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Welcome to this site dedicated to earning through a web site .
In this guide, MoneyMakerLand discuss how to monetize your portal, whether it's a site, blog, or forum.
This is therefore mainly addressed to webmasters who already own a personal site, but I would also recommend reading them to anyone who is interested: never stop learning!
But first off all the easy enthusiasm: do not believe that having a blog means getting rich!
If you think that having a site is a source of strong earning, you're wrong because it requireds a big dedication to succeed... like in the normal life!
Generally, a portal owner gets to earn an average of $ 100 to $ 500 per month if he has an average site, with optimized graphics, interesting content, and a thousand visitors a day.
After this clarification that seemed to me necessary, we proceed with the guide listing the main methods for monetizing a site:

You make money by inviting users to sign up for a program
On the web there are sites that allow affiliation with them and pay a percentage for each subscribed promotion (whether it is the sale of products, subscription, etc.) through your portal. It is currently one of the most used method to monetize a website. The mechanism is very simple: you receive a fee for each ...
Contest Advertising
You make money when a banner advertised is clicked
For those who did not have tops in English it is good to explain that translated, contest advertising means "contextual advertisement". This means that you will have the opportunity to include banner ads with arguments related to your site. For example, if you own a pet site, you can include banners about...
You can make money by the donations from the users
Spontaneous donations are a revenue-generating method for internet sites that allows you to accumulate money donated directly by visitors. For those sites that share services or information that other portals generally provide for them is a good source of revenue. It is the visitor who voluntarily decides...
You make money by selling articles through the internet
Do you have a site and are good craftsmanship? Do you want to sell your projects or creations? Then this is the method of earning it for you! E-commerce is pointing to e-commerce and is nothing more than a virtual shop where you can sell everything from cosmetics to electronic products from antiques to si...
Feed Rss
You make money by entering advertising in the Feed
Not everyone knows what a FEED RSS is, so first to deploy how to monetize this opportunity, it is good to start with a brief description. A FEED RSS is a computing principle that allows you to receive important information or updates from websites. If you first saved the p...
You make money by placing advertising in the emails of the newsletter
The concept of the newsletter is very similar to that of the FEED even if it is easier to intuition. You agree to subscribe to a site's newsletter by entering your email and at this time any updates or important news will be sent to you by an e-mail. Therefore, it is not necessary to install or use extra ...
Pay Per Click
You can make money when a banner advertised is clicked
Pay Per Click is one of the webmaster's earning methods that allows even significant remuneration. In order to take advantage of this opportunity, you just have to put some banner ads on your website and the gain comes from the clicks that visitors make on these ads. It's an interesting and easy-to-use me...
Pay Per Impression
You make money when a banner advertised is displayed
Pay Per Impression (PPI) is a very interesting webmaster gain method, although there are currently few internet sites that allow you to take advantage of this opportunity. This mode is very similar to that of PPC and as in that case you need to place banner ads on your internet site in order to make money. ...
Website Sale
You can make money by selling your website
The method of selling the site is what I personally feel the worst and meaningless. Once you are created and started your blog/site you can resell it to the best bidder. Gain is relatively high (especially if the site has a high PageRank and a large number of daily visitors). But why a webmaste...
Sell Advertising Spaces
You make money by selling advertising spaces to visitors in your own portal
Selling your own portal space to be able to offer a banner to customers is definitely one of the most popular and convenient revenue methods for a webmaster. This method we will see is one of the simplest to understand and implement. Virtually the concept is to let another user have a space on our site wh...
Viral Videos
You make money by posting promotional viral videos
The viral video gain is one of those that must be included in the PPP category, namely Pay Per Play. Surely, if you own a very popular website / blog, it is one of the best opportunities to monetize your web portal. The mechanism is very simple and consists of inserting a video within 5 seconds of its own...