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PotionCoin: how to make money and get referrals for free

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How to make money online e how to get free referrals with PotionCoin
Making money with PotionCoin: full review. What is PotionCoin? How does it work PotionCoin? How to get direct referrals for free in PotionCoin? In this article you can understand how to make money with PotionCoin.
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PotionCoin is a totally free service in its use therefore also the registration is completely free and takes just over 2 minutes to complete all the steps required for registration. We do not oblige anyone to register (usage infos), but if you also want to try to make money online with PotionCoin, click on the button below called "Visit the project" to be redirected directly to the official website of PotionCoin.
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General description
The earning methods of PotionCoin are different:   - at the beginning you are offered 4 characters, each with different abilities. One must choose one. Some give right to 2 dice rolls instead of 1, others give right to open the chest where you find the items for the potions 2 times a day instead of 1. (I recommend 2 times the chest)   - From the Claim Bitcoins section: unlimited claims without time limits of 4/5 satoshi, resolve the captcha and request. With an active potion the satoshi doubles up to 400 claims, once the potion is over, it returns to 4/5 until another is created.   - From the Dungeons section: missions (or dungeons) that give 5 to 20 satoshi each. 2 missions are proposed every day. To join the mission just click on the appropriate button. When the dungeon is full with the necessary players, you receive the reward and can participate in a new dungeon. Each dungeon can be repeated 5 times a day.   - From the Potion Dice section: once a day or two depending on the chosen character, you have a roll on the dice. Choose the high option (1 to 49), Low (50 to 100) or Neutral (50). Solve the captcha and throw the nut. If you win with High / Low you have 47 satoshi. If you win with Neutral you have 470 satoshi.   - From the Potion Lab section: a chest appears that can be opened once a day or two depending on the chosen character.   Solve the captcha and open the chest. You can find 21 to 41 satoshi or one of the 4 elements to make a potion.   When you have the 4 elements you create the potion by simply clicking on the appropriate button. After the potion you are entitled to 400 claims without time limits from 8/10 satoshi each.   All the sections are in a menu on the left of the screen and the transition from one section to another is simple and immediate.   Other sections are: - Profile: contains your data and the BTC address connected to Faucethub. - Referral: for your link - FAQ: for information - Contact: for support
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How to make money online with PotionCoin

How to make money online and how to get free referrals with PotionCoin I metodi di guadagno sono diversi: - all’inizio ti vengono proposti 4 personaggi, ognuno con abilità diverse. Bisogna sceglierne uno. Alcuni di danno diritto a 2 tiri dado anziché 1, altri di danno diritto ad aprire il forziere dove trovi gli elementi per le pozioni 2 volte al giorno anziché 1. (consiglio 2 volte il forziere) - Dalla sezione Claim Bitcoins : claim illimitati senza limiti di tempo di 4/5 satoshi, risolvere il captcha e richiedere. Con una pozione attiva i satoshi raddoppiano fino a 400 claim, finita la pozione si torna a 4/5 fino a che se ne crea un’altra. - Dalla sezione Dungeons: missioni (o dungeons) che danno da 5 a 20 satoshi cadauna. Ogni giorno vengono proposte 2 missioni. Per unirsi alla missione basta cliccare l’apposito tasto. Quando il dungeon è pieno con i giocatori necessari si riceve la ricompensa e si può partecipare ad un nuovo dungeon. Ogni dungeon può essere ripetuto 5 volte al giorno. - Dalla sezione Potion Dice: una volta al giorno o due in base al personaggio scelto si ha un tiro ai dadi. Scegliere l’opzione high (da 1 a 49), Low (da 50 a 100) o Neutral (50). Risolvere il captcha e lanciare il dado. Se si vince con High/Low si hanno 47 satoshi. Se si vince con Neutral si hanno 470 satoshi. - Dalla sezione Potion Lab: appare un forziere che si può aprire una volta al giorno o due in base al personaggio scelto. Risolvere il captcha e aprire il forziere. Si possono trovare da 21 a 41 satoshi o uno dei 4 elementi per fare una pozione. Quando si hanno i 4 elementi si crea la pozione semplicemente cliccando sull’apposito tasto. Fatta la pozione si ha diritto a 400 claim senza limiti di tempo da 8/10 satoshi cadauno. Tutte le sezioni sono in un menù a sinistra della videata e il passaggio da una sezione all’altra è semplice e immediato. Altre sezioni sono: - Profilo: contiene i propri dati e l’indirizzo BTC collegato a Faucethub. - Referral: per il proprio link - Faq: per informazioni - Contact: per il supporto
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The reference sistem
There is a reference system that can be found in the appropriate "Referral" section.   25% of the referrals are accredited when they reach the minimum withdrawal threshold and make the withdrawal.
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How to get referrals in PotionCoin

