche di iscrivervi a uno o al massimo due differenti siti in modo che i guadagni vengano accumulati in pochi conti e si raggiunga più facilmente in payout.

- parecchia "pirateria" in questo campo;
- grandissima concorrenza;
- payout relativamente alti.
- metodo gratuito;
- guadagni anche elevati;
- molto costruttivo e meritocratico;
- mostrate le vostre abilità.

4.42 GR
Not personally testedNot bookedFotolia
Free businesses » Photos
4.34 GR
Not personally testedNot bookedShutterstock
Free businesses » Photos
4.34 GR
Not personally testedNot bookedTwenty20
Free businesses » Photos
4.07 GR
Not personally testedNot bookedDreamstime
Free businesses » Photos
4.04 GR
Not personally testedNot bookedIstock
Free businesses » Photos
3.99 GR
Not personally testedNot bookedBigstock
Free businesses » Photos
3.96 GR
Not personally testedNot bookedImgdino
Free businesses » Photos
1.68 GR
Not personally testedNot bookedEyeEm
Free businesses » Photos