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Make Money Online With File Sharing

In this section GetMyRefs will talk about how you can earn by sharing your files.
Even if you are not very knowledgeable on the internet, you will surely know that there are special sites on the web that allow you to load a large number of files in your database, then available for download from other users.
We are talking, for example, about Megashares and Rapidshare, the two industry leaders, where you can find any type of file, from simple e-book to a whole movie, ranging from songs, games, applications, and much more.
What people do not know is that there are sites of the same kind that allow you to upload your own files and then earn a certain amount whenever they are downloaded by other users.
The earnings are relatively high because they pay on average $ 15.00 every 1,000 downloads (in fact, $ 0.015 for each download).
I'm sure that when you read the "1,000 DOWNLOAD" figure you were disappointed, but you do not even realize how easy it is to reach that threshold. Every day more than 2 billion people connect to the Internet and most of them, whether for work or leisure, download something from the web. With a few quick notes, the 1,000 downloads that you need, compared to 2,000,000,000 users who open up the internet every day, account for 0.00005% (the likelihood that we would be able to sell 5 of our items after contacting everyone and 10 million people in the city of Beijing). The law of great numbers in this case is right.
Based on these assessments we have decided to assign 5 stars convenience, also because the $ 15.00 gain we have assumed having only one of our files to download, but imagine that you have 10, 20, 50, 500 different files that you can publish , the gains drift vertically upward.
But to explain more in detail this method, we show some fundamentals with questions and answers:

- How do you earn?
With this method you earn based on the number of downloads that receive our uploaded file.

- How much do you earn?
Each site we're going to review has a different payment than the others, but we can say that the average pay is $ 15.00 per 1,000 downloads.

- Where are you paid?
Most opportunities pay on PayPal.

- How many files can I load?
You can upload as many files as you want, without any limitation.

- What type of files can I upload?
It is possible to upload any object you want to publish. They can be images, video, audio, games, applications and more. Most sites, however, limit the download of copyrighted files and, for those who offer a free and paid service, any limitations on their size.

Cercate di utilizzare solo un sito per caricare i vostri file, in questo modo tutti i guadagni saranno accumulati nello stesso acconto e sarà più facile arrivare al payout.
Caricate anche i file più piccoli e più semplici che si potrebbero anche allegare ai messaggi di Facebbok o di posta elettronica ed inviate l'indirizzo all'amico a cui dovete inviare questo oggetto: sarà scomodo, è vero, ma sicuramente molto più redditizio!

- pochi siti in italiano;
- tempi di upload particolarmente lunghi;
- meno rapido che scambiare allegati o DropBox;
- grande concorrenza.
- metodo gratuito;
- i guadagni sono elevati;
- utilizzabile come scambio dati;
- metodo costruttivo ed utile;
- molta utenza scarica file da internet.

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