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Earning Category: Free Methods

This section will include other free opportunities that allow users to make money by using the internet.
From my point of view the methods that are included in this area are absolutely to be exploited because some of them, in addition to allowing us a gain, are also useful and nice to use. The good thing about these possibilities is the fact that they are not machinous and very often offer a much higher pay than those most popular GetPaidTo sites.
IMPORTANT: remember that even GetPaidTo sites are free, but since so many have created a special section (if interested, hit HERE ).
Here is an alphabetical list of the main earnings methods included in this area:

Network Marketing
You make money by selling directly the products marketed by the company
This method of income is relatively young and was born around the end of 2009 thanks to the brilliant intuition of a group of Americans who founded the first company in the industry called "TelexFree". Gaining adverts is very simple and very rewarding, though the fact that you need to pay an initial / monthly fe...
Smartphone Apps
You make money by using special mobile applications
In this section we will collect all the various methods that you can earn through the use of mobile applications. We can not give a general description of this method because the applications we are going to present are of a different nature and allow users to earn using different ways. For example, there...
You make money by writing chat messages
Are you guys with a long time to spend and so much want to accumulate money? Perfect, then be careful of this opportunity of gaining because it is yours. In this section Guadagnolandia will show you how you can monetize sites where you can chat free with many other users. The mechanism is simple: you rece...
Cloud Mining - Share CPU
You can make money by sharing part of your computer's memory
This free gain method is very interesting and useful for anyone who is used to work most of the day with the computer. There are in fact some websites that pay their subscribers to "lease" part of their computer memory. Just download a small program and automatically users share their PC's CPU with sites ...
Captcha Codes
You can make money by solving captcha codes
Among the many methods to make money online for free, we must to signal a new opportunity: solving captcha codes. Do you know those annoying codes that are always asked during the recordings to see if we are humans and not robotic systems? Here, there are sites that allow you to earn a few euros solely by...
Dinasty Of Freedom
You can make money by mining a cryptocurrency
Dinasty of Freedom is a project born from the idea of ??Franco Spinella, IT entrepreneur and software analyzer for over thirty years, with extensive experience in encryption since 2001 for having designed and developed with its Software House since 2001 signature libraries digital and backup storage according to...
You earn with the sale
Most of us will surely know eBay, the most important and used online auction and online auction site, which has been online since 2001. The numbers of this portal are disarming: only in Italy it generates a turnover of over 270 million euros with more than 18,000 people who have sold at least one product...
Browser Extensions
You can earn money by installing browser extensions
The browser extensions are programs that are installed by the users in their browser (Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Opera, ...) that offer the most varied services. In this case, the extensions we're going to describe allow an online profit extra if you install and let it work in the backgroun...
You make money using Facebook
How many of you are subscribed to Facebook? I bet you all have a personal account and so is a method that almost all of you will be able to take advantage of. In my opinion, this is one of the most important sections of Guadagnolandia because none of us will ever think of the opportunity to enrich with the most ...
You can make money by solving captcha code (claim)
The faucets are special sites that allow you to earn BitCoin or other criptocurrencies (the convertible virtual currency in euros) through completely free operations. Faucet is derived from the English and this appellation indicates a free and continuous source of Bitcoin. Some users who are interested in...
File Sharing
You make money by sharing files
In this section GetMyRefs will talk about how you can earn by sharing your files. Even if you are not very knowledgeable on the internet, you will surely know that there are special sites on the web that allow you to load a large number of files in your database, then available for download from other users.
File Torrent
You make money uploading torrent files
Welcome to everyone in this area of GetMyRefs where you will learn to earn with your projects, files and anything else you want to upload as a torrent file. Let's face it right away to prevent you from reading anything at all, if you download and just do not use this method... though I always read a reading for ...
Good Luck
You make money in games or challenges if you have good luck
This space I personally think is quite useless because it is not a real gain (indeed it does not even know if there will be any gain!). They are just supposed wins. However, GetMyRefs wanted to dedicate a small space of his site to this opportunity as well. We also try to make 2 arguments. R...
You make money by uploading and selling your photos
If you feel you know how to use a camera well or you mean video, graphics, retouch, and digital images, you can earn something by selling your photos or offering your support. It is currently one of the most economically advantageous online gain methods, however, the pay depends on your personal abilities. ...
You can make money by knowing the service to people
With G2A you can make money by selling activation codes for: platform games like Steam, Origin and Smilie, Antivirus and in general any digital program. Selling an article costs 15 cents, and it's on sale for 15 days. At the end if the item has not been bought you will be able to spend another 15 cents t...
