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Goldentown: how to make money and get referrals for free

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How to make money online e how to get free referrals with Goldentown
Making money with Goldentown: full review. What is Goldentown? How does it work Goldentown? How to get direct referrals for free in Goldentown? In this article you can understand how to make money with Goldentown.
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General description
GoldenTowns is a site that allows you to earn money simply by using a browser game. This game was born only in the middle of 2011 and despite the fact that the young age can boast of respectful numbers: 6,000 subscribers growing daily about 100 units (data updated on August 9, 2016). GoldenTowns is an online game that can be used directly by Mozilla or IE and is an economic, political and military simulator that allows you to convert virtually earned GOLDs into real money.   The game at the beginning seems very complicated (also because the site is only in English) but you will slowly see that you can take our hand and increase your wealth. There are many opportunities to earn, because in essence the economy works like that of the real world and if you are capable people in real life you will also be in the game. With GoldenTowns, you can swap Gold in real money (credible on PayPal when you reach € 1.00), so you'll get richer in the fiction and the more you are doing it in reality!
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Extra considerations of Goldentown

How to make money online and how to get free referrals with Goldentown The use of the site and the game in particular is somewhat complicated in the beginnings as it only appears in English, but at first use GoldenTowns offers a useful tutorial that explains in detail what and how to do the various operations. We in GetMyRefs are not skilled enough to build a guide to ours, but we do not want to leave you in the middle of a road and then we resume the GoldenTowns FAQ to create something that can help you optimize the game (to help you understand it, share it guide in various sections).   1. GENERAL CHARACTERISTICS As already mentioned in the general section, GoldenTowns is an economic, political and military simulator where virtual gold (GOLD) can be converted into real money or traded for real gold. In GoldenTowns there is a limited amount of virtual gold (100,000 GoldenTowns Coins or GTCs) which is gradually distributed to players at a steady pace. The entire amount is covered by an increasing amount of real gold, measured in 24k ingots.   The Game Mechanics To understand how the gaming economy works and how to maximize profit, you need to review the essential mechanisms. Raw materials and their extraction is one of the most important aspects, but raw materials are extracted using labor requiring homes and services (which in turn consume raw materials). Develop the city At the beginning of the game you will receive a small village that needs to be developed in a prosperous city. A larger city means more resources and more virtual gold, that is, more real money. You can spend most of your time building roads, houses, factories or managing an ever-growing number of workers.   2. THE GAME MECHANISMS Now that we have shown the overall features of the game, we can enter a little more detail of GoldenTowns by going to see all the different features it offers.   Raw Materials Raw materials and their extraction are one of the most important aspects of the game. Raw materials are used in the development of the city and can be purchased with gold by other players or produced by the factories of their own city. In GoldenTowns there are 6 raw materials: vegetables, meat, wood, iron, stone and clay (with the exception of vegetables, raw materials require other raw materials in the production process). The vegetables are produced from vegetable farms and do not require any other products. They are directly used in the production of meat, wood, stone or recruiting new citizens. The meat is used in the production process of wood, stone, iron and clay. The meat is produced from farms and requires vegetables. Wood is one of the most important raw materials and is used in building construction. Wood is produced from woodwork and requires meat and vegetables. The stone is widely used in road construction. The stone is made of stone quarries and needs vegetables, meat and wood. The iron is intended for constructions for training soldiers. Iron is made of iron and requires stone, wood, vegetables and meat. The clay is used in the construction of highways and high-rise buildings. It is produced in clay quarries and requires stone, wood, iron and meat. All stocks of these raw materials are displayed at the top of the city map (see below).
