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Make Money Online With File Torrent

Welcome to everyone in this area of GetMyRefs where you will learn to earn with your projects, files and anything else you want to upload as a torrent file.
Let's face it right away to prevent you from reading anything at all, if you download and just do not use this method... though I always read a reading for personal experience.

What is a torrent file?
A torrent is a very small file (typically a few KB in size) that refers to an object on the network that can be downloaded. To put it briefly is a kind of link to a larger file that needs to be downloaded.

How does it work?
This particular opportunity uses the P2P (Peer to Peer) protocol that allows file distribution and sharing over the Internet, the original files that you want to share are fragmented into so many small fragments that will be sent to those who require it, once all the fragments of a file are downloaded, the file is re-assembled on the recipient's computer.

Which objects can you download with the torrent?
All from simple song to full discography, from a movie to an ebook.

How do I download a torrent file?
To do this, some programs are required to download.
I think that you all know the most famous of the UTorrent list, but there are many other software that allow this operation as BitTorrent.

Technical terms
- Peers: Those users who started downloading the file, but have not yet completed it.
- Seed: These are users who have finished downloading files and allow downloading to other people as well.
- Tracker: It is the server that coordinates all the operations.

Where are the torrent files?
The easiest thing to do is type on Google the file you want to search followed by "Torrent" such as "The 883 torrent years".
However, sometimes there are many viruses in the files around the network. To overcome this problem, just visit genuine search engines devoted entirely to the torrent.
Here is a brief list: Monova, Torrentz, FireSharing and The Corsaronero.

Scaricare i torrent protetti da Copyright è illegale! Cercate su Google quali siano i download più ricercati dagli utenti e se riuscite ad offrire questi elementi è un qualcosa di molto redditizio.

- spesso i file cercati sono illegali;
- nessuno paga per file normalmente gratis;
- siti in inglese;
- possibilità di trovare virus.
- metodo gratuito;
- uTorrent è uno dei programmi più utilizzati al mondo;
- metodo meritocratico;
- si guadagna con le proprie passioni e capacità;
- possibilità di decidere il guadagno.


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