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Earning Category: "GetPaidTo" Methods

The GetPaidTo sites are those sites where users are paid for a particular transaction (literally means "Being paid for").
This revenue method is one of the most popular on the internet because it's completely free and you do not have to have specific skills to start sorting something.
The mechanism is pretty gloomy and does not need anything but a bit of patience, it's no coincidence if all those who have come to the online earning world have started with this system.
With a bit of patience you will learn about the online earning world and then I suggest you start with these methods before throwing yourself into the online earning tree!
There are several types of Get Paid To sites listed below in alphabetical order:

Paying Bars
You make money with an installed advertising bar
Paying bars are one of the many methods found on the net that allow you to recapture something. Gains are limited (a few tens of euros per month) but there is no work to do: just sign up at one of these sites, download the bar and leave it open. In a nutshell, you get paid to display your ads on your desk...
Paid To Click
You earn by clicking the paid link
The sites Paid To Click are currently one of the most popular methods of earning online ever. The reasons why the PTC sites are all the rage are varied: - Takes only 3-4 minutes per day; - Membership is free; - There are no initial investment. Another factor that affects their popul...
Paid To Promote
You earn money by promoting links
Paid To Promote sites are losing some popularity in this recent period, though it remains one of the most important earnings methods. The reasons why PTP sites go for the largest are many: - no daily commitment is required; - the registration is free; - there are no initial investments.
Paid To Read
You earn by reading emails received
Paid To Read sites are one of the methods of earning online that engage less in terms of time that the user uses them. The mechanism is simple: you earn a certain amount clicking on links that come directly to us via email. It 'a form of gain very convenient because even if one day you forget to "earn" the ema...
Paid To Search
You make money by doing online searches
Paid To Search sites are one of the less well-known but relatively easy-to-use revenue methods. The mechanism is simple: you earn a certain amount by using as a search engine what the site offers. In a few words are sites whose purpose is that offered by Google, Yahoo, etc. Ignorance about this met...
Paid To Signup
You earn by subscribing to the sites proposed
Paid To Signup sites are currently one of the most fruitful ways of earning online. The mechanism is simple: you earn a certain amount enrolling, free or not, to proposed sites. The abbrevizione of these sites is PTSU, but more often is even more simply PTS. Unlike the other sites Paid To, the gain...
Paid To Surf
You make money visiting the sites
AutoSurf / ManualSurf sites are one of the many methods found on the net that allow you to recite something. The gains are limited (a few tens of euros per month) but the work to be done is minimal: just sign up for one of these sites, open the navigation link that is inside the site and leave the browser open; ...
Paid To Write
You earn by writing articles
The sites Paid To Write are currently one of the most fruitful methods of earning online, those who are in the jargon they are called in the jargon of opinion sites. The mechanism is simple: you earn a certain amount by writing reviews, articles or reviews on products. Unlike the other sites Paid...