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LR Health Beauty System: how to make money and get referrals for free

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How to make money online e how to get free referrals with LR Health Beauty System
Making money with LR Health Beauty System: full review. What is LR Health Beauty System? How does it work LR Health Beauty System? How to get direct referrals for free in LR Health Beauty System? In this article you can understand how to make money with LR Health Beauty System.
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General description
LR Healt & Beauty System is a German company founded in 1985 with headquarters in Ahlen, Westphalia. LR produces a wide range of products with excellent profile: supplements, cosmetics, skin care products and pet products. The products are made from organic crops owned by the company and are not tested on animals. More than 20 products developed by LR and already patented. The production is entirely carried out within the company (packs, bottles, caps, tubes, measuring cups and labels included) to ensure maximum purity and maintain the prestigious quality certifications obtained: institut fresenius, iasc, dermatest. LR is backed by an important scientific committee and uses world-renowned testimonials. Available in 28 European countries, 40 million perfumes sold, 30 million liters of aloe sold, 50,000 tests each year on products, 1,200 total employees in all branches, 25,000 parcels sent each day, 40 locations around the world, award-winning "European Company of the Year 2015" by Seldia (European direct sales association). Annual turnover increased from € 0.5 million in the year of opening (1985) to € 94 million in 2000, € 235 million in 2014; in 2015 annual increase + 52% over 2014, still growing. It has been in Italy since 2006 and is associated with Avedisco (direct consumer service association), synonymous with "satisfied or reimbursed" guarantees. The website is elegant and sober at the same time. Each partner has its own backoffice with: - all the necessary documentation in all languages ??available in pdf format (business presentation, marketing plan, catalogs, lists, offers, forms, leaflets, certifications, technical sheets and product labels); - the tools needed to monitor the performance of the network in terms of revenue and network created, including the monthly bonus report in pdf with detailed summary of scores and earnings. You can apply for a specific contact form (for a fee of 79 € for 2 years of validity), the LR personal site, handled by LRin content terms and translations (customizable). For the time being, the site does not include the store (e-shop) and the referral link: registration is done through paper forms to be completed by hand, scanned and dispatched to the national headquarters together with the identity documents. You make money in two ways: - from direct sales of products: LRcompra a product at a certain price, then resells it by applying a margin of profit; - from the network created, through an intelligent marketing plan designed to be sustainable and lasting indefinitely.
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Extra considerations of LR Health Beauty System

How to make money online and how to get free referrals with LR Health Beauty System Product features: - a wide range of products: supplements, cosmetics, skin care products and animal products; - supplements: 4 types of aloe vera gel to drink (one for bones and joints, which in Scandinavia is a medical doctor sold only in the pharmacy, one for diabetics, one for skin-hair-nails-veins in addition to the classic), tonic psychophysical antistress, vitamins and minerals supplements, protein drink, fiber-based drinks, lactic ferments, dietetic and substitute meals, heart and circulation products, for women, for the immune system, reishi / ganoderma, green tea; - cosmetics: face-to-body creams, deodorants, cleansers, shampoos, toothpaste, sunscreen, man line, full line for makeup (lipsticks, pencils, mascara, powder, eye shaders, eye lips, eyeliner, foundation , nail polishes, brushes, accessories, ...) and perfumes signed by world celebrities - electronic devices for anti-aging / anti-wrinkle and deep-facial cleansing with related gels, creams and sera; appliances that can also be used with other brand products, for example, to facilitate the absorption of a cream or a massage oil; - for animals: shampoos and sprays for dogs-cats-horses No products are tested on animals REGISTRATION is free and activates with a personal order of at least 250 pw points. Each product in the catalog is awarded a score: 250 pw can be reached with about 160 € of selected products, paid at partner price. Considering that every month there are many discounted products and products with extra pw (for example, a product of 8 pw that is 18 pw in that month), actually to total 250 pw needs a minor figure: about 50 to 160 € of products. The catalog price is given by the partner price increased by about 40%; vice versa, removing about 30% from the catalog price you get the partner price. Therefore, the cost of access is low and does not require a costly investment. In addition, it is possible to personally test some products and verify their high quality. If you already have customers or if you are before you sign up, the cost of the 1st order can be totally amortized; indeed, by selling the products at the catalog price you get a first gain. Orders are paid by credit card. the 1st order