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Make Money Online With Paid To Click

The sites Paid To Click are currently one of the most popular methods of earning online ever. The reasons why the PTC sites are all the rage are varied: - Takes only 3-4 minutes per day; - Membership is free; - There are no initial investment. Another factor that affects their popularity is the simple underlying mechanism: you earn money by clicking the link that will be proposed. But if on the one hand the method is elementary and therefore great to earn, it is not just compensation. Or rather, not the beginning! Every click is paid from 0.005 cents to 0.02 cents and considering the fact that a day on average 5 links are available, the calculation is under everybody's eyes (you can click only once a day). But do not worry, you will learn to take advantage of this opportunity optimizing it to the maximum. But perhaps the only real problem with this method is to gain the same seriousness PTC sites. Many Paid To Click sites are in fact not paying, that is defined SCAM (scams). Oh my God, you are not going to lose his money because there are no initial investment, but tired of the fact that maybe we spend days and then click, arrived almost at payout, the site closes! This is the only really negative aspect of the proposed method of gain (which does not allow him to earn a 10 out of 10 in the overall evaluation), but since I do not Guadagnolandia offers thousands of possibilities for the sole purpose to get rich, will show only the top sites that are reliable for years!

Consiglio di iscrivervi a poche PTC, meglio poche ed ottimizzarle al massimo (inoltre in questo modo favorirete gli scambi ref). Consiglio di NON investire mai denaro proprio; abbiamo detto in precedenza che un difetto è che i siti Paid To Click, dopo un periodo di attività tendono a diventare SCAM, quindi meglio rischiare di aver perso eventualmente solo tempo invece che denaro proprio. Per il resto rimando alla guida.

- per i non esperti il guadagno è minimo;
- spesso i siti diventano SCAM;
- non vi è molta informazione a riguardo;
- per ottimizzare i guadagni è meglio utilizzare poche PTC.
- è un metodo totalmente gratuito;
- non si investe denaro proprio;
- "ruba" pochissimo tempo (3-4 minuti);
- semplice da usare;
- payout bassi.

9.42 GR
Personally testedNot bookedYSense
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8.15 GR
Personally testedNot bookedNeoBux
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6.98 GR
Not personally testedNot bookedGoldenclix
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6.86 GR
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6.83 GR
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6.83 GR
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6.79 GR
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6.62 GR
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6.57 GR
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6.36 GR
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6.24 GR
Not personally testedNot bookedInfinityLink
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6.14 GR
Not personally testedNot bookedTrustClix
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