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How to make money with WeSwap: complete review

19 Mar 2018
Obsolete description older than 30 days and may not be up-to-date
Weswap is a prepaid Mastercard prepaid card that can be used where you prefer and can be recharged by bank transfer or ATM.
It is very useful for travelers, but also to make online purchases in different currencies, for example, it has different flat rates: from the euro, to the Canadian and American dollar, and so many others that are adding.

The peculiarity of this Mastercard is that is possible to convert money into the card in other currencies at lower cost than normal exchange rates.
In fact, the WeSwap service is looking for another user who needs to convert the desired sum: in this way, one creates an exchange (and "swap" in English means "changing") currencies between the applicant and a other compatible user, allowing both to save on the currency conversion costs that we normally have.

Other than that for Android users, there is also an App, which allows you to do all the operations (conversion and card control) through smartphones.
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1. Statistics of WeSwap

WeSwap is an online earning site included in the category "Network Marketing".
Date of input
WeSwap has been added by Weswapper on 02/03/2017 and updated by Ahasia on 19/03/2018
Tested by MoneyMakerLand
We have not personally tested WeSwap
Grank points
Actually WeSwap has a rank of 2.28 Grank, but has not received enough ratings from users to allow it to be listed in the ranking.

2. Extra considerations of WeSwap

The card weswap card is prepaid and rechargeable Mastercard card, can be recharged directly from the site via another debit / credit card or by bank transfer.

The card is registered and comes with a name and surname printed above, so to request it you need to upload two legible photos: one of the identity card and the other one of a home user (a bill of light or gas) in order to confirm shipping address.

The card is absolutely free, with no charge or annual fee, you receive it free of charge at home within 5-6 business days of your request.

Weswap card is particularly convenient for travelers and needs to change between different currencies (at the moment 18) at very advantageous rates compared to those applied by banks or exchange agents.
In addition, if requested through an "invitation" (received by mail or by clicking on a reflink) the card comes with a credit of 5.00 Euros available immediately, and this is already a first "source of earnings".

Whoever already owns the card (although he has not yet reloaded but has only used the credit) can "invite" another person, and if he asks for the card, by registering from the received link, the new customer receives the free card (with the 5 euro credit card) and the one who invited it receives 10 euro charged directly on its card.

Let me add a reflection: in my opinion it may be interesting as a second activity, to "round off", considering that a commission of 10 euros on a product that costs it ... zero, is really great! it is not about selling it, but to give it, the one who asks for it does not pay anything and in addition it finds over 5 euros for free!

3. Information about the conditions of use

MoneyMakerLand collects the various businesses suggested by the users and has nothing to do with the latter (WeSwap included), therefore MoneyMakerLand is not responsible for any possible wrongdoing.
Moreover, MoneyMakerLand, does not oblige and does not invite anyone to enrollment, therefore the use of the various businesses is to be considered as an autonomous and conscious choice of the individual who, assuming all the responsibilities of the case (advantages and risks), decides to open a position with this business.
Are you a responsable of WeSwap? If you found some errors or if you want that WeSwap will be deleted by MoneyMakerLand, you can contact us directly to moneymakerland@gmail.com.

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