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Dubli is a shopping portal with cashback (money back), or offers the opportunity to buy on thousands of affiliated e-commerce, and from the most famous brands, such as Booking, Groupon, Expedia, Eprice , Unieuro, Carrefour, Feltrinel...
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How to make money with Dubli: complete review

23 Jul 2018
Earning online with Dubli: full review. What is Dubli? How does Dubli work? How much can you earn? In this article you will find all the information about how to make money with Dubli.
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Dubli is a shopping portal with cashback (money back), or offers the opportunity to buy on thousands of affiliated e-commerce, and from the most famous brands, such as Booking, Groupon, Expedia, Eprice , Unieuro, Carrefour, Feltrinelli, Italo, Myprotein, Vistaprint, Spartoo, etc. etc. just to name a few, and get a percentage of money back from store to store in your virtual wallet based on how much you spent, so no more points , cards or anything else, but money in your pocket, and all this for free.

Dubli is managed by Ominto Inc, (which also operates Dublinetwork and Bsprewards) based in Boca Raton, Florida and with several branches throughout the world.

Dubli ranks among the best cash back platforms in the world, precisely because it offers this service in more than 120 countries and is currently translated into 8 languages ??with over 12,000 affiliations worldwide, of which 1200 for the Italian market.

Thanks to its reimbursement rates, in most cases higher than the competior ones, and an exclusive "VIP REWARDS" area dedicated to the top and most demanding customers, we can define it as the most used and exhaustive platform on a global level.

Let's now talk in detail about the service offered to the final customer in addition to the Cash back!

Many opportunities to earn:

Dubli offers a reward for word of mouth by the customer that allows you to get up to € 10 for each friend invited, of which € 5 are recognized upon reaching, by the invited friend, a threshold of 25 euros of accrued cash back, and another € 5 if you switch to the VIP Rewards. You can still monitor the trend in the special area "introduce a friend".

Dubli offers a system called "gamification" to increase the percentages of recognized cash back.
To date, this mode is not active yet, so any user who registers automatically is registered as a premier user.
In the future for the first 90 days the user will be recognized as a premier user and subsequently (to maintain the privileges of doubled cash back) will have to perform small actions such as presenting a friend, follow social channels, make a purchase, etc. etc. obviously all this always for free.

Finding fantastic coupons, deals, coupon codes and offers with free shipping has become even easier with SaveMate book, the personalized savings tool. Discover more than 1,000 Dubli.com offers and save them in your digital coupon book.
Organize everything at your convenience so as not to lose any opportunities for savings.

Dubli rewards its most loyal and loyal customers with an extra profit, recognizing € 10 additional each time a customer accumulates at least € 15 cash back (once per month) at the basic or premier level, within a month. exclusion for percentages deriving from the VIP Rewards.
This promotion is subject to terms and conditions.

In launch on April 1, 2018; Dubli announces the new VIP Rewards registration currently known as the VIP Lounge with a new pricing policy. The new VIP Rewards registration price will be only € 45 or € 4.99 per month. VIP Rewards members will have two options for their registration that offers more value at a lower price. Members will save € 15 by purchasing the VIP Rewards registration at an annual price of € 45 while the new monthly mode offers great flexibility in terms of cost control.
Members who register for VIP Rewards will be entitled to 2% extra cash back (the latter paid on an annual basis).
The VIP area will rotate 24 brands with increased cash back, and many other exclusive offers for VIP Rewards members only: for example access to "dubli travel" in partbership with Priceline, discounted hotels and 6% extra cash back on them, but also parking, rental cars and flights.
This area is constantly evolving to allow its members to have more and more opportunities for savings globally.

Available to all VIP Rewards customers is the possibility to request this prepaid Mastercard, which allows you to have a 4% cash back EVERYWHERE!
Both online and offline, even on brands not present in the Dubli portal itself.
Obviously, costs, terms and conditions apply.

Dubli recognizes its cash back a few hours later, but in some cases it is necessary to wait up to a maximum of 14 days (this depends on the communication of the shop to Dubli) after having carried out its transaction / purchase, which you will find in your back office under the item "updating" and makes it available for withdrawal in about 60 days (45 for VIP Rewards subscribers).
The minimum payout is € 25 which can be requested on PayPal (subject to fees based on the processor used), and the credit times are from 7 to 10 working days.
Each offer is subject to the terms, conditions and limits established from time to time by the offers and the websites of the Partners.

The correct procedure to be performed for the successful completion of the cashback tracking is as follows:

1- From DubLi enter the store of my interest and I log in or create an account.
2- I fill the cart with what I need.
3- Close the page of the store and the pop-up that opens in DubLi where to enter the order id number.
4- Reopen the shop from DubLi I go to the cart and finish the purchase.
5- I return to the DubLi page where the pop-up window is now open and I paste the order.