As we mentioned, in addition to the extraction, you can get raw materials from them by buying from other players in exchange for gold. Go to the market section and select gold / commodities to view the player's offers.   Citizens and Housing You can buy citizens from other players by paying in gold or you can recruit new people with the help of the city hall. It is important to remember that workers have a predetermined duration, ranging from 10 to 60 days, depending on the degree of happiness of the city. In order to extend the life of citizens, a higher degree of happiness is needed, which is achieved by improving housing. Every new hired citizen needs a home where homes can accommodate from 2 to 20 citizens (if all homes are full, then no more people can be recruited). Workers fall into two categories: skilled workers or skilled workers. Production buildings require unskilled workers, but also other buildings, such as services require skilled workers such as doctors, firefighters, etc ... In order to turn a maneuver into an expert you need schools that train the entire range of skilled workers, from chefs to spies. Citizens can also be sold or bought with gold and to do this, go to Inventory / Workers section. If you want to buy workers in exchange for gold, go to the Market / Workers section. Happiness level The degree of happiness is one of the essential indicators and is shown at the bottom of the map (see the image below on the bottom of the map - step 3).
The length of new arrivals in the city depends on it, and the life span, in turn, dramatically affects the production and management costs of the city. The minimum duration of newly hired citizens is 10 days regardless of the degree of happiness of the city. The only solution to improving the degree of happiness is to increase the level of housing, however, these upper-level homes require service buildings that in turn require employees. When a citizen is recruited, he or she has no specific job and is defined as a non-specialist worker. In the game there are 10 jobs a worker can qualify in: cop, firefighter, doctor, cook, priest, merchant, spy, banker, teacher or prostitute. Energy Every activity, such as the start of a production process or the construction of a road, consumes 1 energy point and generates 1 experience. The energy is renewed at the rate of 1 point each hour regardless of the level. If you are short of energy you can not play and you have to wait for it to be recharged. However, you can buy energy at any time by paying in gold. The energy level is displayed at the bottom right of the city map (in the first shown image of the bottom of the map is the point 6). To purchase energy, click on the power icon and you will find the option to purchase one of the 5 available packages, between 25 and 100% (below).
Experience and level As mentioned above, any activity consumes energy in exchange for experience. For every 100 gained experiences (and thus at least 100 energy points) you advance to one level. When passing to the top level, the government provides a bonus and automatically receives 10 energy points. The level of experience (then the level) is shown in the usual bottom menu in the map (in the usual picture shown above in point 2) and can not be purchased. Basic Building Rules It's very easy during the first few weeks of gambling to go wrong to build something or extend your village in the wrong direction. If you are the first weapon and you want to make the most of the GoldenTowns game, you should keep in mind that there are some basic common building rules that will help you avoid the mistakes of those who lack the patience of reading the documentation pages: - each piece of land must be connected to the town hall by a road; - High level buildings require higher level roads; - Before starting to improve buildings, improve the roads; - identify some buildings, such as dwellings, under the influence area of ??another building (the area of ??influence represents a circle around a service building and the circle has a specific radius depending on the construction level); - Most buildings require employees, and for a precision a building requires an additional employee with each level increase (a level 2 building requires two employees and a level 3 requires 3 employees); - new workers must be permanently employed to avoid clogging; - the lifespan of buildings is very important as each building degrades by 5% every day (when a degradation reaches 100% the building collapses and a degraded building of more than 25% can not be improved); - Workers who are employed in the initial buildings never die; - It is very important to avoid building new productive buildings before improving the old ones to level 5. In conclusion, in the early days you only have to improve the infrastructure and the initial production buildings!
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Is it better to use Goldentown to make money online? It is worthwhile to work and spend time to find a good referrals network in Goldentown? Recent studies state that around 85% of people read up to 6 reviews before making a decision-making choice: hotel booking, restaurant dinner choice, shopping advice, etc. Sensing the importance of testimonials we have inserted a feedback system in order to give an indication to whoever wants to enter the world of online earnings: every real testimony posted, the user receives a fee of 300 GP points. About Goldentown:
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Do you need a help by using Goldentown? We have created a very useful section where community users can ask and answer questions related to the site Goldentown. Check in the chat/forum if your problem has already been proposed, otherwise ask the experts who will be happy to dissolve as soon as possible any doubt. About Goldentown, at the moment there are no messages in the public chat: post now the first message in the chat of Goldentown
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