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How to make money with Bidoo: complete review

21 Jun 2016
Earning online with Bidoo: full review. What is Bidoo? How does Bidoo work? How much can you earn? In this article you will find all the information about how to make money with Bidoo.
Obsolete description older than 30 days and may not be up-to-date
The site is called Bidoo and is a social auction site (not to be confused with Badoo, the dating site).
The site has been online for several years and has never brought problems.

In Bidoo every day there are about 20 auctions.
The site is based on social auctions, to understand we have to buy the pointers (scroll to understand better) and choose where to choose to target, there are products from all categories from mobile phones to kitchen pans, you can really find it all.

The graphic aspect is really beautiful and simple, with bright colors like green and white that give a good tone to the site so it does not look dark and "gray", since auctions often last for several days.
Another important aspect is that we can use the bet of the car, that is, we set as many points as we want to risk and the site will, if so, point to our place.
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1. Statistics of Bidoo

Bidoo is an online earning site included in the category "Online Auctions".
Date of input
Bidoo has been added by Mammulino on 21/06/2016
Tested by MoneyMakerLand
We have tested and been personally paid by Bidoo
Grank points
Actually Bidoo has a rank of 3.11 Grank and it's:
at the 120° place in the complete ranking of sites
at the 3° place in the ranking of sites "Online Auctions"

2. Extra considerations of Bidoo

The payouts in this case are the products purchased, or rather, won in the auctions to which we will go.

The gain in this case is to buy products.
The user who suggested it says this:
"I'm focusing on mobile phones, I bought a Samsung j5 and an iPhone 6s for now.
I took them 17.00 € and 156.00 € respectively. They went to resell it on ebay, the 6s went straight away to 600.00 euros.
So since the site has different things to buy, we must be good at understanding and buying what we sell at once and that it also creates a great profit. "

The "problem" is these famous bets, that is, they allow us to bid at auctions (this always goes 1pc at a time).
Every day we get 2/3 of it, to be more precise, this happens every 24h and we have to share a post, which would be an advertisement on Facebook.
If we want to buy them cost around £ 0.50 one (here's the site's earnings), but just wait for monthly bids to buy it at 0.14 € (today, 17/07/16 is active this offer).

We have to try to spend as little as possible in the auctions, give you a suggestion from the experience, if you open the article you are interested in, it comes out whether the bets are auto or manual, until the bets are cars do not miss your bets because they will always have to invest once they reach the 9 seconds (time always starts from head).

The referral system is present, and every time a buyer buys a bundle of bets we get 50.

3. Information about the conditions of use

MoneyMakerLand collects the various businesses suggested by the users and has nothing to do with the latter (Bidoo included), therefore MoneyMakerLand is not responsible for any possible wrongdoing.
Moreover, MoneyMakerLand, does not oblige and does not invite anyone to enrollment, therefore the use of the various businesses is to be considered as an autonomous and conscious choice of the individual who, assuming all the responsibilities of the case (advantages and risks), decides to open a position with this business.
Are you a responsable of Bidoo? If you found some errors or if you want that Bidoo will be deleted by MoneyMakerLand, you can contact us directly to moneymakerland@gmail.com.

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