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How to make money with Ebay: complete review

23 Dec 2017
Earning online with Ebay: full review. What is Ebay? How does Ebay work? How much can you earn? In this article you will find all the information about how to make money with Ebay.
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Most of us will surely know eBay, the most important and used online auction and online auction site, which has been online since 2001.
The numbers of this portal are disarming: only in Italy it generates a turnover of over 270 million euros with more than 18,000 people who have sold at least one product.
But now it's enough with the commons and we can see how to make the most of this important opportunity.

We have anticipated the beginning of article that eBay is the #1 online site for online auctions, but it's good to specify that it's not just that!
Thanks to eBay you can sell and buy any type of item from old shoes to brand new jewelery, from simple bargains to luxury cars: eBay is therefore an immense global online marketplace where millions of trading are happening every day.
It is exploiting this service that we will be able to earn with eBay.
It's good to point out that, what GetMyRefs will show you in detail, is for many people a real job that generates over 3,000 € monthly.
We do not assure you 100% success in this business, because in addition to theory you have the ability, intuition and luck, but we will definitely put you in the right conditions to know how to do it.
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1. Statistics of Ebay

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2. Extra considerations of Ebay

Let's look at the technique in detail to be able to earn:

1. Sell all the junk that you no longer use
As a first step you have to start accumulating money.
The simplest way would be to load money directly into your eBay account, but if there are other ways to limit your cash outlets so why not use them?
Go home looking for items that you do not use anymore, and maybe they are also awkward, then put them on sale on eBay.
This operation is very important for two main reasons:
- the money is needed to start our own business;
- they earn the first positive feedback that allow us to climb the ranking of the best sellers (and thus be more credible).
Accumulated a good amount of money is now to begin.

2. Find the most popular category of objects
Before you start spending our money, it's good to know carefully where to invest. In this regard, view the latest sales on eBay so you can see which items are most sought-after and easier qundue possibly to sell.
In addition to popularity, here are some GetMyRefs tips to keep in mind:
- avoid categories where there is a lot of competition (shoes, clothes, ...);
- avoid categories of inexpensive items where there is no wide margin of profit (jewelery, CD, ...);
- prefer categories of objects where buying them in the country of origin has a lower price than the one in which they live;
- Preference for small item categories so that shipping costs are more limited.

3. Start earning with the sales
Once you locate the objects on which you invest your money it is time to start the business.
The focus on earning eBay is to buy items at an x ??price and resell them at a price y (obviously greater than x).
But right? GetyRefs has discovered the hot water you say, but quiet because now I explain how to do it easy.
In this regard, the trick to earn with eBay is to buy a batch of multiple items and resell them individually at higher prices.
Everyone knows that by purchasing a large number of items the total price will be considerably lower than the single selling price.
That said, it looks like a very difficult idea, but you'll see that it's a lot simpler than what it looks like because many eBay users are aware that many people are taking this opportunity to gain and then put ads on batches already in batches.
Try in fact yourself.
In the Search box, type the word ”stock” or ”lot” and you will see how many opportunities are offered to you.

4. Clarification example
After careful evaluation of the product to choose (point 2) we opted for buying the headphones to listen to the music.
The reasons why we have decided to take this road are many:
- Our headphones are produced in the United States and by buying them we can leverage the Euro's strength on the Dollar;
- in the United States the average cost of a headset is $ 50.00, while in Italy the average sale price is € 60.00 (clearly higher);
- United States shipping cost - Italy are only 20,00 €.
Starting with these simple considerations, we can see how, by selling only one item at a time, you can earn about £ 5.00 for each sale (without considering any shipping costs for the new Italian buyer).
But our ”trick” is not this!
Recalling what was said earlier (point 3), the real gain is to buy lots of items.
In this regard, let's take the example by inserting new data to understand with some calculation the mechanism:
- We buy a stock of 10 headphones at $ 450.00;
- Euro / Dollar conversion rate: 1.4 (or $ 1.00 worth $ 1.40);
- shipping costs United States - Italy always € 20.00;
- the selling price in Italy is always 60.00 €;
- we want to stay around € 7.00 below the average sale price so that we can have more competition on the market;
- shipping costs to the Italian buyer of 5,00 €.
Now let's look at some calculations of how much is the gain.
Let's first analyze how much is the purchase price of each single headset:
- Cost of a single headset (purchase cost / item number in stock) = $ 45.00;
- Cost of a Single Headset in Euro (Cost in Dollars / Conversion Rate) = 32,14 €;
- Single-headphone shipping cost (excl. Item / item price) = € 2.00;
- Total cost for each headset purchased (headset cost in euros + single shipping charge) = 34.14 €.
Based on these operations we can see how every headset costs us almost € 35.00.
Now let's analyze how much is the sales revenue of each single headset:
- Headphone sales revenue (average sale price - subjective price reduction) = 53.00 €;
- Headset shipping cost (Italian buyer shipping) = 5.00 €;
- Total price for each headset sold (headphone sales cost - shipping cost) = 47.00 €
Based on these operations we can see how each headset actually sells it to 47.00 €.
Having now the purchase cost and sales revenue, we analyze how much is the total revenue:
- Actual gain for each single headset (sales revenue - purchase cost) = € 12.00;
- Total stock winnings (single headphone gain x 10) = 120.00 €.
Based on the example shown here we can see that the actual earning of our trading is 120.00 €.
Not bad I would say!

5. Experience and patience to go far
As you have seen, the mechanism to earn with eBay is very simple but to maximize the gains you need is a lot of experience and just as much patience.
Not always, especially for novices, it's easy to guess what category of objects is the time to go shopping, but keep in mind that constancy and commitment always pays.
After finishing this tutorial on how to work with eBay I just have to wait for you for good luck.

Remember that if this opportunity to earn money become a real job, you must contact a freelance account for the opening of a VAT number and the creation of one's own business. GetMyRefs does not want to go into this topic, and if you want more information about it, ask for eBay assistance directly.

3. Information about the conditions of use

MoneyMakerLand collects the various businesses suggested by the users and has nothing to do with the latter (Ebay included), therefore MoneyMakerLand is not responsible for any possible wrongdoing.
Moreover, MoneyMakerLand, does not oblige and does not invite anyone to enrollment, therefore the use of the various businesses is to be considered as an autonomous and conscious choice of the individual who, assuming all the responsibilities of the case (advantages and risks), decides to open a position with this business.
Are you a responsable of Ebay? If you found some errors or if you want that Ebay will be deleted by MoneyMakerLand, you can contact us directly to moneymakerland@gmail.com.

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