Online Games
You make money by playing free games
Everyone of you will know the FlashGames game site. Have you ever wondered "how do I become rich if they pay me for staying here playing time"? Well yes, GetMyRefs will show you how this really is possible. Making money with flash games is now possible. If you are interested in the subject, continu...
You can make money to do online jobs by freelancers
This method will show all those sites that allow users to earn online by running small jobs across the internet. Just like freelancers, users look at all job offers that showcase the various portals and take on the task they want based on their capabilities. The freelancers method is perhaps the most prod...
You make money by installing analysis software
Nielsen // NetRatings is a global leader in market research and Internet media. The information gathered through the Nielsen // NetRatings panel helps online companies make fundamental decisions for their internet strategies. In a nutshell, the Nielsen // NetRatings site uses the program we need to instal...
The site is called Ninjabet and it works with deals on betting bonuses. Virtually the site is nothing more than a detailed and scrupulous help to turn these bonuses into real money and earn online up to 500 euros per month working comfortably from home. It consists of betting all the results of an event c...
Electronic Wallets
Services that allow to deposit your earnings
Electronic portfolios are online platforms that allow users to accumulate their earnings on current accounts unrelated to the classic and static banks: example of this type is the very famous PayPal. With the advent of bitcoin are also born exclusive portfolios for this virtual currency and, associated with t...
Phone Cards
You can have phone credits with some services
GetMyRefs is here to expose very useful services that will surely be appreciated by all of you: free phone calls. How much do you spend on your mobile? You will tell me little because you've promotions, but try to think about it well. Quite often these promotions are just advertised to sell more. In fact,...
Shorter URL
You make money by shortening the URL addresses
Shorter URLs are special services that allow you to shorten web page addresses so you can easily insert them into posts where there is a limit of characters (example flashy Twitter). There are hundreds of sites that allow this (same as Google offers this opportunity), but around the web there are also portals th...
Social Network
You make money by using social networks
How many hours do you spend on Facebook or Twitter? Have you ever wondered how much could you have earn if any comment you left could have received a remuneration? It seems impossible but there are special social networks that allow you to earn by doing the same actions that you usually do on the most fam...
You make money by filling in surveys
Surveys are currently one of the most cost-effective ways to relate the time to spend with the earnings they earn. We say that every survey is paid from $ 0.6 to $ 10 (depending on the amount of time the questionnaire takes). The mechanism is simple: you get a certain amount by filling out surveys or ques...
You earn by taking advantage of the Telegram bots
Telegram is a messaging application very similar to the famous WhatsApp that is beginning to gain popularity in the business world. The main feature of this application is the possibility of creating huge groups of thousands of users, in which personal information such as a phone number is not shared. You...
Graduate Thesis
You make money by uploading your graduate thesis online
If you are one of those few students who after having received the degree have not burned books and theses, then make sure that you have all the rules in order to take advantage of this opportunity to earn. Do not leave your files containing your thesis on a dusty CD or in a forgotten folder on your computer, bu...
You make money by translating the proposed texts
Are you familiar with other languages ??and are you looking to earn something online? Perfect! This is then the page dedicated to you. In this part of GetMyRefs we will show some websites that allow you to earn money by translating only texts. This opportunity, however, is aimed exclusively at thos...
You can make money by using Twitter
How many of you are subscribed to Twitter? Or should I first ask how many of you are not? Twitter is the Social Network of the moment and experts in the industry are confident that short-term will even overtaking Facebook's colleague. Many people are actually abandoning Facebook to follow friends' tweets....
Sell Objects
You can make money by selling your objects/creations
This space will include all those portals that allow users to earn online simply by selling items. This earning method is very popular in the world and is becoming really famous even in Italy. Almost everyone, including children and the elderly, knows about the industry as eBay or Subito.it, which means t...
You can make money by sharing your videos
"Do you have cinematic experience and skills? Then I do not care". Do not worry about this famous phrase you hear during any kind of test, it is not our case. In order to take advantage of this profit opportunity we show on this page, you do not need anything of this, just a video camera and an amateur mo...
You can make money by using YouTube
GetMyRefs will show you in this section of the site how to monetize YouTube, the most widely used video portal in the world. It seems impossible but the third most visited site (on the third step of the podium behind only Facebook and Google) allows its users to receive a salary by simply uploading videos to the...
You make money by winning design and advertising competitions
Zooppa.it is an advertising contest where users make video and advertising for a given brand and earn a prize, even if they win the contest. Zooppa, an all-Italian project born in Venice in 2007, now has a huge amount of traffic and money, so far (December 2013) there are over 225,000 subscribers and over...