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Get free referrals for your online earning methods
Trova referrals per il tuo guadagno online

Upload A Payment

If you have tried an online earning business that is present in MoneyMakerLand, upload a proof of payment that demonstrates your earnings receipt and receive up to 300 GP:
- real currencies (50 GP if less than 1,00 €/$/£ - 100 GP if betweeen than 1,00 and 2,50 €/$/£ - 150 GP if more than 2,50 €/$/£);
- criptocurrencies (5 GP if less than 100 satoshi - 50 GP if betweeen than 100 and 1.000 satoshi - 100 GP if betweeen than 1.000 and 10.000 satoshi - 150 GP if more than 10.000 satoshi).

All payment proofs that users upload to MoneyMakerLand can show how a business could be safe:
more payments there are and more this business is therefore safe and reliable.
N.B. We accept only screens or pictures!

Not personal payments
Payments from Google Adsense
Double payments
Payments showing personal informations (email, IBAN, ecc..)
Payments not withdrawed but stil in the balance business
Payments received before than 1st January 2015

We reserve the right to deny the approval of a payment for any other reason

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