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Earning Category: Methods To Save Money

Hello everyone and welcome to the "SAVE MONEY" area.
If you've arrived in this area of ​​MoneyMakerLand is because perhaps the cost of living is too high and you want to find something to try and reduce them and find alternatives to your habits.
In this section we will not show methods that allow you to earn, but simply opportunities that allow you to save some money: why do you have to buy items at a price when you can have the same amount of minuscule money?
In Italy, buying on the internet is still a little used, but we all know it's much cheaper than buying directly from stores.
In fact, many sites (being partners of the biggest brands) are able to buy items with 80% discount on the price list.

But there's not just online shopping!
There are lots of other opportunities to save money with internet and in this area we will have plenty of useful tips from time to time.
MoneyMakerLand believes very much in these savings opportunities and that is why we have created a special section: as well as trying to think, saving money is the basis of earning!
Imagine getting $ 4,000.00 a month, but supporting costs up to $ 3,500.00 (including mortgages, taxes, shopping ...), you can understand that the gain is limited, despite a very high salary.
On the contrary, he will earn more from a person with an income of € 2.000,00 per month but with only € 1,000.00 of expenses!
Savings are the basis of earnings (it's the first business rule: to increase profits, increase revenue or lower production costs).
Ops, sorry, I'm going a bit too much and I should finish the considerations here, so I can give you a chance to visit this section.

Online Shopping
You can earn money by saving on purchases
As anticipated in the home page of the "Save money" section, one of the most important savings opportunities is online shopping, that is, shopping on the internet at rough prices. If you are not an industry expert, I'm sure you will be amazed at how cheap it is to buy items online with discounts up to 70-80% of ...
Online Auctions
You can make money by participating in special online auctions
Hello everyone, and welcome to the online auction area, a rapidly expanding phenomenon. I'm sure most of you have already come across (or at least have heard about) online auctions. But let's see in detail what they are, how they work and what they promise. Meanwhile it is good to specify that ther...
You can make money with a return on your spending
In this section of the "SAVING MONEY" area you'll find all the opportunities that allow you to save for each purchase made by receiving a cashback based on the amount paid. It's good to point out that CashBack means a literal "MONEY BACK" and allows users to receive a percentage of what they spend on sponsored s...
Price Comparison
You make money by choosing the cheapest products
Welcome to everyone in this area of GetMyRefs that could be really useful to all those who have to choose to buy something online and not. In this section will be presented the main sites that allow for a comparison of the cost of the items, indicating for example which brand is less expensive or in which store ...
You can make money saving on the price based on the credits you have
Reoose is a website that allows users to save online by simply making purchases whose price is discounted based on the number of credits earned. Reoose is a company that was born in 2011 by Luca and Irina, united in this project and in life. Reoose is the first reuse and asynchronous bart...
Social Shopping
You can make money by purchasing products on affiliated companies
In this method called Social Shopping (also known as "Social Network Economics"), users are able to save thanks to discounts reserved to all members of the various sites. With this opportunity, users in these Social Network not only save 50% of the list price of all products offered by companies participating in...
Find Promotions
You can make money by saving finding promotions and special offers
This space will show all those projects that help users find valuable promotions that save bigger figures. How many times do you visit stores that sell everything at 70% of the price list? How many times during Christmas there are hotels that make special discounts for young people? I used these sites onc...