We recommend this because:
1- Sometimes it happens to stay very long on the site of our interest, this can result in the loss of tracking or logout from DubLi ..
2- Some of the sites tend, when we select a product, to open a new internet page and unwittingly ends the purchase on that page instead of the one opened by DubLi with the relative risk of losing tracking.
3- When you are not logged in to your account of the site of interest and you log in, the sites tend to reload the page with the relative risk of losing tracking.
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1. Statistics of Dubli

Dubli is an online earning site included in the category "Cashback".
Date of input
Dubli has been added on 12/10/2014 and updated by Manuel Dani on 23/07/2018
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Grank points
Actually Dubli has a rank of 5.47 Grank and it's:
at the 38° place in the complete ranking of sites
at the 3° place in the ranking of sites "Cashback"

2. How to make money with Dubli

Now let's talk in detail about the network activity, compensation plan and career, which offers Dubli.
Whether you are looking for a simple extra income or you want to make it your primary source of income, Dubli offers 3 business models with 8 ways to make money for every business need or ability.

1. Customer Cash Back Commissions of 20% - 30%
2. Commissions on all VIP Rewards purchases made by customers 20%
3. Customer organization fees 5% - 27.5%
4. Fast Start Bonus 10% on the sales volume of the VIP Rewards
6. Team Matching Bonus 5% - 10% (first level up to 4th generation)
7. BSP Rewards Partner Program
8. Special incentives and promotions
The percentages are increasing according to the qualification obtained in the company that goes from TM to SVPD.

The first business model is aimed at those looking for a simple extra income and does not want to engage in a real network activity, which requires a constant commitment in terms of time, training, and also the construction of teams of collaborators with a propensity for teamwork, but still want to exploit their knowledge by offering a free service to friends, relatives and acquaintances, which allows them to save money and at the same time to us to monetize our word of mouth.
This registration package allows us, as a Business Associate, to earn commissions of 20-30% (depending on how many VIP clients we own) on the cash back of all your friends / clients that we have personally presented and on the cash back of their clients presented, and 20% on each purchase or renewal by our VIP Rewards customers.
We also receive access to our customized Dubli Network back office with extensive access
availability of marketing material, reports, training tools and much more.

This business model allows us not only to gain from the network of customers and the distribution of VIP Rewards, but also allows us to build networks of collaborators, and have meritocratic, depending on their commitment and work done, commissions from across the structure on customers, subscriptions, team boot bonuses, team bonus cycles ,. fast start bonus team and matching bonus team.
Essentially this registration package provides for the pre-purchase of 10 + 2 VIP Rewards subscriptions (2 free) to be distributed within a year with the business license.
This registration is suitable for those who want to start an independent business activity, even part-time, but only aimed at conscious and aware people that it is a job.
As a consequence it requires commitment, motivation, perseverance and ability to work as a team.

This business model is mainly aimed at entrepreneurs, or at least people who have a database of important contacts to monetize and a great desire to do.
Those who choose this boot package are because they have understood the true value and potential that this activity can offer and decided to dedicate full time.
This registration package provides for the pre-purchase of 50 + 10 (10 free) VIP Rewards subscriptions to be distributed within one year along with the business license.
Access to custom landing pages to promote Dubli.com.
Access to the BSPREWARDS (license) to promote the co-branding service offered by Dubli to companies, non-profit profit associations, artists, hotels, schools, hospitals, municipalities, etc.
Up to 50% discount on partner program packages.
Commissions immediately to 10% on the organization.

My advice for those who want to evaluate and deepen the working model of Dubli without commitment is to contact an associate business to understand the compensation plan and mechanisms.
Since it would be impossible to understand the potential or describe its operation in a description on the web.
This is meant to be a summary to give a smattering of the activity, but it can be carried out exclusively in the team, interacting with people with experience in the sector.

3. The reference system of Dubli

Dubli offers a reward for word of mouth by the customer that allows you to get up to € 10 for each friend invited, of which € 5 are recognized upon reaching, by the invited friend, a threshold of 25 euros of accrued cash back, and another € 5 if you switch to the VIP Rewards. You can still monitor the trend in the special area "introduce a friend".
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4. How to withdraw the gains of Dubli
You can request payment on paypal when you reach 25 euros or send them to the prepaid mastercard reserved for VIP clients only, where in this case there is not a minimum, but the costs of the card itself apply.
payments are processed and executed in about 10 days worked from the time of request.

5. Information about the conditions of use
MoneyMakerLand collects the various businesses suggested by the users and has nothing to do with the latter (Dubli included), therefore MoneyMakerLand is not responsible for any possible wrongdoing.
Moreover, MoneyMakerLand, does not oblige and does not invite anyone to enrollment, therefore the use of the various businesses is to be considered as an autonomous and conscious choice of the individual who, assuming all the responsibilities of the case (advantages and risks), decides to open a position with this business.
Are you a responsable of Dubli? If you found some errors or if you want that Dubli will be deleted by MoneyMakerLand, you can contact us directly to moneymakerland@gmail.com.

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