must be made in writing (via e-mail or fax) because it is necessary to attach the filled-in form and the identity documents of the new partner. Subsequent orders can also be made by telephone: practical and efficient, and shortly, prepared and gentle operators. (soon you will be able to execute orders also by using a smartphone app). With the 1st order you receive free product catalogs, forms, information material, numerous product samples (including the fragrance box) and your backoffice is activated on the company website with all the downloadable pdf and the necessary to track the trend of the network in terms of turnover and network created. Please note: if your order is less than 100 € you will have to pay 10 € for shipping charges. MARKETING PLAN The marketing plan offers an impressive array of bonus bonuses based on your career level reached. Career and earnings percentages are based on your monthly sales and earnings. Your earnings depend on the sum of your personal score + that of your entire team. Each month the partner scores a certain score, which is given by the products sold personally + all those sold by the entire network created, counting all the direct (also called first lines or affiliates / 1st level referrals) and their networks created, including all levels of affiliation, without any limit. This means that if a 100-degree affiliate sells a toothpaste, the pw of that toothpaste is added not only to those who sold toothpaste but also to all 100 higher levels: extraordinary! The total score of the partner corresponds to a percentage: if the score is between 1,000 pw and 1,999 pw, the partner is a 9%. In this case, the partner is entitled to 9% of his monthly turnover: this is the so-called personal bonus. If your partner has subscribed to other partners, you have the right to the group bonus (or bonus bonus) on their monthly sales: if he is 9%, he will receive 6% (9-3 = 6) on all his direct sales to 3% and 3% (9-6 = 3) on all its direct sales to 6%. To collect the monthly bonuses matured, these conditions are required: - monthly personal order of at least 100 pw; - Personal + pw of monthly group must be at least 250 pw. CONSIDERATIONS OF THE SUGGESTITOR Free subscription, quota for the 1st order and monthly fee show that this is an opportunity to everyone's reach. Competing networks often ask either a subscription fee (0 ÷ 200 €), or a larger share for the 1st order, or they are obliged to sell dizzying odds monthly (even 400 ÷ 1,200 euros, that is, they force the seller to earn). In competitors, at least 1, 2, or even 3, these economic factors are disadvantageous, so this is the most convenient network. Indeed, there is no monthly purchase obligation here: if you do not total 100 pw monthly, you do not earn from the created network, but collaboration with the company continues. With a huge range of commonly used products of various genres, of high quality and at competitive prices, it is almost impossible to find people who are not interested in anything: 60 € is easily arrived. In this network marketing the sale is really minimal and the gain from the sale goes even further on the 2nd floor than the gain generated from the network created. The best strategy is to create a network of small self-consumers / sellers: 100 pw monthly is about 60 € of products, a figure that goes further by exploiting the discounted products and those with extra pw. In this way, it will be possible, within a few months, to get interesting gains.
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LR Health Beauty System offers a referral system through which you can optimize your online earnings, but finding referrals in LR Health Beauty System it is however very difficult! For this reason MoneyMakerLand has activated a "Booking link" service that helps you find free active referrals in LR Health Beauty System.
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How do you figure out if an online payment method is really paying? Well, very simple: see if there is proof of payment! Here's why we've created a proof of payment section in MoneyMakerLand where users can upload their screens receiving up to 300 GP points in return. About LR Health Beauty System:
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Reviews of LR Health Beauty System
Is it better to use LR Health Beauty System to make money online? It is worthwhile to work and spend time to find a good referrals network in LR Health Beauty System? Recent studies state that around 85% of people read up to 6 reviews before making a decision-making choice: hotel booking, restaurant dinner choice, shopping advice, etc. Sensing the importance of testimonials we have inserted a feedback system in order to give an indication to whoever wants to enter the world of online earnings: every real testimony posted, the user receives a fee of 300 GP points. About LR Health Beauty System, there are not user's reviews uploaded: leave now a review
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Is the public chat not enough for you and you need private help to get the best out of LR Health Beauty System? We have invented a system for which the rankings of the most experienced users are drawn up for each business. At the moment there are 6 users that declared to use LR Health Beauty System: look at the profiles and ask for advice on how to make money online with LR Health Beauty System.You want to declare to use this business? Visit the section about expert users
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