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Cashbackdeals is one of the sites that I call "calm" in the sense that they do not oblige to have fixed appointments. If you can not visit it nothing happens, there is no obligation to enter every day or click a certain number of ban...
Manage your GP
GP POINTS is an internal MoneyMakerLand system with which all services are managed: GET GP by participating in the community and spend them on find referrals in your online business.


Get GP

In this section you will find all the opportunities to accumulate the MoneyMakerLand GP points with which you can then leverage the various advertising services.
Depending on your needs, choose the type of solution that you need:

The list of services
40.000 GP
Buy points with paypal
Do not you have time to participate actively in the community and you need points quickly? Here is the solution for you!
10.000 GP
Internal faucet
Every 3 hours you have the possibility to collect the points (GP) through the CLAIM: consistency always rewards!
5 GP / ADS
Internal PTC
View the advertisements made available by PREMIUM users: for each display you will receive 5 GP!
1.500 GP
Suggest a new site
Are you using a revenue site that is not in MoneyMakerLand? Suggest it and you will also receive 2 days of free booking!
800 GP
Update a site
Is the description of a site obsolete and no longer valid? Send the new updated review: 800 GP for you!
400 GP
Register as a referral
Are you interested in a revenue site that you are not registered for? Register through a booked business!
300 GP
Leave a review
If you use a site, leave a testimonial and with your evaluation you will help the entire MoneyMakerLand community!
300 GP
Upload a payment's proof
If you have been paid by a site, upload the proof of payment in order to show the seriousness of the site!
10 GP
Validate items
If you are an "Elite" user or with more than 200 PE, you can help the staff in the validation of the elements: for you 10 GP!