PotionCoin offers a referral system through which you can optimize your online earnings, but finding referrals in PotionCoin it is however very difficult! For this reason MoneyMakerLand has activated a "Booking link" service that helps you find free active referrals in PotionCoin.
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How to get free referrals with PotionCoin
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How to get free referrals with PotionCoin
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How to withdraw
The withdrawal is credited to Faucethub. Indicate the BTC address connected to Faucethub.   The minimum withdrawal threshold is 25,000 satoshi.   The withdrawal request is made from the "my profile" section, under the image of the chosen character is the Withdraw button. Withdrawals are credited from 2 to 5 days by the date of the request.
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Payment proofs di PotionCoin

How do you figure out if an online payment method is really paying? Well, very simple: see if there is proof of payment! Here's why we've created a proof of payment section in MoneyMakerLand where users can upload their screens receiving up to 300 GP points in return. In PotionCoin proof of payment has not yet been loaded and therefore we can not say if PotionCoin can be a reliable site or not.
Have you been paid? Upload now your first proof of payment
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Reviews of PotionCoin
Is it better to use PotionCoin to make money online? It is worthwhile to work and spend time to find a good referrals network in PotionCoin? Recent studies state that around 85% of people read up to 6 reviews before making a decision-making choice: hotel booking, restaurant dinner choice, shopping advice, etc. Sensing the importance of testimonials we have inserted a feedback system in order to give an indication to whoever wants to enter the world of online earnings: every real testimony posted, the user receives a fee of 300 GP points. About PotionCoin:
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Lat the average of the evaluations expressed during the sending of the testimonies is 2,0 on 5,0
You want to leave a testimonial or look at all testimonials left by community users? Go to the testimonials section of PotionCoin
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Support chat of PotionCoin
Do you need a help by using PotionCoin? We have created a very useful section where community users can ask and answer questions related to the site PotionCoin. Check in the chat/forum if your problem has already been proposed, otherwise ask the experts who will be happy to dissolve as soon as possible any doubt. About PotionCoin, at the moment there are no messages in the public chat: post now the first message in the chat of PotionCoin
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Expert users
Is the public chat not enough for you and you need private help to get the best out of PotionCoin? We have invented a system for which the rankings of the most experienced users are drawn up for each business. At the moment there are 2 users that declared to use PotionCoin: look at the profiles and ask for advice on how to make money online with PotionCoin.You want to declare to use this business? Visit the section about expert users
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Are you the admin?
Knowing the project administrator is certainly a sign of safety and reliability, which is why we offer the possibility to the admin of the various businesses to claim their property. About this, the property of PotionCoin has not yet been claimed .
Is it a SCAM?
One of the big problems in the online earning world is the existence of projects that are called SCAM. Too often they hear of projects that, after a short period of activity, stop paying their users, or worse, even disappear into thin air with the investments of their members. We strongly fight to give credibility to online earnings and for this reason we give the possibility to every member of immediately report any anomaly and warn our members in case a project began to show the first signs of difficulty.
The business of PotionCoin did not behave correctly towards you? The website of PotionCoin is no longer reachable? You know about problems related to PotionCoin?
For any occurrence of this type, click on the "SCAM Site?" button below to send us a report!
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